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' -“ - 4 BOP AND as"; ea Protest wr survrve inono _ Astute radio listeners in Glasgow will ‘They’re coming out at the woodwork,’ ' g- be lamillarwith Radio KLT (104.8FM), . declares McVicar, though he has yet to " I a station which broadcasts whenever it hear a truly outstanding song about the can get a testival licence. It has been a on" tax. The most memorable lyric he busy year for the KLT crew solar, and has seen on the subject, in tact, turns the contributions oi presenter Ewan out to he a poem by Alex Frackleton in McVicar will be heard for many an hour The List. | over the jazz and iollt festivals, as they A concert at songs in Glasgow in were during Maytest and The Big Day. March, and a blitz on the Edinburgh I McVicar. also a qualified SOClal Folk Festival in April, increased the worker. wants to pay tribute to the amount of material on McVicar’s hands history of political protest in Scottish by more than live hours, and it is hoped song that runs irom Burns’ ‘Scots Wha that the catalogue will swell still . Hae' (which the Bard published lurther with contributions to a political When alto saxophonist ' anonymous” l0l leaf Ol transportation song competition which will be held at Bobby Watson arrived in Alto saxophonist Lee Konitz‘s to Australia) up to Hamish Henderson i the scoiia Bar on Tue 3. All will be i‘ilc‘i’l"‘Yl)lkifilnl.llich understated, beautifully judged and The Proclaimers. To this end, he recorded and the winner presented 3f M'ff’Vf ”? approach goes back to the influence has setup The Political Song Project, with a trophy. (Alastair Mabbott) low LIN; [WEE my of his first mentor, pianist Lennie with backing from the STUC, which is The Political Song Competition is at the Miami S¢5(,(,l;,,,,,cs“ Tristano. As one of the great didactic intended to compile as many oi them as Scotia Bar, Stockwell Street, Glasgow including guitarists pai intelligences in jazz, Tristano possible. Taking ‘Scots Wha Hae’ as a on Tue 3 at 9pm. From 7—9pm, Ewan Mclheny and lliram crucially shaped Konitz‘s musical starting point, McVicar originally McVicar will be running a songwriters' Bullock and bassman Jnco concept, notably by encouraging him intended to collect 80 minutes of workshop, looking at publishing, l’asmrious. turned instead to play with no vibrato or inflection material. He has now had to expand his recording and promotion, if? the fashionable fusmn whatever, thereby throwing him vision to encompass the commercial gait... .- “9"?gkwf‘fi"; Wm???" back on genuine invention rather release ol two cassettes in 1991 (on the Shit; my; Illufvrtldufi'.‘ . . . . L 1m. than the soft dingISC of colouration Gallus label) and an archive set oi and found himself for his effects. some 16 hours which will be placed “crunch, “ohmmmg ‘Looking back, I feel my playing with The People's Palace and The swiftness. by the most now is more basic, and I am much scmo' 0' scams" Studies- “mom hard-“0W” “l more concerned with really one yawning gal) 3' Diesel“ is the a“; , . establishing the song. For me, that Ian 0' songs heme” me 18203 and [min/ids) My York m means really having to experience world W” 'i and even a consultalion 3.9353 “(1).! ":1 5",, h. who 1 am playing with cithcrm my with the late Ewan MacColl did not I y“ “3 "l 9“? “3“? ° . . asked me to join the hand, group or a pickup band. That means help. lcant believe that the radical which ,5 my m for New not just using them for an energy poets of Paisley were the only ones York, The kind (,i jm we stimulus or whatever, as many ' writing such material. When the people were playing was very musicians do. but really hearing the assembled 0" Glasgow Greenv What “fashionable mm .— ."0 way they are approaching the notes did they do? They mu“ have sung one wanted m hear u m and the chords. and playing songs. It’s just that nobody wrote them ;,hc_7”f-.Tha; ‘f’ffs "Ffl." H . according to them, so that it becomes dawn-i v -rum::;iltgg . “in? ,“f” as close was oma . st ti .8 The last lew years have proved to be a H j j, g .1 mini .5. .w‘ d“. .m o p neous si ua on a . am 3 en erson, continuing an that it has come back possrble every single time.‘ 'em'e "me '0' scomsn Wine“ 30095- auspicious tradition. again, and all the young

kids are playing the music. they consider me old.

‘I guess I was drawn toit because I knew that it was difficult, and I got such a joy out oilistcning to the records. l believed that I had to learn how to swing before I died I wanted to experience what it feels like to really swing on the

Despite his association with both

Tristano and the Cool school he “Ea.

played in the Miles Davis Nonet which recorded The Birth of the Cool (see Miles feature) - Konitz‘s music acks ' d t' ' Emma),fiffiigvfisegfggfiil Regulars on the indie charts and the N0. their new Single is ‘RUbbiSh'. and live circuit, Carterthe Unstoppable Sex the B-side has both a version ol The Pet

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from scratch each t' ' Obligation to produ'cngea‘ revolution. Their new single is rubbish. is just as strong a composition as a i i . - i written piece. so we‘re taking a much bigger chance, which is why most people don’t do it, but that is still the core ofjazz, the thing which makes it , different from anything else. i . i' 2 ‘Every day I play just for the a I I ' i 1 ii i enjoyment of blowing some air in the horn and fingering, starting with nothing and trying to build something from it. That is always intriguing, but playing, say, ‘All the Things You Are‘ is intriguing in another way. There you have the guideline of the song, but then you have to come up with a new chorus after all the times you‘ve played that tune. That’s the challenge for me, and it still works. (Kenny Mathieson) Lee Konitz Group, Tennents Live! At The Tramway, IJuIy. 1—] 1pm. See Jazz Festival listing.

these vamps and modes and stuff, you miss out on that opportunity.’ Watson's critical standing has always been high. and he now records for the prestigious Blue Note label. An outstanding musician. the saxophonist draws on the entire jazz spectrum. from swing to free, in orderto spice his favoured bop register with all manner of exotic touches and unexpected nuances. llis Glasgow Jazz Festival concert includes his own highly-rated band Horizon, and an appearance with the Strathclyde Youth Jazz Orchestra. (Kenny Mathieson) Bobby Watson '5 Horizon ' and S YJO, Tramway. 7 l July. 2pm. SeeJaz: Festival Iib‘ring.




“The List 29 June— 12 July 1990