ATHLETICS Wednesday 20

I Sri Chinmoy: Runners Are Smilers Race The Meadows. Edinburgh. 7pm. Opento runners of all ages and abilities. the races are run on the Sri Chinmoy Peace Mile.

Saturday 23

I SWMA Junior Championships Grangemouth Stadium. Grangcmouth. 10am. The Scottish championships for girls. juniors. intermediates and Euro-juniors.

I SAM Under-20 Championships Mcadowbank Stadium. London Road. Edinburgh. l()am.

I Peebles Beltane Sports Hay Lodge Park. Neidpath Road. Peebles. 2~ 5pm. The time-honoured sport of ‘Professional Foot Racing‘. ‘Naw 1 don‘t work masel‘ but ma feet have turned pro.’

Wednesday 27

I Sri Chinmoy: Runners Are Smilers Race The Meadows. Edinburgh. 7pm. Open to runners of all ages and abilities. the races are run on the Sri (‘hinmoy Peace Mile.


I Bridge inn Canal Jumping Competition Edinburgh (‘anal Centre. Ratho. Midlothian. 4—7pm. Around liitlwilling participants will fling themselves across the 36ft basin with the aid of a fixed pole. The idea is to swing as far as possibleon the pole. then fall onto the far bank by scrambling along as the 18ft poll swings over. ()nly a few have successfully cleared the canal and their names are lost in the mists of time.

Saturday 23—Sunday 24

I Scottish Sprint Championships Strathclyde Park. Hamilton. Sat. noon—4pm. Sun mam—5pm. The top Scottish paddle rs battle it out on the still waters of Strathclyde Loch in the 100m sprint and itik K4 events on Saturday. followed by the 5(10m sprint and 10k Ki on Sunday.


Saturday 16—Sunday 17June

I Home lntemationals Top venue Glasgow Green. other matches at Kelvingrove and Alexandra Park. 10am—5pm (approx) each day. Admission free. Teamsfrom England. lreland and Wales will compete with the Scots in the annual four-way singles competition. Please phone 041 553 4151 for furtherinformation.


I Race Days Shawfield Stadium. Greyhound racing takes place five nightsa week and what better way to spend a fine


Football on Trial by Patrick Murphy, John Williams and Eric Dunning (Routledge £9.99) This is the third book from the team at Leicester University sociologists to address lootball problems, and once again we have to be grateful for a sane voice in the midst of tabloid frenzy. Football on Trial is a collection at nine essays, all viewing violence in lootball in a sociological and/or historical framework. Murphy and his colleagues demonstrate that things are

not ‘worse than they’ve ever been'; that it's not just a lootball problem; that sell-tullllllng stories in the gutter press do exacerbate matters.

Certain ‘canards‘ are successfully laid to rest- like the alleged lack of violence in all-seater, American sports stadla (are you watching Justice Taylor?), and for historical comparison it’s always worth remembering that while Celtic tans went home disgusted with the penalty kicks charade alter May’s Cup Final their great- grandiathers joined with their Rangers counterparts in setting tire to turnstiles and bumlng barricades after an unsatisfactory conclusion to the 1909 Final.

Football on Trial has to be viewed primarily as a sociology text, but it‘s just the book to have next time the Sun eulogises Terry Butcher for having a bloody shirt on one page then lambasts ‘hooligans’ on the next. With so much hanging on spectator behaviour in italy the book's calm retrospective on the 1988 European Championships could prove very uselul in the next tew weeks.

Pat, John and Eric done brilliant. (K.A. Davidson)

summer evening losinga few tenners.or single notes on the odd dog. Race evenings are Mondays. Tuesdays. Thursdays. Fridays and Saturdays; there are 10 races on a Monday and Friday. 11 on a Tuesday and Thursday. and 12 on a Saturday. The first races commence at 7.45pm on every day other than Saturday. when they get out oftheir traps at 7.30pm.


I Race Days Monday. Wednesday and Saturday. Powdcrhall Stadium. Beaverhall Road. Each meeting begins at 7.15pm. with 11) races on Mondays and 12 on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Saturday 23—Sunday 24

I Daily Record Scottish Youths Open Amateur Stroke Play Championships Dunskcy. Stranraer/Port Patrick. Operating under the kind of lengthy title you would never see in their publication. The Daily Record Championships bring together the best of the budding young would-be and in some cases will-be professionals.

Saturday 16

I Centenary Cup invitational Kelvin Hall. Glasgow. 2pm. A handful ofthe top gymnasts in the world will be competing. including one of the brightest prospects to emerge from Bulgaria. 14 year-old Maia Hristova and two highly rated Soviets.

The cup will be awarded to the highest scoring team (one male. one female) from one of the eight participating countries.

Saturday 23—Monday 25

I Scottish Open Championships Glenshee. Depending on the prevailing weather conditions. the 100 participating gliders will either compete to cover the greatest distance or will race towards a fixed target. The Scottish distance record currently stands at 60 miles.

HOCKEY Monday 18

I Bank 01 Scotland tinder-18 Tournament Strathclyde University Pitches. Stepps. 10.15am~4pm. inter-district tournament for the cream of Scotland‘s young hockey players. Group 1 comprises ofShctland. West District 2. Midlands and North. while Group 2 has West District 1 . East. South and South West.

Monday 18

~ I Musselburgh Races Musselburgh. Six

flat races. the first of which begins at 2.15pm. Paddock £4. Club £8 (£2).

Friday 22

I Ayr Races Ayr Racecourse. Whitletts Road. Ayr. Club £10. Paddock £5. Carrick Stand concessions £ 1. Flat racing

beginning at 2. 15pm.

Saturday 23

I Ayr Races Ayr Racecourse. Whitletts Road, Ayr. Club £10, Paddock £5. Carrick Stand concessions £1. Flat racing beginning at 2.30pm.

PETANOUE Saturday 16

I Midsummer Triples Birds and Bees. East

Cornton Road, Stirling. lilam. Petanque (French boulcs) appears to be undergoing

the kind ofpopularity boom that Batman enjoyed last year. Overstating the case'.’ Maybe. but just wait until Peranque. the motion picture. hits our screens.


I Junior Shore Knock-Out Bowling Beach. Clyde Estuary. 10am. After a regional fish-off. the qualifying teams offour young fishermen will converge on this estuary location with baited breath and hooks. Victory will go to the team landing the greatest weight of fish during the day.


I National League Pairs Shawfield Stadium. Rutherglcn Road. Glasgow. 7.20pm. £3.5(1(£l .50). Held forthc first time in Scotland. this prestigious knockout competition will have a pair of riders from each of the top 16 teams in the league. Although Glasgow only just crept into the top 16 the draw has been kind to them and they have a good chance of progressing to the semis at least. A big crowd is expected. I Glasgow 261 Tigers v Middlesbrough Shawficld Stadium. Rutherglen Road. Glasgow. 7.20pm. £3.51) (£1.50). Greatly strengthened by the arrival of Australian Rod Hunter. the Boro should be hardto beat. Unfortunately. the Brown Bottle is still banned from riding.

Thursday 14—Sunday 17

I The Scottish National Swimming Championships and The 3rd Edinburgh lntematlonal Meet Royal Commonwealth Pool. Dalkeith Road. Edinburgh. Thurs. 4—6.3(lpm. Fri. 9.3llam--8pm. Sat. 9.15am—8.3()pm. Sun. 9. 15am—6pm. A large pool of top swimmers is expected for this combined meeting.

TENNIS Monday 18—Sunday 24

I Scottish Veterans Open Championship Craiglockhart Sports Centre. (‘olinton Road. Edinburgh. The over-the-hill~ but-not-by-much category is getting bigger and bigger audiences these days.

Although Scotland cannot produce a veteran as brilliantly entertaining as the Nastasc or Mark ('ox(shurc1yshomc mishtakc). the heady mixture ofnostalgia and excellent tennis will still prove


The List is _':§1u:c‘1990 69