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Summertime reading . . .


by Alan Spence

£12.95 hbk Available May I 990


Diaries and Letters from India 1895-1900 Edited by

Carol Anderson £16.95 hbk

Canongate Classics:

THE CORN KING AND THE SPRING QUEEN (Introduction by the author)

By Naomi Mitchison £6.95 pbk

DANCE OF THE APPRENTICES (Introduction by james Campbell) By Edward Gaitens £4.95 pbk

LINMILL STORIES (Introduction by IR. Annand)

By Robert McLellan £5.95 pbk


(Introduction by Tom Crawford) By Catherine Carswell £5.95 pbk

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17 jeffrey Street Edinburgh EH1 lDR

I The Arthur Miller Interview (BBCZ) 8.45—10pm. The taciturn playwright in conversation with Alan Yentob, first shown in 1987. Shown tonight as aprelude to his play. All my Sons, later tonight.

I Barrens. Domingo and Pavarotti In Concert (C4) 9. 15—1 1pm. The chubby former goalkeeper, brilliant opera singer, and current star of the World Cup, sings with his fellow Tenors accompanied by 200 musicians in this 90 minute recital live from Rome.

I Theatre Night: All My Sons (BBCZ) 10—12.05pm. Family tensions erupt when Joe Keller‘s sons learn that he sold defective engines to the US government. What did you do in the war Daddy? Oh,l sold defective engines to the US Air Force which resulted in the death of many pilots. I Burning Embers (C4) 11.55pm-12.55am. In the 16th and 17th centuries nine million women were executed as witches. Tony Benn and his guests, but mainly. I fancy,

' the brilliant Tony Benn, discuss the

reasons for this lack of toleration.

I The Great Escape (Scottish) 11.35—2.50am. It‘s no good, they’ve found Harry, we‘ll just have to stay in and watch the bloody thing.


I Wimbledon: The Men's Flnel(BBC1) 1.25-6. 15pm. See preview.

I The World Cup Final (BBCI and Scottish) 6.30—9pm. Live from Rome, drama, sweat and emotion in the commentary box and doubtless some football as well.

I Beyond the Groove (C4) 8—8.30pm. The late David Rappaport stars as the diminutive, uptight businessman Sir Harold Blandford who is lured away from his office and embarks on a musical odyssey across the States behind the wheel of a large blue Cadillac. Along the way he will encounter Barry White, Harry Dean Stanton, George Clinton, the Womacks, k.d. lang and Johny Legend, in a series created by the bearded half of the Eurythmics (Dave Stewart).

I David Bose Season: Licking iiiiier 8.30-9.45pm. A young woman from a sheltered background is thrown into the real world, thanks to the war effort. She is sent to work with Archie Maclean, a hard-bitten Glasgow journo who opens her eyes to one or two things.

I Gremlins (Scottish) 9;] 1pm. Mini-monster mayhem skilfully guided by Spielberg, dangerous for younger viewers as it may give them ideas.


I Darlings oi the Gods (Scottish) 9—10pm & 10.35—1 1.35pm. The lives ofdarling Larry and darling Vivien as played by Anthony Higgins and Mel Martin. The biopic takes up the tale from 1947 when the couple are well on the way to the record for calling each other darling.

I Cutting Edge: Killing Sea (C4) 9—10pm. The horrific tale of impoverished Thai fishermen who have begun preying off the defenceless boat people that drift near to their coast.

I Byline (BBC1)9.30—10. 10pm. Tonight‘s personal documentary was made by Jeremy Sandford, the writer of Kathy Come Home which first exposed the plight of homeless youngsters in the 605. Tonight, he argues the situation is much worse today.

I Mixing it (C4) 10—11pm. Andrew Sachs, in an interesting role reversal, plays the firmly traditionalist acting Head of Leyfield Comprehensive determined to retain ‘standards‘ despite the danger that he may lose out on his cherished headmastership. And no, he is not head of the Spanish department.

I Dazzling Image (C4) llpm—midnight. The second in this series of highly imaginative new scheme for young film makers financed jointly by the Arts council, the British Film Institute and

Channel 4.

I A Certain Age(BBC1)11.30-midnight. A programme devoted to coping with the big five-0, though most 50 year-olds will be tucked up in bed by this time.


I Who’s Holding the Baby (C4) 9—10pm. Sally Magnusson, having recently returned to work after the birth of her third child (I've started so I'll finish), investigates the need for a revision of child care policies in the 905. Not just for herself, you understand.

I Darlings otthe Bods (Scottish) 9—10pm. The conclusion of the tale of Mr and Mrs Olivier.

I Desperately Seeking Susan(BBC1) 9.30—11.10pm. Madonna stars in this comedy thriller based on mistaken identity enormously popular and responsible for many a young lass trying to emulate its female lead.


I Them and Us (BBCl) 7.30—8pm. A documentary series based on the demands of members of the population who are battling away at bureaucracy. A sort of That’s Life without the teeth.

I Bough Guide to the World (BBCZ) 7.40—8.30pm. Tonight Magenta and Sankha give us the lowdown on Cuba.

I Arch-Rivals: The Arohbisop oi canteroury Stakes (C4) 9.30—10pm. Who will be the 103rd Archbish'? ‘Honest’ Robert Kee looks at the form of the four most fancied finishers and the difficulties awaiting the winner. The punters in the pew also chipin‘ their tuppence worth. Though for my money, its got to be Mr Frisky; admittedly an outside chance.

I Screenplay: Amongst Barharlsns (BBC2) 9—10.15pm. Two Brits are sentenced tobe hung in Malaysia after being found guilty of drug smuggling. David Jason plays one of the fathers desperately pleading for his son’s life in Penang.

I Sonia's Report (Scottish) 10.35-11.35pm. For almost ten years ‘Sonia’ was the most important Soviet agent working in Britain. She had penetrated the upper echelons of society and had many friends in the establishment. Tonight Ruth Werner talks openly for the first time on western TV about her secret double life. Aw no, I hope she doesn’t mention the time [took her to see Celtic play Motherwell.

I Comics the Ninth Art (Scottish) 12.05—12.35am. Tonight’s programme tackles the thorny issue of whether or not comics constitute an art-form.


I Under the Sun (BBCZ) 9.30—10.20pm. Every twelve years fifteen million people head to the Ganges to wash away their sins in its muddy waters. BBC cameras were on hand to record the bathe-in.

I EatThe Peach (C4) 9—10.45pm. An engaging Irish yarn has two lads discovering their entrepreneurial spirit and making a killing from a touring Wall of Death show, though not everything goes to plan.

The dramatic tale oi Billy, the amazing lish-llke keeper ot Fulchester United, and his struggles with Brimthorpe City star striker Shsltln' Stevens and their evil boss Bus Parlter, leap hom the pages ol Vizstralght onto yourTV screen courtesy ol Channel 4.

“The List 29June— 12July 1990