With new arrangements-'1.” group's the Cuban Heels that used to play around time from their base in Hawick. Since music features strong vocals and draws on here? then. they‘ve had a major label deal African and Arabic CUliUTCS- I Shibboleth Negociants. Lothian Street. (Which initially yielded disappointing I JOhm‘Y sunnam Preservation “a”. 225 6313. 9.45pm. Free. Pleasant rocky results) and shone in the glory of beingone Victoria Street. 226 381611 an“ 9Pm- songs with melodic interest provided by of the very first bands to break I Live music St James Oyster Bar. Calton violin Zimbabwean music in this count”.

R u t t A D . Road. 557 2925. 9pm. Free. I La: Filipinas BB's Basement Bar. Should be packed out. so arrive in good I Live music Negociants. Lothian Street. Barony Street (off Broughton Street). 556 time.

P I. A C E 225 6313. 9.45pm. Free. 8240. 5—7pm. 8—11pm. See Fri 29. I iiugh null and The Velvemntiemnts

M 0 N 2 I Sandyman Queen Street Oyster Bar. The Hip Hop Tent. Glasgow Green. 9pm. Queen Street. 226 2530. 9.30pm. Free. 80 successful has their ‘Six to Wan‘ track been (they were presented by ademo at the RUt'and HOtel 5 disco award by Glasgow‘s Lord Provost)

E d inbur h that the Pants have one into the studioto 1 229 39402 I Five Guys Named MoeVenue. Calton record an acid versicgm. And.surprise. 03 Road. 557 3073- See 5129- _ . I George Clinton Barrowland. 244 surprise. it‘s actually damned good. I Alto Cirrus Preservation Halli Vtctorta Gallowgate. 552 4601. 7.30pm. £9.50 plus I Whirfltto Plli 0mm and The X PSTClub. E . t :ifccgi 256 3816- Fm: 213:9 booking fee from Just the Ticket. Virgin. SiUlei 12 Shunle Sircc‘t PaiSlcyt 889 um 0 Progress'vc typcs‘ w 0_ l c” 226 4679. See Preview. Su )rt is Boom 6867- 9pm. £1.50. n n kind of thing quite well in a preVIous batch the tw0_piccc Signed to Thipiirccious I Boathouse Traders. Glassford Street. i n 1 of gigs. ' . Organisation. 552 5826. Disco organised by the Uranium I "'0 Retirees: NCEOC'amS~ Lmh'a" I The Smoking; King Tut‘s Wah Wah Rockers. No announcement as to who's Street. 225 6313. 9-45Pm- chc- A Clutch , Hut. 272 St Vincent Street. 221 5279. playing- Oi b11105. r'n'b and count'Y’infiucncw ' 10pm. When this West Midlands bunch Ed' b h songs.with vocals bythelnlmltable Feef. lastplavcd Kinngis‘ the rcsultwas

I L“ Hugh” BB‘S Bascmcm 83" described in some quarters as ‘the best gig I The Senseleee Things Venue, Calton

3 Baronsilgtrcméffi Brogghtg'i ggrcu)‘ 556 ever played in the history of the Universe Road, 557 3073. See Thurs 5. 8240- va Pm- cc so far.‘ Let's just say they come highly I Bluehnger Preservation Hall, Victoria

The Spanners I7/11 Black's Bar. Portobello High recommended Streetlzf, 3816. £1 afler9pm.

P . i0 nal Sire?“ 669 5504- 8-30—11'3‘0pm' I Hollow Horse King‘s Court. 7 Osbourne Rock‘n‘roll-influenced pop. from a band rov' S RCS'd°"CY- ROCK and blues' Street. 552 2250. 10pm. Free. Complaints with an impressive history of live and

TU 3 about noise forced the Thursday band session work.

nights to take a sabbatical. but agitated I Lord: of the Flemish Negociants.

Glasgow neighbours have been placath Lothian Street, 225 6313. 9.45pm. Free. _ , ' sufficiently to allow a fresh start. with I Lu Filipino: BB's Basement Bar. & 5:31;??? SECEiSFlESIESBotn (Saga! Glasgow's own Hollow Horse leading the Barony Street (off Broughton Street). 556 Th d from Tickei Cz‘ilndleriggisL 227 field' 8240. 5-7pm, 8—11pm. See Fri29. . . . . ’. ' I The Cuban Heels and Rhyme and Reason u 5511. Miles flrst VlSlt to Scotland for Traders‘ Glassford Street 552 5826. R 7

almos‘ ‘wcmy years' 5°C {cam'c‘ I The Kim Beacon Band Outhouse 1155 I Instant Fish Traders. Glassford Street. Cathcan Road. 649 0184. 9.30pm. Free. A G

deiailS to be announced 552 5826' 99m Free“ Their name belies familiar story to regular readers: Kim was I "C Bun B Strathclyde University

their soporific blend 0f heavy {OCk and‘ considered as the replacement for Peter Union, 90 John Street, 552 1895. 10pm. "mm' heavy ka' Gabriel when the latter left Genesis and is Following his ‘Slaphead‘. ‘How Sleepthe

gorlfithfiggggilgiteccr: 7 chfrcw currently trying to get established as a solo Brave' and ‘The Sequel‘ singles. the MC

3“ has a hot little number on his hands with Monday 9 I 98899“ sonfl‘lmm cowsmlll'g I The King Bees and Glass Onion Shelter.7 the new Polydor cco-rap The LastTree’, Bldefndrs‘ 36 Be" Strain. '52d59 4'. . Renfrew Court. 332 6231. The King Bees' which sounds as recommendable as its R Performances from sol0lsts an duos ln pop owes more man a lime tocarly sentiments. Could be a good one. the Coo eratlve . . . . . p ' rock n roll values. Judging from asmgle

thatslipped out last year. and Glass

Onion‘s music. a pleasant melodic blend

' I Til! HOOiSiO Tootsie Band Preservation of more modern influences, is quite a Jlmmy James and Hall.Victoria Street.226 3816.9.30pm. contrast. the Vagabo nds Free. Rocking blues. I Big George and The Business Studio. 12 I The Fiancee Negociants. Lothian Street. Shuttle Street, Paisley. 889 6867, also 1 R I] d 1.().30pnCt‘.lFree. Resislcncyd alfigecriid in his 0 U an time in r asgow. an you‘ ar Love Decree Place 2293402 - . . - - . . . pressed to find a player of dimer and more - I La: Filipinos BB‘s Basement Bar. charged-up blues guitar. (Slightly) O n gzaignggil’cm (0f: Bmusghton gtreet). 556 mellower moments like the band‘s version , a; " ' ~ Pm. 8‘1 Pm- ‘39 Fri 9- of‘l'd Rather Go Blind‘ are intensely - Aval [able at the I Loe Supremos St James O ster Bar. )Wcrful. I TM 3'08".“ ""098 King Tut's Wah Y Pt . Rutland HoteI . Calton Road. 557 2925. 9pm. Free. I Engine and Crisis Studio 55‘ Bruce Wah Hut. 272 St Vincent Street. 221 5279. 4 Hotel.CornwallStreet. East Kilbride. 10pm. see F" 6- GI 035522 9771. 8pm. £2. Those comical S.“ Boysg'z'gogzgoggracrrst (£35550? _ as aw bluesmen. this time supported by local "cat .- m- T°e~ "8 '5 “‘0 g thrashers. Are they deliberately tryingto Who for some baa": reason Chose to . C U P I Batty! Batty Shelter. 7 Rentrcw Court, cnnfusc'? move to Scotland. Don‘t hold that against 332 623.1 - DOOYS Open 830W". Ticket I Billy Mclsaac and The Other Brother them. though ihCY'rC WC" worth seeing- wo r'd CU only. Tickets free. but distributed by the Alhambra. 31 Waterloo Street. 221 3260. I um Lu" "4 b.“ Glimgow's p BlarSYS in mystenous ways. Turning up at 8pm. Free. Residency. Billy PlayS acoustic gog‘ggowézm; firehcst ~11??? suggtk l C 001' 03? y might get TCSUliS. but WC covers of Queen songs. lntri uin . - ' ic as aw" a 6 mm 'C a mattfhes lare be' “9 can‘t promise argything. The Barky boys I Live music Minstrels. 66 Bfoongielaw. Ct gend'cf’iggst Who" me “Who” ' are promotlngt elr nasty new single. 204 3698. - mo "Si 0 “V0 "'8 ‘5- S own. 'Ve o n AnimaLi. which we raved about last issue . . I Highlander Halt Bar, 160 woodlands satellite TV. and they inform us that C4 will be filming Edlflbllfgll Road.3321210. 10pm. Free. Curious

tonight. Disco by a group mysteriously named The Freedom Organisation. I Yellow Earth Traders. Glassford Street.

rockers in kilts who like to end a set ((110

I The Charlie Davidson Band Preservation Rumig) with a version (“Amazing

Hall. Victoria Street. 226 3816. 9.30pm.

Win a satellite TV

' , , Grace'. Went down well in the USSR, dlSi‘l and lots Oi 552 5826. 9pm. Free. Acoustic duototing it; “up...” 38.8. Bus men. 8, whatever that says forthem. rizes pleasant songs and rich harmonies. Baron Street (0“ Bro“ Lht ) St dflt) 556 I Zenith Minstrels. 66 Broomielaw. 204 p - I Live music Fixx. 86 Miller Street. 248 8240 {7pm H mm Sgcc 29'“ 3698. 5pm. Free. For those who cah’tget 2859.. I Live music St James Oyster Calton 22:35:23: 33;, they,“ also domg Emmott 2113.23.72.25. F I The Cuban Heels. Vatican Shotgun Scare 225 (.313 9 “pf. Ficc' ' ' Paisicyi 389 9pm 551- Upstairs- ree entrance to Bar and me mitt t 3 . . .. ' ' ' I Glasgow Studio. 12 Shuttle Street. e y 0y: Moray House . Mon to Wed until midnight Student Union. Holyrood Road. 5568455. 6 Ptalsleyl. 889b6861. fill-50- A return - Last demo disco till the autumn. and VSS‘s a ter a 0n8 {3? 0” c .eaV)’ TOC “5 Thurs to sun um” 1am first gig in four months. despite being busy Who wear the” my 0" thc'TSlecvc- touringm England The Whitely Boys IThe Bhundu Boys KlngTut'sWah Wah Cumbemauld (perhaps we shouldn t be saying this) are a Hut. 272 St Vincent Street. 221 5279. spoof group. with song titles like ‘Just 10pm it must he (mu. 0, {our years now I Barty! Betty. The Hemingway: antho How Tall are The Fall?‘. The Cuban lleels that the newly arrived Bhundu},~ were Cir”! Cumbernallid Thcaifci Bfaehead are from London. Are they any relation to playing gigs ifi Central Scotland at] the Road. 0236 732887. 7.30pm. £4 (£3). A

“The List 29June— lZJuly 1990