them with the world‘s flavours. cheerful singalong folksy entertainment of I Gaudi Shore Bar. The Shore. Leith. Muckle a 00. 9pm. Free. Organic music on fiddle and I Famous Other Band Banncrman‘s Bar.

mandolin from a piece ofMiro. Cowgate. 9pm. Free.

I West End Hotel Palmerston Place. 9pm. I Penicuik Folk Club Navaar Hotel. Bog

Free. Highlanders‘ bar. Accordion/guitar Road. 8pm. Free. American singer Gordon

inthe bar. 80k. . . my“ 0" Infirmary Sm“ 9pm 9“ I‘m" . PM ""8": mm Mum? .Bdr‘ “my” . I The Indonesian Gamelan Main Foyer. Free, Basement bar has acoustic gunar Street. 8.30—1 1pm. Admission free. Songs

' d >‘ ' l w'th Alan Hunter and tunes from regulars visiting musicians RSAMD.‘ 100 chfrcw Street' 332 5057~

an smgd Ong ' ' i Various times through day. Free.

and special guests.

I Folk At L'Attache L'Attache. basement of Rutland Hotel. West End of Princes Street. 9pm. Free. Miro.

Workshops and exhibition of two stunning sets of Indonesian Gamelan instruments. one from Bali. the other from Java. Have a go!


I Stonehaven Folk Festival See Fri 20. I Ullapool Ceilidh Weekend See Fri 20.


3.22:.3;?~'1°c.‘.;‘..';':f£assassin:2... Glasgow CELLAR BAR 3993- 930W“- U o Skimc and Wk from I20th Century Music Club City Lights, RSAMD 100 chfrcw Street 332;); Rutland Place, Edinburgh Jackobilly Bush Box. - (‘lyde Street. 204 3329. Singer/songwriter Various times through day Fr‘cc Sec ' 0'31 229 3402 I Singaround Riverside. Fox Club A” welcome. pass-thc-hat Friday 13 ' ' r Clyde SUCCL 348 3144- FWC- 2‘4Pm- admission. Free drinks to performers. ' Free. Regular Sunday afternoon ofmusie. Must be mm material. N 15 . o I Park 38' Arng Street. near Kelvin I Scotia Folk Scotia Bar. Stockwell Street. L1ve Folk Mu 31¢ Park.9pm. Free. SessioninHighlanders‘ 553 8681_ 8.30pm. Free. Live music, . ' pUb‘. IThelndonesian Gamelan Main Foyer. 1“ L AttaChe Edlnburgh RSAMD. 100 Renfrew Strec. 332 5057.

i I Edinburgh Folk Club Osbourne Hotel. various times through day, Free, See I Pokrovskv Ensemble Ross Ihcatrc. York Place. 556 5577. 8pm. £2.50(£1.50). Friday 13. 9 30 1 2 3O Prim“ Street Gaulch 2-30Pm- FTCC- Fiddler. singer and guitarist who has his . m - . am Presented by Edinburgh District Council M 0 N 16 p in association with WOMAD. Energetic - costume dance. instrumental music. song .

I Scottish Independent Schools Orchestra S U" day 15 Queen‘s Hall. Clerk Street. 668 2019. Muckle AdO 4pm. Free. The final results of five days intensive rehearsal. Programme includes the first movement ofSchumann‘s Piano

and ritual from six men/five women Soviet folk ensemble.

I Youngs Music Club Leamington Terrace. 9pm. £1.50. info 447 6187. Songwriter plays acoustic guitar with bass. drums.

fiddle. electric guitar and uillean pipes in Concerto. Mon day 16

the Allan Johnston Band.

IL'Odeon GeorgelVBridge.8.30pm. Eat the Seats

Free. American/Scottish ban'o and fiddle. - . .

mandolin and guitar. J Edinburgh (provrsxonal - check venue) I Royal 08k Infirmary Street. 9pm till late. I Pupils at the Yehudi Menuhin school St

Free. Traditional songs and contemporary Mary’s Parish Church‘ “addingmn.

somal comment from melodeon player Tickets:2281155(UshcrHaHBox Office)

Nancy NiChOISOD. or062 082 3738 (Haddington House). Miro

I Folk at L'Attache L‘Attache. basement of Rutland Hotel. West End. Free. Muckle Ado.

I Absent Friends Fairmilc Inn. Fairmilehead. 8.30pm. Free. Twosingers in this electric folk band.


8pm. £4.50 (£3/£l .50). Classical and romantic music performed by these incredibly talented young players from the school founded by Yehudi Menuhin in Wednesday 18 1963.


(provisional - check venue)

I Travelling Folk BBC Radio Scotland. \~

8—9.25pm. Archie Fisher and Danny Kyle " I Bremen Yam" stPhWY omlles'm

present records. news and live recordings. _' Stevenson Hall. RSAMD. 100 Renfrew Thu rSday 19 i 3 Street. 332 5057. 7.30pm. £4.50(£2). , ,

i Visiting youth orchestra with N0th sea Gas

I Porters Music Porters Lounge Bar. 292 own record label based in Dunkc'd Dougie Tehaik‘wSkY‘S Symphony N0 2‘

Sauchiehall Street. Spin—midnight. Free. Met“; is Oprgfmc mint pnpumrsmgm Mendc'S-‘Ohn‘s Hamid“ and the Vif’li” - .- , ml C Cm!” 0 w‘” L Concerto No 22b Viotti. C )nd t

Musm'cmldh “"h Clash "3 cudden' I FolkAt L'Attache L‘Attache. basement of “cincr Buhlmanz. ( uc or Is Sunday . Rutland Hotel. West End of Princes .

5 Street. 9.30pm—lam. Free. Electric blues MULkle Ado

.. 2d“ i Zdeco. . ILlnllthgowFolkClub Black Bitch.West m “’"n “m ' IOroanflecitaIChurchofstAndrewand

Port.Linlithgt)w.8.30pm.New-group 3:)Sruir2gibgsnlicmg2F'gdfiissmnzm ' MOHday . .- . an uc an.

Sons olthe Rock.

. Rod Fate's” St James Oyster Bar. I Earthbeat BBC Radio Scotland. . usually to be found presiding over the Eat the Seats Canon Road. 9pm Free. '[rmdmonul and 7.30—8.30pm. Presented by Jan Fairley. organ at St Stephen's Church. istoday‘s . . mudcm songs with guitar from leading Stimulating. ethnically diverse music from (prowsronal - check VCUUC) singcr_ And it's fret round the world. I Session Night The Green Tree. Cowgate. Evening. Free. Bar till lam. TUCSday I FolkAtL’Attache L'Attache. basementof IStar FolkClub Glasgow Society()f . Rutland Hotel. West End of Princes Musicians. 73 Berkeley Street. beside ero Street. 9pm. Free. Eat the Seats. electric Mitchell Theatre. 8pm. £2. Brilliant fole'stéi'nd. A accapella vocals from the English group I I ers rms Grassmarket. 9pm. Free. Artisan. Scottish music on squeeze boxesand I Music at Bonhams 194 Byres Road.337 . . wedneSday fiddle. 342-1. 9pm. Free. Acoustic set from . ~ TU Michael Keenan. ~ 6 Zydeu) Edinbur h .3 RIVER SIGHTSEE'N (provisional - cheek venue) G'asgow g : TRIPS 81 IBlues atHa marketR B; . I PaisleyMs Folk Paisley Arts CenHK Havmarket. L3pm. Rootiiiessfluolin famous I DLEUT DI N N ERS Thu rsday New Street.8871010.8pm. wr'ncr pub ' from BROOMIELAW LANDING S G I Folk At L'Attache L'Attache. basement of 3' Comrolama'ca, sue“ and North Cd db .c' h m” Rutland Hotel. West End of Princes Railway Bridge II r Merlin. 168 Morningside Street. 9pm. Free. Folkie entertainment Times & Fares from Ticket Kiosk ' . 4 Road.4.47 4329. 8pm. Ticketson the door. from North Sea Gas. 31 BroomieIaw AdmISSlOH Free Acoustic music venue has weekly concert I Green Tree Cowgate. 9pm— 12.30am. 041 221 8702 With support performers. This week the Free. Instrumental folk session

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