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“The List l3—26July I991)


I I Film on Four International: Chronicle oia Death Foretold Sat 14 July (Channel 4) l()pm—12.()5am. A powerful tragedy that unfolds with hypnotic splendour in rural Colombia. On the night ofhis weddingto local girl Ornella Muti. the handsome northerner Rupert Everett discovers that she is not a virgin. Her family will not let the matter rest and beat out of herthe name of a lover. who her twin brothers set out to despatch, in the name of the famin honour. A beautiful. absorbing and faithful adaptation of Gabriel Garcia Marquez's powerful novel of Latin machismo and revenge.

I Heaven Can Wait Sun 15 (BBCI) 8.35—10. 15pm. Due to an administrative error in Heaven. American footballer Joe Pendleton (Warren Beatty) is called before his time. However. archangel Mr Jordan (James Mason) takes pity on him and they return him to earth. albeit in a brand new body. A lightly amusing romantic comedy. though it hardlylives up to it‘s 1941 precursor Here Comes Mr Jordan.

I The Desperate Hours Sun 15 July (Channel4) 10. 10pm—12. 15am. Under William Wyler’s expert direction. the suspense is unremitting as Bogey and his two cronies Dewey Martin and Robert Middleton hold a family hostage in their suburban home. It was to be Bogey‘s penultimate movie. He reverts to the role of a snarling killer that first brought him to stardom in The Petrified Forest in 1936. This time he plays it without an ounce of charm and consequently gives what some considered to be his finest performance. Fredric March as the captive father is also outstanding.

I Cinema From Three Continents: Touiti-Boulti Sun 15 (Channel 4)

'12. 15-1.5()am. Perhaps not the easiest of

narratives to follow. as director Djibril Diop-Mambety attempts to take us through the story of a dream in a movie that is constructed as a surrealist poem. A young shepherd and a girl in Senegal both dream ofescaping from their impoverished existence to what they see as a golden city. Paris. This partly autobiographical work is. explained the director. 'About Africans sick with the idea of Europe and the idea that it's necessary to have been there in order to be able to come back and be highly thought of'.

IThe Clairvoyant Mon leuly (Channel-i) 2.3(i-4pm. (’laude Rains stars as asham mind-reader w ho suddenly realises he has got the gift of second sight after all (oh aye. likely). However. he gets into dangerous waters when he triesto convince the authorities that a major mining disaster isimminent. Strangely. they seem unconvinced by his powers. A stylish melodrama. carried by Rains‘ strong central performance.

IThe (So-Between Tue 17(Bl3(‘l)

2.2(1‘4. liipm. Twelve year-old l.eo

Colston. on holiday at a friend‘s country estate. becomes a messenger in the romance between his friends older sister and a local farmer. However. the affair is to have tragic consequences which young Leo will never forget. LP. Ilartley‘s(no. not the one off the Yellow Pages‘ ad) tale of adolescence and the loss ofinnoccnce. adapted by Harold Pinter. starsJulie Christie and Alan Bates. DirectorJoseph I oseycreatesanatmospheric depiction of the destructive nature ofthe British class system: Michael legrand providesthe haunting sCore.

I Knickerbocker Holiday Thurle (Channel 4) 2.30—4.05pm. 1647. and radical printer Nelson Eddy is conducting a leafleting campaign against the local council. However. he is duped into believing that the new governor. Peter Stuyvesant (later to make his name as a cigarette). is a decent sort. In fact he isa lecherous old bugger and up to no good. Not a bad wee musical. if you can stand such things.

I Born on Fire Thurs 19 July (Channel 4) 9—10.35pm. Peter Firth and Suzan Crowley star in this strange tale of supernatural powers exerting an influence over a young flautist and a London astronomer. Eventually the musician is drawn back to Turkey to discover the secrets ofhis father's past. An absorbing and highly original feature directed by Jamil Dehlavi.

I Passion Thurs 19 July (Channel4) 1-2.40am. Jean-Luc Godard's radical approach to filmmaking led a succession oftop cameramen to walk offthe set. claiming his ideas were over-ambitious. However, most of them are realised on screen in a succession ofbcautiful images. One ofhis more accessible films. it contrasts the work of a Polish film director on location with the drudgery of a young factory employee.

I Shoot the Moon Fri 20(BBC1) midnight—23m. Albert Finney isa successful writer with a wife (Diane Keaton) and four daughters. living fairly contentedly in a large house in the country. All of which he gives up in order to be with young mistress, Karen Allen. Alan Parker‘s tale of domestic strife is infused with his usual sense of pace though the awkward narrative doesn't seem to know where it's leading.

I Welcome to Germany/Der Pessgier Sat 21 (Channel4) 10—11.55pm. Tony Curtis arrives in Germany to make a movie based on the horrific experiences of a young Jewish boy in a Nazi concentration camp. What the director doesn't tell the cast or crew is that he was that young Jewish boy. I Kiss Me Deadly Sun 22 (Channel 4)

10. 15pm-12. 10am.

A savage critique ofCold War paranoia that became one of the key films of50s’ consciousness. Although director Robert Aldrich has little truck withthe unprincipled brutality of Mike Hammer (Mickey Spillane‘s hero). Ralph Meeker gives his roughness a kind of honesty as he doggedly persists without regard to the Consequences. Brilliantly characterised. and directed with baroque ferocity. it remains a superb example ofAmerican noir.

I Film on Four Take Two: Nenou Thurs 26 (Channel 4) 9hlli55pm. Amidst the grey countryside of northern France. English rose Nanou (Imogen Stubbs) falls for porcine political activist (Jean-Philippe Ecoffey). L'nder histutelage she indulges in acts of terrorism while ex-lover Daniel Day-Lewis sulks in the background. Though quite why she fell forthe Frenchman who treats her worse than bad is never made clear. A naive and

disappointing effort.