HIT usr

Right, settle down. Pike, put the Tommy Gun away. Now, where’s this week’s Hit List? Ah, thank you Wilson, I wondered who’d be the first to spot that. Right, Walker, talk them through it.

I TREMENOOUS tackle by La Marquise and I tell you they'll be singing in Amiens tonight after that one. Les Liaisons Oangereuses will be at the Mitchell Theatre 10 Jul-22 Sept. See Theatre Listings page 61.

- ..- $0.33" 2* c it? e d R ’4: V » v . . i . V .

I SPITTING in the face of Oil's latest safety guidelines, the fiaiitown Battlers are pictured here hard at work on theirlatest ‘track’. The skitliers will be throwing themselves into the Glasgow Fair celebrations, 6-28 Jul. See Open Listings page CO.

I WILD? it was going crazy. Anyway, there's your breakiast fatty, now give us our clothes back. Lord oithe Flies, apparently sponsored by M G s ‘rib tickler' Y-Fronts, opens 6 Jul at

Glasgow and Edinburgh

Cannons and UCls. See Film Openers page 26.

I HAIRY biped with a love of vegetables seeks release from caged life. Charlotte Rampling goes ape when she meets Max and tails for his animal charm in Max Mon Amour: the logical extension of the PG Tips adverts. See Film Openers page 26.

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I CHRIST! I told you to take that Rottweiler to the dentist. Fred Ward and Finn Cartertry to worm theirway out oi trouble in Tremors— the day the worm turned nasty. See Film Openers page 26.

I NEW ZEALANO's football team express dissatisfaction with a reiereeing decision. The Hands are here as part oi the Kelbume Castle New Zealand Festival. 29Jun-i Jul. See Open Listings page 80.

I FISH supper. no salt, no sauce. no cooking. Archaos the crazed touring circus will hit Glasgow 24 Jul-5 Aug. See Glasgow July Preview page 10.


I BALOY'S BACK. Phil Collins and his faithful drum kit will play the lngliston Exhibition Centre on 1 July. See Rock Listings page 43.

2The List 29 June— 12July 1990