Kids aims to provide inlorrnation about events in and around Edinburgh and Glasgow ior children and young people. Please send details not later than 10 days betore publication.


Activities and fun

I DOME OF DISCOVERY South Rotunda. Ctovan Road. 427 1792. Science really is fun with over Niexhibits to pull. push. ride on. sit on. spin on. Demonstrations at weekends. Open all year. Tue—Sun. ll)am—5.3()pm. Kids£lz Adults £2 (family ticket. 2 adults and upto 3 kids.£5). I HAGGS CASTLE 100 St Andrews Drive. Pollokshields. 427 2725. Saturday activities 2.15pm. Free. no booking. 16Jun Archery (8—12years). 23 Jun Herb Bags (6—9 years). SummerActlvltles Always extremely popular, must be booked (in person or by phone). One activity per child. Bookings taken from 10am on Sat 16June. Admission free. age range given in brackets. (Bring wellies and cagoulsfor Nature Trailsifwct). 88130 Jun, 10.15am Archery(8—12) 2.15pm Sugar Mice (4—7). Mon 2 Jul, 10.15am Finger Puppets (5—8) 2.15pm Croquet (8—12)/ Masks (6—9). 3Jul, 10.15am Herbs (7—12)2.15pm Painting& Printing(4—7)/Summer Flowers(7—12). 4Jul, 10.15am Summer Storytime (4—7) 2.15pm Archery(8—12). 5Jul, 2.15pm Street Games (6—9)/ How we used to dress (7—12). 6Jul, 10.15am Glove Puppets(6—9) MakeaTiie(8—12)2.15pm Croquet (8—12) Making faces: Collage Portraits (4-7). ' 7 Jul, 10.15am Easy Puppets (4—7) 2.15pm Victorian Entertainments (6—9)’ Keep Cool: Make a Fan (8—12). Mon 9Jul, 10.15am Nature Trail (4—7) 2.15pm Archery (8—12). tOJul, 2.15pm Croquet (8—12)! Sugar Mice (4—7). 11 Jul, 10.1Sam Heraldry (8—12)/Summer Storytime (4—7) 2.15pm Herbs (7—12)/ Painting& Printing(4—7). 12 Jul, 2.15pm Make a mask (6—9): Summer Samplers (8—12). 13Jul. 10.15am Glove Puppets (6—9)]! Archery (8—12)2.15pm Keep Cool: Make afan (8—12). 14Jul,10.15am Street Games (6—9)/Croquet (8—12)2.15pm Finger Puppets (5—8). Mon 16 Jul, 10.15am Mosaic Pictures (4—7) 2.15pm Summer Flowers (8-12). 17 Jul, 10.15am Nature Trail (4—7)2.15pm Makeatile(8—l2). 18Jul, 10.15am Heraldry (8—12)2.15pm Summer Storytime (4—7). 19Jul, 2.15pm Archery (8—12)’How We Used to Dress(7-12). 20 Jul, 10.15am Sugar Mice(4—7)’ Shellwork (7—12) 2.15901 Make a mask (6—9). 21 Jul, 10.15am ilerbs(7—12)2.15pm Croquet (8—12). Mon 23 Jul. 10.15am Print a picture (4-7) 2.15pm Summer Samplers(8—i.2). 24 Jul. 10.15am Making Faces: Collage Portraits (4-7) 2.15pm Heraldry (8—12). 25 Jul. 10.15am Finger Puppets (5—8)” Archery (8—12) 2.15pm Nature Trail (4—7)” Make a tile(8—12).

Did you know that it all the Lego bricks ever made were shared out, everyone the world over would receive twenty each? When I'm tidying up I sometimes think that every one oi the blasted bricks are in our house - under the klds' beds, down the sides at settees, in the bathroom (‘Just trying out the Lego shlp’), even in the bowls ol pot-pourri. Try imagining LIFE AFTER LEGO. No more tripping over railway lines, or vacuuming around Hadrian's Wall patrolled by a stalwart but iuturisticaily

dressed army (space men, racing drivers and the like), or debating whether it‘s easier to eat in the kitchen or risk lifting the model of the pirates’ island complete with sea vessels, treasure chest and pieces upon pieces oi eight ott the dining table. No more Lego-knee, a paintul condition brought about by accidentally kneeling on a brick. . .We’d be a good tew pounds richer too: Lego— let’s get it straight— is not cheap. No more lying in bed early in the morning listening to the sound oi a young builder rummaging through hundreds ol bricks. Ah, ’tls bliss, to be Legoless.

But I have to admit, I've built a tow things myseli, even sneaked bricks lrom behind the master-builder's back to pertect creations. It’s no surprise then that the name Lego is derived lrom the Danish ‘leg-godt’ meaning ‘play well'. Hereabouts it undoubtedly does. A group at adult artists, designers and scientists have also been playing well with Lego. Their masterpieces are touring the country in The Art oi Lego exhibition currently in the City Art Centre (see Listings). Go see it. Play with the bricks. Emulate their art. Andy Warhol eat your heart out. (Susan Barnes)

25 Jul, 2.15pm Glove Puppets (N9)

27 Jul, 10.15am Summer Storytimet-1~79 2.15pm Croquet (8—12).

28Ju|,10.15am Leai'l’rintingH—7) 2.15001 Summer Flowers (8—12).

Mon 30 Jul, 10.1Sam Easy Puppets (4—7) 2.15pm Archery (8—12).

31 Jul, 10.15am Street Games (6—9) Keep Cool: Make a Fan (8—12)2.15pm Sugar Mice (4—7).

1 Aug, 10.158!“ How We L'sed to Dress (7-12)/ Make a Mask (6—9)2.15pm Shellwork (8—12).

2Aug, 10.15801 Croquet (8—12).

3Aug, 10.15am Nature Trail(-l—7) Victorian Entertainments (6—9) 2.15pm Archery (8—12).

MonfiAug, 10.15am Herbs(7—12)

7Aug, 10.158!“ Painting ck Printingl-L7) 2.15pm Glove Puppets (m9) Make a tile (t‘wll).

8Aug, 10.15am Keep cool: Make a Fan (8—12) Street(iames((s-Q)2.15pml.eut Printing(~l—7) Stained (ilass Windows (8—12).

9Aug, 2.15pm Summer Sweets(~l--7) Archery‘W—ll).

10Aug, 10.15am Make a mask is») Summer Samplers (8—12) 2.15pm How we used todrcss(7-12) Nature 'l‘railH» 7). 11 Aug, 10.153m Mosaic l’ictures(-l 7) Shellwork (ii—12) 2.15001 (‘roquct (#13) Victorian lintertainments its»).

Mon 13, Aug 10.15am Sugar Mice (-l- 7) Make a tile (7—12) 2.15;!!!) Making l‘accs: Collage Portraits (4- 7).

14Aug. 10.15am llcrlis(7~-12)2.150m Archery (S’— 12) Summer Storytime (+7) Storytime (-i——7) 2.15pm Croquet (ti—l2)

Finger Puppets (5—8).

15Aug.10.15am Summer Flowers(8—12)/ Street Games (6—9) 2.15pm Finger Puppets(5—S) Heraldry(8~12).

16Aug, 2.15pm Croquet (8—12)” Painting & l’rinting(~l—7).

17 Aug.10.158m Keep Cool: Make aFan (3—12) Summer Sweets(4—7)2.15pm Stained Glass Windows (8-12): Glove Puppets (fr—9).

18Aug, 10.1Sam Archery (8—12), Makea Mask (6—9) 2.15pm Nature Trail (4—7) How We Used to Dress(8—12).

I LITTLE MARCO'S Templeton Street. 554 7184.

Karting. climbing. hiding and sliding. Indoor play area guaranteed to exhaust the most active child. Under 4ft 7inonly and under 3 year-olds must be supervised. ()nc and a half hour sessions. £3.

Mon— Sat. Illam 8pm.

I MCLELLAN GALLERIES Sauchiehall Street.331 185-1.

The Art Machine l'ntil 20 Aug. Mon—Sat. 10am—5pm: Sun. noon—6pm (late opening

until llipm on Thurs). Anexhibitionto stimulate an understanding of art and design. lishibits range from a large sea

monster made from two old fishing boats

to an enormous mask whose mouth is the doorway to a carnival in Venice. Visitors are encouraged to be creative and take part. Variety oi workshops. drama. storytelling. writing. computers.

animation. ongoing every day. Materials including sand and water. Lego bricksand dressing-up gear are provided. Play area

with specially designed toys foryounger children.

Out and About

I KELBURN COUNTRY CENTRE ()n the A78 between Largs and Fairlie, 0-175 568685. Plenty to do here. adventure trail in enchanted wood. stockade playground. commando assault course. animal and pets corner. pony trekking (must be booked).

Open daily. 10am—6pm. Kids£1.-lli, Adults £2 (accompanied children £1).


I CUMBERNAULO THEATRE 0236 732887. Just Kidding 2nd International Festival of Theatre for Children. Tickets for all performances £2. Special family ticket £12 for a party of four (min two kids) gains entry to two shows. Box office open Mon-Fri 10am—6pm; Sat 10am—3pm. Gargllng with Jelly Poor old Jimmy Smith has the awesome quest of finding an antidote to the nasty medicine Dr Sensible has fed to all the children in the world. Can he do it? He'll jelly well try. Presented by Cumbernauld Theatre Company. (7—12 yearolds) Fri 15 Jun. 2pm & Sat lSJun. 2pm and 7pm.

ZEHUNTERIAN éggm u s e u m






mon sat 9.30 - 5.00 sundoy 2.00 - 5.00 :

admission adults £2 children and concessions it .- group discounts and family tickets -

: ENQUIRIES 041330 4221.


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