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ike rabbits) and relax amongst Ies objéts francaises that litter walls. the only thing that’s

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llégociant’s is a cafe/bar/restaurant that has travelled the world and brought the hasty. hits back home. At lunchtime the menu has a Malaysian/Indonesian slant whereas, in the evenings, it’s rather more Indochinese/ European. (Our compliments to the‘llepalese ex-Ghurkha chop} ' " three continents. the c

beers are frequently strong and Belgian. Stella being one of many. But a word of advice. If you have to get up early tomorrow don’t drink 151 Shooters. A visit to Négociant’s, like travelling, broadens the mind. But sometimes blows it altogether.

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a rather adventurous selection of, ,S'uch class= isn’t altogether := unexpe'olid; D’Arcy’s is just down- and Sassoon. Arid they do Stella?!”

FIXX. MILLER SIREEI, GLASGOW. The people who serve the Stella at this basement bar say “the Fixx” is the centre for Scottish rock», music. the gig, in fact, where many a mega famous band out its teeth. But whoever heard of Wet Wet Wet, line and Cry. and Deacon Blue? 2nd who? when they’re at hollow can’t be trusted My say this used to be a jewellery warehouse, and the scene of a famous robbery. Believe what you like, there’s a real buzz here and a life size rhinoceros’ head sticking through the wall. No, really!

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‘JOIIN Sl‘llEEi JAN, 18 J0llll SIREN, cuscoyl. ioday we're looking through the arched windows of this veritablm cosmopolitan bar. The neon sign flashes Stella Artois and brings a smile to the face. Indeed, the only occupant of this place not sporting a smihi’ is the V, fish staring longing] _ fl. of water, one sympathm all “Menu offers some happier piscine specimens, amongst others. It’s easy to imagine here that you’re the host of a swinging party at your very own Manhattan penthouse flat. Or, just look out of the window and watch John Street jam.