precision timing to powerful expression.

Drawn irom all over the world these dancers manage to pertorm in sync without losing individuality, brilliantly illustrated by the wittin inventive pas de deux, Passomezzo. Karina Silverio and Kirk Ryder, who must be almost a foot apart in height, llout traditional notions oi aesthetic to a diverse range of music from Greensleeves to talk.

Like young Spartans the dancers are remarkable lor their youth and zeal, yet they succeed with mature choreography. This is to do with the


Julie Ross presents experimentation with abstract imagery in glass

3 2—29 July

imaginatively appropriate choreography they are given, which ' Run ended. both stretches and suits such a diverse \ ' Overwhelmineg youthtul, Nederlands and enthusiastic company. The least ( ' '1 f f ( Dans Theater 2 pertormed with passion successtul is the most conventional, I ( and dexterity at the Theatre Royal's Septet Extra, which is probably more Dance into Glasgow season. The tour comtortably performed by the older ' ' works this young company danced for parent company. This is an impressive O o the lirst of two programmes showcased company with a good line in inventive, O o . a dazzling array of skills, lrom approachable choreography. (Jo Roe) C l . n P l I 3 Under African Skies Sat 30.lun. 1pm. Free. provided. Phone for enrolment form or a n l The largest dance company in Europe, pick one up from the Assembly Rooms. . Adizido perform their third dance/drama I CRAIGLOCKHART SPORTS CENTRE 177 The "a n (Jeni (‘9. Jon" Street. using music. dance poetry and 30 Colinton Road, 443 0101. - w - - drummers and dancers. A variety of adult coaching sessrons are (’ |a§£( ’“- Tel: I 332 Eyuphuro Sun 1 Jul. 2.30pm. Free, available. including Women’s Actrvrty . . . Drawing on African and Arabicculturc Mornings. Aerobics. Fitness'l'raining and Gallery open daily 9am - midnight ,hc 5cm, pm gmup perm", ,radmonal yoga. Phone the centre formore ° ' ° ' ' ' ' . in ormation. Viewm g IS restricted to restaurant diners dunn g the mt”; [$31,133: Sat 7 M 1pm. Free. . Baum" mgflggmwc“ Way. ' ' ' ' ' ~ ~ Musselbur h,( . . . hours noon and - the Elchat ClasSes throughout East Lnthian incorporate influences from jaza to ballet. Will resume in Septembcr- Phone 031665 Scottish Country Dancing Mondays and 3711 for details. Tuesdays. 7.30pm. 75p (45p). Circus School Mon 16—Sat 21 Jul. £15 (£5).

Modern Sequence Dancing Wednesdays, A variety of workshops. day and evening. N M * S 7.30pm. 75p (45p). Places are filling up fast. phone for further

Old Time Dancing Thursdays. 7.30pm. 74p information.

(45m I EPWORTH HALLS Nicolson Square. Y i ' \i ) phone 2291(l71forinfo. NAT1()l\Al. MUSEUMS or S(.()TLAt I Classes Almasscsamaugmbflmwams‘ ' ' ber of

I A MB Y R M director of Spring and a mem phoifaEdantcr-jggrcggiggggasgfifit Khoros Dance Theatre. and are £2. 50 (£2) Graingcr on 220 4348 for details. All PCr 595-5109- (‘lasscs Smppmg {Or the . dance has-c classes have stopped over the summer Will resume at the end oféAugust. holiday period and will return 19 ContemporaleaulorAdulls Mon ays septcmhcr' 63(ipmhd It 'r ~‘d' -o 10 m Scottish Youth Dance Festival Sat 30 Tall 0' U 8 ULS dis ~-h P ‘;r 0 ~ I Jun—Sat 7Jul. A week of all aspectsof Mu" Pedoman" Gmup P 0m” “‘5

llawkes on 229 1071 for details. dance for youth groups from allover M Britain, phone 220 6330 for further I GRACEMDUNT LEISURE CENTRE -2

information, All performances and two Gracemount Drive. 658 1940. Classes are I classes are open to the public. held mi’aum- tail) and m"dcll‘l‘d§l‘l;c~

1 Contemporary Dance Sat 30 Jun—Sat 71m. .voga‘ fitness weights'acriehlc‘s‘: d! m i 5.3(1—7pm. £2.50 (£1 .50), defence. gymnastics. ant strctc an (

. Special Needs Workshop Mon 2—Fri61ul. 36nth CXCYCISC

' 1—3pm. £1.

ICHURCH HILL THEATRE Morningsidc Road. phone Tamsin Graingeron 220 F— 4348 for details.

Standing cup and cover . Summeroance Festival MonwFriBJul. A week of classes and workshops. ' ' presented by the Edinburgh Dance Commlssloned from ProjectandunderthcdirectionofTamsin ' Grainger. for those interested in dance

by National Museums Of SCOtIand. and mimewith professionaltutorsinjazz.

contemporary. Indian dance, mime and 'Best vegetarian restaurant/n Scot/and'

choreography. The festival will culminate THE SCOTSMAN

in an informal performance involving all . _ .

participants on Fri 13]ttl.4.30-5.30pm. Opening Hour3_‘ Mon-Fr|12_2pm'

_ , Classes tor 7-12 years Mon 9LThur121ul. 530-1101“. saw-304107"

on display unt1l 2 SCpt 1990 10am—3pm;Fri13Ju|10am—5.30pm.£25. R l M f S l d No experience necessary. Enrolmenton

a useum 0 an Mon9Jul.9.30am. at the 0y . Classesiorto-tayears Monan 13Jul. Chambers Street, Edlnburgh 1()am—5.30pm.£25.0pentothosewith

one year‘s experience. Enrolment on Mon - 9Jul 9.30am. - - - . _ kS uare.Edinbur hEH89EZ Mon Sat 10am 5pm, Sun 2pm 5pm mmmmumm)Monmm12 2 3StP$terligphoqn603166798%0 Jul, 6-9pm; Fri 13Jul,2—5.30pm.£40 (£30). No experience necessary. Creche

Restaurant '

“The List 29June- IZJuly 1990