l PHILOMENA PRETSELL (Postgraduate at Edinburgh) For years I was very much a mother first and a potter second. Then I went back to college. Now I‘d love to set up on my own but. even with a grant from the Scottish Development Agency (SDA). I couldn‘t afford a workshop and a kiln. I also use bright colours which are very expensive. I‘m hoping to make connections up here and at the New Designers exhibition at the Business Design Centre in Islington in July. It‘s an international event. less designer-orientated. more towards the one-off.

I certainly intend to carry on making precious objects, no matter what. because ceramics are important to me, but I‘ll also make functional things to finance myself, and hopefully one will feed off the other. I‘m aware that once something becomes an everyday object it is no longer so

I LORNA WATSON (Postgraduate at Edinburgh) I need to find a market for my work. so I intend to exhibit as much as possible until I‘m in a position to get a workshop. I‘ve been doing some freelance design work for Kirsty Struthers, most ofit for the Swiss and German markets. They seem to have much more flair. British High Street jewellers really are staid and I‘ve been lucky to find a commercial outlet which still allows me to be creative. But the situation is slowly changing and there are also quite a few new galleries opening up in Scotland, so you can sell through them.

The Degree Exhibition is really useful because you get people coming along who want something a little bit different.

precious. so I could never mass-produce.

I LORNA WATT (Ex-Edinburgh, works at the Meadows Pottery, Causewayside) We set this business up in January and I expected to be selling in more shops by now. but you have to accept that things take a long time. This is a good start and once it gets going it will give me breathing space to do more things.

I went on a Graduate Enterprise Initiative intensive course in the summer which was very useful because it gave me a chance to look at the market and find out what people want.

I also got a grant from the SDA which provided

half the cost ofthe equipment I needed. I make earrings, mugs and candle holders for bread-and-butter money.

l KIRSTY STRUTHERS (Ex-Edinburgh, Jewellery design consultant in London) It was design that I was most interested in at Edinburgh. so I am really happy to be working in Britain‘s only jewellery design consultancy. I‘ve got tremendous scope to design whatever I want. We do a lot ofwork in the Far East and America. and in Italy and the Philipinnes we‘re helping with design and marketing. In Britain the design scene is dull but we‘re trying to liven things up a bit within the price confines.

It‘s great working with Lorna and getting some fresh ideas. There are three ofus working here and the Consultancy is gradually getting bigger.

Skinheads by Kane Ruthertord. err-Napier freelance photographer.

Teapot by Philomena Pretsell (postgraduate of Edinburgh)

i The mat-80w Degree Show 1990 will

run 16-29 June at the Glasgow School ofArt, 167 Rerr/rew Street, Mort-Thurs [Om-9pm;

Fri lOamfipm; Sat Quin-noon.

The Edinburgh Degree Show I990 will run 16-27 June at Edinburgh College ofArt, Lauriston Place, Mon Thurs [Own-8.30pm;

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