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if a Box Ilumber is required there

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Lineage: £5 per 30 words Semi Display: £4 per 10 words (minimum 20 words)

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Print Name, Address and Message In BLOCK CAPITALS, one word in each box, and send your ad to: CLASSIFIED ADS, The List Ltd, 14 High Street,

CLASSIFIED ADS, The List Ltd, The Old Athenaeum Theatre, 179 Buchanan Street, Glasgow G1 2.12.

will be an additional charge em. I l

' I Edinburgh gay male (26)—

legal profession - (interests: classical music; cinema; theatre; photography; wining/dining) seeks similar attractive professional for friendship, ideally relationship. Letter with photograph and telephone no. Discretion assured. Box No 124/6.

I Edinburgh male (29) seeks good looking guy (25—35) for friendship. Many interests but the main one could be you. Must be straight acting and non-scene. Photo/phone if possible. Box No 124/7 .

I intelligent, attractive professional Glasgow gay woman (30) seeks similar, non-butch female for friendship and maybe more. Sincerity essential, sense of humour vital, photo helpful. Likes: music, theatre, cinema, etc. Box No 124/8.

SOMEBODY OUT TIIEIIE wants to know you. Write to the PERSONAL column of The List

and find out who!

I Guy (41) and single seeks lasting relationship with younger female into blues, r‘n'b, soul etc, theatre, conversation, satire, sex, writing and more. Photo if possible. Glasgow area only. Box No 124/9.

I FOR SALE! Detached property (male), built 1963, tall, slim frontage, has certain character and charm and a warm genuine ambience. In structurally sound order, with much potential, but needing new owner to stop

( Tel


(day) leve)

Advert- note: tel nos count as 1 word

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It has a border all the way round and we can include your company logo.

Itates start at £5 per single column centimetre (excl. VAT) for Group 1 and £4 per single column

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THIS IS SEMI DISPLAY It has a line above and below‘ and the lineage is centred. The minimum is 20 words and costs from £6 for Group 1 and , £4 for Group 2. Personal adverts in this style. including Box Numbers, cost from £6.

IThisisalineaga advertA maximum of 30 words will cost only £4 for Group 1 and £2.50 for Group 2. Personal adverts in this style , including Box Numbers, are £5 for 30words.

atrophy! Suit bright, slender Edinburgh lady; who'd probable enjoy: music, books, cinema, theatre, art, walking, politics etc; and like to share outings combining the cerebral/cultural/comic, interesting/amusing conversation and maybe a close relationship. For further particulars/appointment to view reply to Box N0124/10. I Where are all the mature, loving, sensitive men? I’m a warm, attractive woman (early 405). Artistic, lively, thoughtful longing to share love , questioning, discovery - want to share the journey? Box No 124/1 1. I JIM For no library white goodness procrastination sake acceptable small send fascinated address strange phone new number venue open. Box No 124/ 12. I Professional male (32) seeks good-natured women (25-35) to share interests in outdoor and indoor pursuits, hopefully leading to a permanent relationship. All replies appreciated. Box No 124/13. I Female 21 Thoughtful, warm, sense of humour seeks considerate, loving male for fun times together with view to lasting relationship. Interests: walking, countryside, photography, long, hot evenings together. Photo appreciated. Box No 124/14. I Glasgow gay male (21) appreciates life in general. Seeks similar with a good sense of fun. Glasgow area. ALA. Photo appreciated. Box No 124/ 15.


DISCOUNTS Lineage/Semi Display

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4 consecutive insertions 5%

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10% 15% 20%

12 consecutive insertions 25 consecutive insertions

FDR DISPLAY ADVERTISING please telephone: Edinburgh (031) 558 1191

Glasgow (041) 332 9929

WE WELCOME CALLEGS at 14 High Street (opp. John Knox’s House), Edinburgh, during business hours.

LINLITIISOW/ EAST-MID CENTRAL SCOTU'ND (25) gay professional(?) male into people, good life, radical-nationalist politics, modern art, cinema, travel, seeks similar for sharing free times. Photo appreciated. All letters answered. Dos lie 124/24.

I Handsome, intelligent modest Glasgow artist (25). Seeks slightly crazed, alternative, slim female (20—30ish) for caring, sharing and serious fun! Photo? ALA. Box N0124/16. I EtIIitIitlfgh Friend of the Earth (recently returned to city) hopes to meet genuine girl, mid-to-late 205, to share wide interests including the environment. Box No 124/17. I Unattached young male of good education and appearance ' would very much like to meet a warm-hearted, intelligent young Strathclyde female. Photo appreciated if possible. Please write to Box No 124/ 18. I Glasgow gay guy searching expectantly for attractive straight-acting guy (18—24) for lasting friendhip, perhaps more. Interests include reading, theatre, music, dancing. Why spend the summer alone? Write now! Box N0124/19. I Professional male (32) based west coast seeks intelligent, sensitive, eccentric female to share weekends, good food and wine, cinema, arts, hillwalking, fun. Photo preferred but not essential. Box No 124/20. I Attractive, intelligent sensitive male (31) wishes to meet Australian or New Zealand girl for relationship. Non-smoker. Photo appreciated. Box No 124/21. I Glasgow male (30) Non-smoker, seeks girl (ZS—40) to share nights on the town, days in the country etc. Let‘s pursue life‘s pleasures. Give me kisses and I’ll give you cuddles! Photo appreciated. ALA. Box No 124/22. I Edinburgh gay male Professional , bearded, non-scene. Enjoys good times, socialising, home-life, good humoured. Seeks similar to share good times and maybe more. Box No 124/23. I Boy III 32 Professional, fun, intelligent, sometimes articulate. Seeks intelligent. fun etc woman to share music, theatre, Glasgow, food, wine, culture, travel and fun. ALA. Photo appreciated. Box No 12405. I Woman (208) Glasgow area, beckons replies from sensitive, funny, intelligent, artistic, daring, flamboyant (or two of these) man for . . . Idon'tknow what. Fun, laughs, who knows? Photo if convenient. Box No 124/26. I Fast moving. sensual professional male (27) would like to meet attractive female (20-35) with sense of fun , humour and good conversation to add some excitement to life. Glasgow area. Box No 124/27.

“The List 29 June- 12 July 1990