Open List is designed to cover public events not covered elsewhere in the magazine. We welcome submissions. which will be included subject to space. to reachour Edinburgh ottice not laterthan seven days betore publication.

GAY/BlSEXUA-L Sunday15

I lcebreakers 11 The Centre. The Scottish Foundation. 25 Elmbank Street. Glasgow. Info: 221 8372. 7—10pm. Free. A regular meeting for gay and bisexual men and women on the third Sunday ofeach month. The sessions will feature speakers. discussion groups. a bookstall and workshops; and will encourage social interaction.

[031311— Sunday15

I Greenpeace Walk for the Whales Pollok Park. (ilasgow. Info: 552 4400ext

3748 334 6759. 10am. ()ne ofa hundred walks taking place all over Britain this weekend to raise funds and awareness. Sec panel.

I Greenpeace Walk For The Whales Crarnond Foreshore. Edinburgh. Info: (iinny I lay 444 0464 ext 4142346 1993. 10am. Radio Forth's Jay Crawford opens one of a hundred walks taking place all over Britain this weekend to raise funds and awareness. See panel.

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Long a predominant symbol of the environmental movement, whales are now threatened almost as much as ever, despite the worldwide ban on commercial whaling imposed in 1986. Four Antarctic species have been depleted by around 99 per cent; yet the whaling continues. Although the Icelandic, Soviet and Norwegian lleets have intrlnged the international whaling ban overthe past tour years, much the worst ottenders are the Japanese, who have killed well over three hundred minke whales this year alone. The meat at whales killed in the name or science is now fetching up to £70 per pound in upmarket Tokyo stores.

It’s theretore appropriate that this year’s Greenpeace Walk For The Whales has a Japanese theme. With its usual flair for eyecatching design and trendy merchandise, Greenpeace has

packaged its publicity tor the event with a drawing carrying the caption (in Japanese): ‘Japan— please let the whales have a tuture tool'. Matching T-shirts and campaign postcards are now available ‘to walkers and non-walkers alike’, each carrying variations on the same artwork.

Established a decade ago, the walk— which takes place over 101 routes around Britain on Sunday 15— is Greenpeace’s biggest annual tundraising event, and probably the biggest annual sponsored walk in Britain. Funds gathered by walkers and collection boxes along the routes are channeled into all Greenpeace’s work on behalf of the natural environment, though or course the anti-whaling campaign receives a substantial share. ‘The walk has always been intended as an awareness-raising event,’ says

Greepeace’s Kirsten Oenker. ‘By raising awareness of the whales, you are naturally raising awareness of other environmental issues. By supporting this event, you would be supporting Greenpeace generally.’

‘lt’s an opportunity tor everyone to participate in a Greenpeace activity,’ adds Edinburgh’s local organiser Ginny Hay. ‘lt’s something that everyone can do.’

Everyone, that is, who can walk around ten miles. The 1989 Whale Walk raised £373,000. in the pastyear, Greenpeace membership has grown, along with general awareness of the environmental crisis, so the callers at Greenpeace are confidently expecting more than a mouthful ot plankton. (Andrew Burnet)

I Greenpeace Walk For The Whales(}oosc (ireen. Ciullane. [East Lothian. Info: Tanya Morrison 031 332 2310036 85 371. 11am. ()ne ofa hundred walkstaking place all over Britain this weekend to raise funds and awareness. See panel.


I Culzean Country Fair Culzean Countrv Park. near Ayr. Info: 06556274. ' 10am—6pm. £6 per car; £30 per coach ; £10 per minibus1£2 per motorcycle: National Trust members free. An annual event at the world's most-visited National Trust property. featuring country sports and pursuits. including falconry. sheepdog trials. terrier racing. fly-casting. clav pigeon shooting and a ‘have-a-gostall'. There are plenty ofopportunitics for the public to participate in activities.

Saturdays 21 and 28

I Stockbridge Market St Stephen Place (between St Stephen Street and Hamilton

Place). Edinburgh. 10am—5.30pm. Two pilots to launch a regular market in a space which was once just that. The market is being established by local residents. w ho hope to raise funds for new streetlighting in the area. On sale will be arts andcrafts. second-hand clothes and bric-a-brac. There will also be face-painting and buskers.

Sgturday 21 and Sunday

I Craft Fair Culzean Country Park. near Ayr. Info: 06556 274. 10am-6pm. £4per car: £20 per coach: £6 per caravan or minibus. A demonstration of around 50 crafts by the Northern (’rafts Association.


I Guided Walk: What‘s In The Woods Hermitage ()f Braid Information ( 'entre. Braid Road. Edinburgh. 447 7145. 2pm. A walk through the woods of l lermitage of Braid. with a closer look at some ofthe flora and fauna.


I The Unseen Worlds The Meeting House. 7 Victoria Terrace. Edinburgh. 7.30pm. £2. A talk given by Emin Scotland.

I An Evening With The Rangers Visitor Centre. (‘ulzean Cottntry Park. near Ayr. Info: 06556 274. 7.30pm. 50p (Child 5—12 20p). Five short. illustrated talks by the Country Park range rs (as opposed to one halfof the Old Firm).

I Mud Matters Visitor Centre. Culzean Country Park. near Ayr. Info: 06556274. 7.30pm. 50p (Child 5—12 20p). A film show with a country theme.

[11011113— Wednesdays from 18

I Women’s Selt-Delence Classes Ainslie Park Leisure Centre. Pilton Drive. Edinburgh. 551 2400. l0am—noon. £1. Weekly classes designed specifically for

OPEN EXTRA Until Tuesday 31

I Whaur Extremes Meet A collaboration between artist Wendy Gunn and architect (iavin Renwick; which involved buildinga structure. and transporting it from Istanbul to (ilasgow. via several cities throughout Europe. The structure isopen to the public daily. 1(1am—8pm. and is designed to house discussions and workshops. Any group or individual wishing to perform or hold workshops should contact Honor Mulholland on 0698 64077.

I Community Workshop lslamic Centre. 1 Mosque Avenue. (ilasgow. Info: 0698 64077. 11am- 1pm. Free. Third offour community workshops led by the Whaur lz't'lremes .llt't’! team.

Wednesday 18

I Children‘s Workshop ll‘ltuur [it'lrenzes‘

.lleerStructure. by Nelson'sColumn. 3 (ilasgow (ireen. lnt'o1069864077.

l lam 1pm. Free. Third of four children's workshops.


I Second Main Discussion Whaur littrenm .lit'e! Structure. by Nelson's ('olumn. (ilasgow (ireen. Info: 0698 640"". 2 4pm. Free. The structure's main function is to act as a forum for discussion of eollalmrative techniques between artists and architects. This is the second of two formal disettsstons to which specialists hav e been invited.

Tuesday 24

I Community Workshop H'ltuur [th'trentes Meet Structure. by Nelson'sColumn. (ilasgow ( ircen. Info: 0698 64077. 11am-—1pm. Free. Finalcommunity workshop in the structure.

I Children’s Workshop Whaur [zit'ln'nies Meet Structure. by Nelson'sColumn. (ilasgow ( ireen. lnl’o: 069864077.

1 lam ~1pm. Free. Final children's workshop in the structure.