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Edinburgh and Lothian's Public Transport Information Service

031 225 3858

24 St Giles Street, Edinburgh EH1 1PT Open 0830 - 1630 hours, Monday - Friday

Public Transport Unit, Department of Planning, Lothian Regional Council

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Dealing Assertiveness Stress Fear We clarify the difference Management Fear is probably the single we?" mgwe’ non' i The increasing pace most debilitating factor in arrive 3‘; aglgress :e of change in our day to the human experience. Fear . d. :gmrgbegp fret: y day working lives has _, often stops us achieving :2 w u; e .38 "mi: increased the stresslevels what wewant (oreven S§E§ ays an cons! 9? ' §§§ we are expected to ’cope’ 35% attempting“). 3;; niques for confidence- 1;. wm‘. ,.

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Ausefulcourseforself g... f . I h This practical workshop deVClOPWm- :33 pm esswna C ange' will examine the factors 133 which create stress in our

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Who am Lifeplann'ng 35; you can control yourself,

This two day experiential

event will help you look at

whoyou are and what makes you work.

to explore their personal or professional potential in a secure, stmctured format.

What are we doing with our lives? Are we using our 335 skills to best advantage? . We will help you to assess U589” for anyone wishing changes you would like to make in your life , and suggest realistic strategies forachievingthesechanges.

§E§ your personal stress

strategies for limiting the

and demonstrate tech- niques which can reduce

levels. We also investigate

build up of stress in your own workplace. '


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Getting your Communications to Work Useful for anyone who wishes to influence the quality and accuracy of communication patterns in their workplace, ‘39 organisation or personal life.

041-204 0417

19 Elmbank St. Glasgow 0? 4P8

Scotland’s leading experiential Trainers



After Eight Mince Bobby Dean's Quintet SOphie Bancroft with the Spike Wright Trio George Penman's Jazzmen George McKay Band Hideaway Blues Band Rolling Jo and The Jets Julian Arguelles with Bill Kyle's Band Watch What Happens Ah Um All this and more from June 29 to July 8 at one of Glasgow's leading jazz/blues venues.

F or further details, contact : CURLERS 256 Byres Road, Glasgow. Tel : 041 334 1284.


ART COMPETITION & EXHIBITION Glasgow - September 1990

Women artists working in Scotland are invited to submit 20 and 30 work. £1,000 prizes - deadline August.

Sponsored by K.D.L. Homes

For intormation write: Kaye Lynch, Women 2000, 1 Bankhouse Road. Lesmahagow, Lanarkshire ML11 0E8.


Sat 30 HAVANA SWING with JIMMY DEUCHAR 2.00 - 4.30pm Mon 2 MAMIE STIRLING 8.30pm Tue 3 MELANIE O'REILLY/ FRANCIS COWAN DUO Wed 4 LE JAZZ HOT 8.30pm Sat5 FAT CITY 2.00 - 4.30pm

(1;) f f «2.11.1,


The Italian Centre. John Street. Glasgow Tel: 041 552 6099.

Gallery open daily 9am - midnight

Viewing is restricted to restaurant diners during the

hours noon - 2.30pm and 6.30pm - 10pm.


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