Heatwave Dance Festival plus the Stetson Club.


Here comes the summer

movements of rock and the rave. Asa festival it set the scene for the summer; the Stone Roses combined with DJs Paul Okenfold and Dave , Haslam to exemplify the latest energy and optimism ofyouth culture.

Scotland, however, would seem to be a long 7 way away from Spike Island and the new daisv E age. Liberal licensing laws and an imbued ' I insularity meant that the open air parties of last - year never made it past the border. But now this I country is to play host to a festival ofdance music

First there was Spike Island; now Scotland is playing host to a festival ofdance music. Avril Mair enters the daisy age with M8‘s Dave » Calikes. 5

The first time it happened was in the 60s. Then once more in the 80s. Now it is all taking place again we are entering. in the 90s. the third summer of love.

It started two months ago at Spike Island. As an artistic achievement it was spectacular; a celebration of the unification ofthe twin

unsurpassed even in the south. This summer it‘s all happening here.

The name is Heatwave. Organised by Dave Calikes. ofstyle magazine .148. it aims to bring

together an array of young talent for eleven days ofpartying in Ayr, the west coast riviera. Featuring artists as diverse as Beats International and Boy George, Heatwave looks set to attract several thousand clubbers and become the most significant event ofthe season anywhere.

‘England is finished now completely taken over by unsavoury characters. The general feeling is that there is no point in doing anything there anymore,’ former Choice DJ Dave elucidates. ‘It is a widely accepted fact that the only places worth organising events in and especially anything approaching this kind ofscalc are Scotland and the very north of England.‘

‘But this was a fucking impossible event to organise. It has taken forever, absolutely forever. to get together. These artists are the most temperamental people in the whole fucking world. believe me. One minute it is a wonderful idea and they are going to be coming up virtually on the next plane. the next minute they just can't be bothered. But everything is sorted out now all of the acts featured in our publicity have been confirmed. The only ones to drop out have been the 49ers and they are basically crap anyway. So I don’t care‘.

Despite such minor complications. Heatwave seems to have succeeded in attaining the attitude upon which English festivals are orientated. Yet the organisers are adamant that it is not merely a continuation ofwhat is taking place in the south. but rather an innovatory concept growing out of the mainstream consciousness.

‘The important thing to remember about Heatwave is that it is not a rave. It is. instead. a festival ofdance music. There is an important difference between the two. The only rave act appearing are probably Orbital the other artists are all dance-orientated, like Sugar Bullet for example. This was a conscious decision; we did not want the club full oflittle neds in hooded tops and flapping flares.

‘For the same reason we avoided inviting Manchester DJ’s to attend - instead we have the very best from London, along with the pick of the Scottish lot. But we don‘t have the older Glasgow DJs ’cos most of them have their heads up their arses anyway, to be brutally honest‘.

This confidence and willingness to assert individuality is what distinguishes I leatwave from its southern contemporaries. out to cater for the masses in order to make a fast buck. But Dave is certain that he will not be submerged by the tide of mediocrity for the sake of profit.

‘Nothing like this has ever been done this many live acts and appearances. spread out over this period of time. No one has had a line up to equal ours. nowhere. ever. That is why we are going to be the best'.

Heatwave. Scotland '5 _/ir.s1jk'stiviil ofdance music. at Club De Mar. xlyr. 12—22 July. l)u_v Passes £7; Eleven-clay Passes £50. l‘tH'fIlI’l/lt’l’ iii/Urination f telephone ()4! 204 3300. See listings for day by day j

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