I Timestalkers(BBC1)7.30—9pm. Sce Films on TV.

I Airport 90 (Scottish) 8—9pm. As if hanging around Gatwiek were not bad enough. someone came up with the bright idea of sending Nick Owen out to meet the frustrated punters and report back. Live. ‘Your flight has just been cancelled. how do you feel?‘ Smack him someone. make us all feel better.

I Homelands: Nigeria (BB(‘2) 9.30—10.20pm. The fascinating series on artists and the bearing they have had on the development of their countries continues. Tonight the subject is (‘hinua Achebe, a giant ofAfrican literature.

I Littln' the Blues (Channel 4) 9—10pm. A celebration of the world ofcompetitive gliding. open all your windows. put a flowerpot on your head and you could be there - up in the sky with the best ofthem. I Twilight Zone: Perchance to Dream (Channel4) 12.30—lam. Edward Hall (Richard Conte) stumbles into a psychiatrist‘s office claiming he hasn‘t slept for four days. What‘s more he daren‘t nod off in case the girl he last dreamed about kills him. Oh well. that‘s what you get for living in another dimension. well. that and a large phone bill.


I Calllomia Offbeat: Up Up and Away (Channel4) 12.30—lpm. Meanwhile. back in the bizarre state of California. Wayne Freedman meets some plane collectors and attends the annual birdcalling contest at a Californian High School. Will it be anything like the annual birdcalling contest at my school? ‘Hey Nora. c‘mere!‘: 7 points.

I It's Beadle (Scottish) 7—7.30pm. Undeterred by the hordes gathering outside the studio demanding his death. lTV continue to describe this as ‘Thrills. spills and laughter.‘ Grrr.

I Miss Marple: A Pocketful oi Hye ( BBCI) 8—9.40pm. Rex Fortescue kicks the bucket in his London office and foul play is suspected. The Commissioner is baffled: ‘Holy plots. but I‘m baffled by this one .‘ Only one person can save them now; Joan Hickson. As the Marple-phone flashes. Miss Hickson prepares to tackle the crime in another BBC tribute to Agatha Christie.

I Kingdom of the Deep: Search iorthe Shlnohara (Channel 4) 8—9pm. The sub that sank under the weight of its own name was subsequently lost for 30 years until Al Giddings and his team of divers located her. Once they had done. the Japanese government took over the salvage job. though Giddings and Co hung around to film the removal of the bodies. There‘s an eerie feeling that with so many deid boadies around. one of the divers will lift his mask to reveal the face ofdetective Taggart.

I Theatre Night: Pentecost ( BBCZ) 9.15-10.40pm. Described by its author. the late Stewart Parker. as ‘A comedy of terrors‘. this is a dark but witty saga offour people thrown together in a haunted Belfast semi during the Ulster Worker‘s Council strike of 1974.

I Film on Four Intematlonal: Chronicle oia Death Foretold (Channel 4) 10pm—12.05am. See Films on TV. IAirportBO (Scottish) 10.10—10.40pm. A further report on the plight ofstranded passengers who are. by now. whiling away the hours sticking pins into models of Nick Owen.

I Cricket: The Benson and Hedges Cup Final (BBCZ) 10.40—11.30pm. Thank you Tony and it‘s Lancashire against Worcestershire in this thrilling Lords‘ final. With the voices of Richie Benaud and Jack Bannister.

IVertllct(Channel 4) 12.05-1 .20am. Crown Court for adults. as sensitive moral issues are given a trial by jury. The catchis that the twelve good men and women will be debating a real case and will attempt to reach some form of decision on it by the end of the programme. adding a touch more weight to the proceedings than the old Fulchester Crown Court.


I Motocross (Scottish) 3.3(l—4pm. The Scottish Six-Days Trial is one ofthe toughest tests in the world ofMotocross. An international field of over 300 riders will be battling against each other. not to mention the terrain around Fort William. I Rebellion ol the Pious (Channel 4) 3.55--4.55pm. The Church of Scotland. under a little known act ofParliament (1921). was removed from the jurisdiction of Westminster. Sir David Steel traces the history ofthe Kirk from the ‘Great Disruption‘ of 1843 when they had a right old barney. up to the present.

I Festival: Glastonbury Festival (BBCl) 6.40—7. 15pm. Bill Oddie visits the ‘Ascot of the alternative world‘.

I The Energy Alternative: The Way the World Works (Channel 4) 7—8pm. Based largely on the five year scientific study: Energy for a Sustainable World. the series examines the ever more pressing need to change our patterns ofenergy consumption. The series has been jointly produced by Grampian TV and lNCA.

.9372? '-

I Beyond the Groove (Channel 4) 8—8.30pm. David Rappaport continues his musical journey around America. Tonight he cruises along Venice Beach in Los Angeles and meets Barry White. The Del Rubio Triplets. Walter ‘Wolfman‘ Washington and Kisses From the Kremlin. all in the space of halfan hour. I Film 4 Today (Channel 4)8.30—10. 10pm. Another classic. ie old. drama from the BBC is resurrected on Channel 4. This former Play for Today was filmed on location by Mike Leigh and follows the traumas of a young health conscious couple on a camping holiday in Dorset. Worth catching for the humour. greatly heightened by the 70s outfits.

I Heaven Can Wait (BBCl ) 8.35—10. 15pm. See Films on TV.

I Yesterday’s Dreams (Scottish)

9.05—1 1.05pm. Martin and Diane Daniels renew their relationship. a mere seven years after ending it in a divorce. Dotheir futures lie together or separately? Ahh. you can never go back. pass me the bottle. I The Desperate Hours (Channel 4)

10. lllpm-IZ. 15am. See Films onTV.

I The Days and Nights of Molly Dodd (BBCl) 11.05—11.30pm. In what sounds rather like a divorced version ofChannel 4‘s Roseanne. Florence (Allyn McLerie) leads us through the trials and tribulations of her life. with a barb for most occasions. I lied Empire (Scottish) ll.()5pm—12.05am. A brand new series tracing the history of Soviet Russia from 1917 to the present day. Hopefully they will have left some leeway to adjust the final episodes.

I Cinema From Three Continents: Toukl-Bouki (Channel 4) 12.15—1.50am. See Films on TV.


I The Clairvoyant 2.30—4pm. A gripping little black and white number. ifyou‘re stuck at home or taking a sickle. See Films

on TV.

I Intematlonal Athletics: Pearl Assurance Games (Channel 4) 8.30—9.30pm. Some of Britain‘s best athletes have been recently threatening world records. Tonight they get their chance to inflict some damage on them. Linford Christie will compete in the 100m. Peter Elliot forms part of a classy middle distance field and Colin Jackson will be attacking the high hurdles.

I Byline: My Friend Little Ben (BBCl) 930-10. 10pm. Now that so many western journos are over in Russia. the beeb have given a Russian over here 40 minutesto report on his impressions of life in Britain. Little Ben. the wee brother of the clock that appears on News at Ten is. for him. symbolic of the ‘toytown country‘ he found here.

I ATOWO Like Alice (Channel 4) 10— l 1 pm. A worthy repeat showing of the 1981 Emmy Award winning series based on Nevil Shute‘s famous novel. A group of female prisoners of war are shunted around the Malayan peninsula as none of the Japanese commanders can bear the indignity of guarding them.

I Sick as a Dog (Channel 4) 12.25—12.55am. A spoofinstructional video on how to get the most out ofyour local dog-track. The question is does the self-styled philosopher of the dog track have a clue what he's on about or is he barking mad? My money‘s on the latter. I The Irish Game: Hurling, The Munster Final (Scottish) 2.55—4am. Well, I always wondered what happened to The Ministers.


I Oprah Winfrey (Channel 4) 3.40—4.30pm. In an unusuallyintriguing show Oprah talks to the women who inspired hit songs. Meet the original Runaround (now Hobblearound) Sue. Angie Bowie and the girl whoinspired

Buddy Holly to pen Peggy Sue. Decide for

yourselfwhether the hours spent writing and rewriting by the light of a guttering candle have done them justice.

I Nature Watch (Scottish) 7.3(l-8pm. Erik

Zimen. a Swedish scientist. is worried that

the common mutt is losing its tenuous inherited links with its distant ancestor; the wolf. Nature Watch scents a story.

I Hear Say (BBCZ) 8—8.30pm. Comedians

both old and new are invited to give their views on humour and illustrate them with examples.

I When the Money Men Do Mad (Channel 4) 9—](lpm. Christopher llird looks into the shaky finances ofthree companies who merrily embarked on major projects.

including the digging of the Chunnel. Why. he asks. were they not more carefully scrutinised before large numbers of investors poured money into them? The answer; greed. Why else do money men lose control of their senses?


I Jazz on a Summer's Night (Channel 4) 1().5()~—l 1.45pm. Tonight‘s programme is a tribute to vocalist Maxine Sullivan whose career spans the period from her first appearance in a Pittsburgh speakeasy in 1929 to the recording of the album [.()i'r’IU be in Love. with Mel Lewis. Dick Hyman. Seldon Powell and Major l lolleyy.

I Place at Salety (Scottish) ll.35pm--l2.35am. A harrowing account of life inside a children‘s home where runaway girls are locked up ‘for their own protection‘. The programme examines the feelings of both the girls and the staff involved.

I UB4O Plays the Blues ((‘hanncl 4) 12.45—2.45am. The title actually refers to The Blues ie Birmingham City. whose football ground is used for the concert. U840 are at least well rehearsed for the event having just done a 260 date world tour. The concert was first broadcast live last year.


I Flight Over Spain (Channel 4) 5.3(l—6pm. Get a few tinnies in. put Agadoo on the tape recorder and settle back to recreate the flight of a lifetime as your charter flight begins its descent over the Iberian peninsula. Actually the film. taken from a helicopter. gives an unusual perspective on the beautiful Spanish countryside. narrated by Allan Hargreaves.

I The Wh?s Man: In Pursuit of the Question Mark 9— 10pm. the work of sculptor and humorist George Wyllie is the central focus ofthis collaboration between the artist and Barbara and Murray Grigor. See Main Preview.

I Antonia and Jane (BBCZ) 9.25—1l).30pm.lmeldaStaunton and Saskia Reeves are the two women who meet up for dinner once a year. However, their congenial chinwags hide a deeper distrust; Antonia has never forgiven Jane for marrying her boyfriend. Beeban ‘Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit‘ Kidran directs.

I Frontiers: Long Division ( BBC. 1) 9.35—10.25pm. Theatre director Ronald Eyre takes a turn along the border between Ulster and the Republic and reflects on their inability to live with each other.

I The Gravy Train llL-l 1.05pm. 'l'hellllal part of Malcolm Bradburys excellent comedy drama of bureaucratic bungling

and politics in Brussels.

The List 13— 2(iJuly 199067