I The Bill Moyers Interview (BBCZ) 11.15—11.45pm. Top American broadcaster Moyers from CBS in the States gives British viewers a fresh perspective on the ideas and values ofthe USA. beginning with a discussion of genetic research with scientist Maxine Singer.

I One On Two (BBC 2) 11.45—11.55pm. Something a little lighter; the first ofa series of ten-minute slots forone-person films by names from the alternative comedy scene. ‘The Man I Was‘ is performed by Chris Lynam as two sides of the comic coin.

I Every Home Should Have One (Scottish) 12.20—2.05am. An advertising man goes berserk while attempting to come up with an erotic way to sell porridge. Strange plot but worth catching for the late great Marty Feldman.


I BoyalAscot(BBC1) 1.50—4pm. Hats. hoorays and the occasional horse are on display at the beginning of the social highlight ofthe flat-racing season. lfyou can ignore the fashions and the frippery. the racing is usually top-notch.

I Open Space: Breaking The Ice (BBCZ) 8—8.30pm. Three films from the North-East of England celebrating some of the music. art and poetry of the region. Includes a look at Outlet. the innovative Cleveland poetry magazine.

I Alexei Sayle’s Stull (BBC2)9—9.3opm. Welcome repeat for the award-winning fat funny man. Set the video and store Stuff. for it seems unlikely that there will be any further series. Saylc preferring more serious roles to this inspired blend of antagonistic comedy.

I Film 90 Special (BBCI) 10.20-1 1pm. New York Stories from Barry Norman as he presents a special from the Big Apple. Norman talks to Woody Allen about his latest film. Crimes And Mtls‘denieanours. and looks at ongoing productions Godfather [II and Bonfire ofthe Vanities. I The Amityville Horror(Scottish) 10.35pm—1am. Strange manifestations are just another thing the estate agent forgot to mention in this passable horror tale with Rod Steiger and Margot Kidder.

I Set 0i Six (C4) 11.5(lpm—12.20am. Second in the Rowland Rivron series sees him portray David ‘Top Shot‘ Scrote. a staffphotographer on the Bexhlll-on-St’a Observer. Plenty of nice shots of Bexhill. if you know that part of the country.


IThe Law Of Love (C4) 2.3(L33tipm. A documentary looking at the work oflackic Pullingeramong the Triad gangs addicted to heroin in Hong Kong's walled city. Through nothing but prayer. membersof her youth club are able to withdraw from opium and heroin addiction.

I Scotland v Brazil (Scottish) 7.30— 10pm. Gooooauulwent the Brazilian commentator four times when the two countries met in 1982. Brazil aren't the sidethey were in 1982. but then neither are Scotland. The real stars Careca. Dunga. Alemao— are unfortunately all on one side.

I Candle On The Hill ( BBC2) 8—9pm. ‘Filt y ShadesofOrange‘ is the subtitle for this documentary about Camphill a movement founded in Scotland for the education and care of mentally handicapped children and adults which celebrates its 50th anniversary this year. I Frontiers: Night and Day ( BBCI) 9.30—l0.20pm. Tijuana. Mexico to San Diego. California is the busiest border crossing in the world. This film looks at the uneasy relationship between two worlds on separate sides of the border.

I Waiting for the Moon (C4)

ll.50pm— 1 .25am. A dramatic account of the strange lives and loves ofGertrude Stein. covering her stormy relationships with Alice B 'I'oklas. Pablo Picasso and

Ernest Hemingway amongst others. This precedes a screening of three plays by Gertrude Stein to be shown the following Sunday.


I On The Line (BBC2) 7.05—7.35pm. As the Broadcasting Bill looms over the horizon. the future ofthe country‘stop sporting events looms high on the agenda. Should the public have the right to see events like the Grand National. Cup Final etc. or should they be sold to the highest bidder? A welcome look at the finance behind the glamour.

I A Tale from the Riverbank (BBCZ) 8.30—9pm. Nothingto do with Kenneth Grahame. but rather bibulous TV cook Keith Floyd. The camera follows Floyd‘s love affair with a quaint country pub and his race against time to knock it into shape. Expect lots of instructions directed at the poor cameraman.

I Faces of War ( C4) 9— 10pm. The documentary series looks at Oscar Schindler. the playboy who rescued thousands ofJews from the Nazis. and who was immortalised in Thomas Keneally‘s award-winning novel Schindler's Ark. The tale is told by his wife and mistress and others who knew him well.

I Under The Sun: Enemies ( BBCZ) 9.30—10.20pm. A documentary that highlights four people. two Israelis and two Palestinians. involved to varying degrees in a struggle over one country. The film shows their similarities and the conditions that make them enemies.

I Une Belle Fille Comme Moi (C4)

12. 15—2 .05am. Francois Truffaut‘s black comedy with Bernadette Lafonte reacting against a deprived childhood and causing plenty of mayhem in the process.


z ,s; s 5, T ‘35 T "I; -' 3

I True Stories: Coal in Their Blood (C4) 8—8.30pm. Since the Miners‘ Strike. a succession of pits in Wales have been closed down. but some pits have remained in operation. owned by the men who work them and still using pit poniesand methods from the last century. However. they are struggling. and Ann llawker's film shows them in a last gesture of defiance. mounting a campaign to raise the price of their coal.

I Public Eye: Death on the Road ( BBCB) Is it time to get tough with drivers. asks Public liye. if Government targets ofa reduction in road accidents by 30 percent by the year 2000 is to be met'.’

I International Athletics (Scottish) 8—9pm. The start of a season of regular coverage of Friday night athletics on Scottish and (‘4. Britain takes on the [ISA and Kenvain Portsmouth.

I Homelands (BBCZ) 9.31s 10.20pm. The Mozambique artist Malangatana. whose

painting. ‘The Eyes ofthe World‘. wasthe backdrop to the first Wembley Mandela concert. is the subject of this film. A highly respected artist. whose country has been at war for 26 years. he refuses to leave Mozambique for Europe.


I invasion of the Astromonster (C4)

1 lpm—12.50am. Some good old science fiction crud for a Friday night. A 1965 Godzilla flick. no less.


I Kingdom of the Deep: People of the Sea (C4) 8—9pm. A documentary on the seals wallowing around the Outerllebrides. I Ashanti (Scottish) 8— 10.05pm. Michael Caine. Omar Sharif. Peter Ustinov and Rex Harrison in self-parodic mood. Could be rescheduled to accommodate the World Cup. which might not be a bad thing.

I Theatre Night: Othello (BBC2) 8—9.40pm. Trevor Nunn's RSC version stars Willard White in the title role. Ian McKellen as Iago. Imogen Stubbs as Desdemona and Zoe Wanamaker as Emelia.

I Smokey and the Bandit ll (Scottish) 10.55pm—12.50am. The likeable plot of the first movie had hardened to formula already for this stale. but sharply-done sequel. This time. Burt Reynolds‘ cargo is an elephant.

I Burning Embeis (C4) 11.50—12.5(Ipm. Dissidents from East and West Europe (including Green Petra Kelly and playwright Howard Brenton) meet near the site of the Reichstag to discuss ‘The European Nation‘. and the difficulties it faces in the new political climate.


I Three Plays by Gertrude Stein (C4) 9.15—10pm. Look and Long. In a Garden and Three Sisters who are not Three Sisters. directed by Japp Dupstcin.

I Stranger’s Kiss (C4) Ill—11.30pm. Matthew Chapman's 1983 movie. which. speculating on the history surrounding Stanley Kubrick's" 1955 Killer's Kiss actsas a commentary on that film and the wider world offilm-making. as well as fulfilling the requirements of a good thriller in its own right.

I The Heart of the Matter(BBCi) 10.30-11.05pm. A report from New York. entitled ‘Gtins'n'Rosaries'. To feed their crack habit. muggers are now attacking priests and churches. Some say the churches should defend themselves. others that they should adopt a Christ-like position to their attackers.

IThe Terminator(BBC2) 10.40pm—12.30am. Furiously-paced 1984 flick with Arnie Schwarzenneger as an assassin who comes back in time to kill a woman destined to bear a future leader. Quite a cracker in its time. but overtaken in recent years by Robot‘op. with which it occasionally shares double-bills. and Cameron's own follow-ups like Aliens.


I Horizon (BBCZ) 8. l0—9pm. A British team of scientists has created a compound which kills Human Immunodeficiencv

Virus in the test tube without harming human cells. By the end of the year. they should know ifit will make an effective treatment.

I Cutting Edge: Black Triangle (C4) 9—10pm. The uranium mining land situated where Poland. Czechoslovakia and East Germany meet is one ofthe biggest environmental disaster areas in Europe. They have fuelled the Soviet economy for 50 years. but the miners have paid a terrible price.

I Hooper (Scottish) 9- 10pm. 10.35-11.25pm. Burt Reynolds plays a stuntman in a mild pisstake of the movie business. This may be taken off to make way for World Cup coverage.

I Vintage Comic Strip: The Strike (C4) 10—1 1pm. One of the peaks of the Comic Strip‘s creativity. this won the 1988 Golden Rose of Montreux. Alexei Saylc is the writer whose gritty movie script about The Miners‘ Strike is taken out ofhis hands and given to Al Pacino and Meryl Streep.


I Earthquake (Scottish) 8—10pm.

1035—1 1 . 15pm. Jostled it out with The Towering Inferno at the box office in the great disaster movie wave of 1974.

I Citizen 2000 (C4) 8—8.30pm. New series. The children who were born in the year that Channel 4 began are now eight. and have another 10 years of TV coverage in front ofthem. Did they ask to live ina goldfish bowl? Did they?

I Design Classics (BBCZ) 8.30—9pm. And fittingly enough. given that it‘s the start of Wimbledon. this week‘s item is the Fred Perry shirt.

I Swastika over British Soil (C4) 9—10.30pm. A documentary shown on the 50th anniversary of Germany‘s occupation of the Channel Islands.

I Jazz on a Summer's Night ( C4) 10.50—11.50pm. Featuring Benny Carter. who has played with. composed and arranged for some ofthe greatest names in jazz


I Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (Scottish) 8—10pm. The movie closest in feel tothe TV series. and the most satisfying in those terms. Not threatened by the World Cup. and better jokes than the po-faced Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

I The Manchester Lecture (BBCZ)

1115—1 1 .55pm. The Princess Royal makes a speech in front of the Manchester Literature and Philosophy Society. and is expected to give a great boost to Manchester's campaign to hold the Olympics in 1996.


I Life on One (BBC 1 ) Simon Mayoand Sarah Greene present a survival guide to the 90s. Sounds familiar. First oftwelve. I Waiting for God (BBC! )8.3()—9pm. Stephanie Cole from Tenko and Graham Crowden (lock in A Very Peculiar Practice) meet in a senior citizens‘ home. What happens after that is anybody‘s guess. Seven-part comedy series.

I Lamb(C4)9-i 1.05pm. Highly watchable adaptation of Bernard Mac Laverty's novel. with Liam Neeson as the priest who steals away one of the boys from his school to London with little idea ofwhat awaits.

I Under the Sun: The Left-Handed Man of Madagascar ( BBCZ) 9.30— 10pm. Cameras follow a group of musicians as they embark on music morality tales in which decomposing bodies play a large part. Triffic.

I Swann in Love (C4) 12.05—2.05pm. Actually a French production. although partly scripted by Peter Brook and starring Jeremy Irons as Swann. A film of Prtmst may sound like sacrilegious tosh. but it‘s done with as much sensitivity as can be hoped for.

lS—ZSJune 1990