rI Reid About Scotland (Scottish) li.4(me— 13.05am. Jimmy seeks out the remains of Scotland's first oil boom and finds ghost towns in [.othian and Lanarkshire that staiid testament to the good tit/ed days.

I The Confessions of Felix Krull: Confidence Man ((‘hannel 4) 1.25—2.2(Jam. The dramatisation of Thomas Mann's magnum opus. which took 44 years to finish. continues as l-‘elix moves to the big city and falls tor Rosza. When it was eventually published in 1955 one reviewer hailed it as ‘that supposedly impossible thing. a good (ierman comic novel'Judge for yourself.


58'l‘hel ist 13 26 July l‘)‘)()

I Things to Come ((‘hannel 4 ) o-oJiipm. \Vhat ilys c all liy ed to be 121)? \Vhat it lfl"()s really existed'.’ What ifthey'stop churningoui bilge likethis'.’

I City Lights 1 BB( ‘2 i S H.311pm. The last episode iii the current series. has Brian and Mr .\1c1 ellaiid spending aweekand away front it all in the wilds whilst Willyis tip against it at home.

I Film on FourTake 2: Born on Fire ((‘liannel4iii- lll..‘\5pm. A brilliatit flautist and a female astroiiomerarc brought together one itight by a seriesof strange eve nts which are to lead the young musician back to Turkey toconfront his father‘s past. See Films on TV.

I Film 90 Special (1313(‘1 ) iii-1(i4iipm. And why not'.’ Warren very rarely talksto the press. and that. it) a sense is why l'm here. to talk to Mr Beatty' about hislatest film. Dick '1 f(1('\'.

I Faces oi War: The Lite and Times olnosie the Riveter((‘h;mnel 4) 111.35% 1.50pm. (‘onnie field's documentary recalls the rise and fall ot women iii the American workplace during and after World War 11. It includes the testimony of the unloittiiiately named ( iladys Belch. \s'ho doubtless repeats liciselt. frequently.

I Hero Hungrylfhannel 4)

llfillpiii 1.“ 35am. .-\ black comedy made at the National i‘lilii School about the exploitatiy e tendencies of the media. iixploitation. 11s .’ gerraway Though there could be a good story 111 it. Young Filmmaker iii Sexploitatioii Shocker.


I This is Life ((‘haniiel 4 ) o (1.30an Drugs and alcohol addiction iii the North Last of inngland. singer songw riter Antony i larwood talks tosevcral prototypes of i] [11’ Brown [full/v.

I Homelands: Vietnam Tonight the featured subjects are Trinh (‘on Sonand Van ( ‘ao w ho are both best known as composers. though they have dabbled in poetry and painting as well. Neitherare well known outside their native country. although Van ('ao composed the tune that later became the national anthem: The .-\dvanc1ng.-\rttiy Song. Yes. the clue was in the title.

I Omnibus Special: Van Gogh 1 1313(‘1 ) 111.21) midnight l.iiitis Roache stars asthe disattectcd artist iii l’attick Barlow ‘s innoy atiy e dtaiiiatisatioii ol the life of Van (itigii.

I Roseanne: l‘m hungry l ( 'hannel 4)

111.31) 11pm Tonight. 111 this slightly later

slot Roseanne cajoles her husband into

I Calilornia Ottbeat: Things in the Past

joining her in a weight-loss programme. Perhaps they have been watching repeats of the earlier series and decided to cut down.

I Terror oi Mechagodzilla (Channel 4) llpm—12.35am. Lunaticinspired monster-antics choreographed by lnoshiro Honda and. not a lot ofpeople know this. based on a real life experience: Roseanne and her husband exercising to lose weight. see above.

I Twilight Zone (Channel 4)

1235—1 .(lSam. Tonight. in the dimension of fear. the dimension of sound etc. etc. a man in a freighter crossing the Atlantic during World War 11 has a premonition that it will be sunk by a U-boat. but noone believes him. Though Christ knows why not! They‘re in a British freighter halfway across the Atlantic halfway through the war and he suggests they may be in danger from a sub. l'd believe him.


; (Channel-1)12.3li—lpm.The

award-winning series continues to delve itito the strange lives ofCalifornians. » Today. old hippies are quizzed as to what tltey can recall. 1969‘? ‘No way. man.‘

I Kingdom olthe Deep: Penguin Island (Channel 4) 8—9pm. An uninhabited island in the South Atlantic was the lonely venue for (‘indy Buxton and Annie Price's ('hristmas. Lonely. that is. apart from around five million penguins. a bevy of albatrosses and many other species who go there to breed. Cindy and Annie were there to make a programme for Channel 4. I The Saint (Scottish) 8.05—9.55pm. In tonight's episode. Wrong Number. the Saint gets involved in a murder hunt on both sides of the Berlin Wall. Wrong number‘.’ Wrong decade as well.

I Theatre Night: lphigena atAulls (BBCZ) BSD-10.30pm. Another winner from that precocious young playwright Euripedes. It's the eve of the Trojan war andthe (ireeks are on their way to win back the kidnapped 1 lelen. or they would be if there was arty wind. The gods. who don‘t give these thittgs away lightly. have decreed a human sacrifice. Before they set the winds blowing. Right. who's first? Roy .‘vlarsden. Tim Woodward. Fiona Shaw and Imogen Boorman star.

I Bockclitle’s Babies (BBCI)

9.4(1- 10.30pm. Someone is frighteningthe

nurses at a local hospital so the kids go under cover to catch them. Sounds like a : poor excuse to dress up in a nurse's ; uniform to me.

I Pick of the Pile ( Scottish) 111.15 111.45pm. Denis .\'ordern takes us

through his personal selection of the 8001)

or sit pilot shows that were once ntade for American TV. but never made it to a ftill series. Will thisone'.’

I Film on Four International: Welcometo Germany/Der Passgier (Channel 4)

111—1 1.55pm. Thomas Brasch's powerful exploration of holocaust guilt. See Films on T\'.

I Open GolHBBCZ) 11130—1121me. Highlights of Saturday‘s play in the ()pen

(‘hampionships from the ()1d Course. St


I Verdict (Channel 4) 1 l.55pm—1.25am. Tonight's dilemma for the jury: a successful middle-aged career woman's

mother is getting on a bit. should she stop

working to care for her or should she have

her put itito a home'.’ They've got one and

a half hours to decide. I Best Years oi Our LilleS(Scottish) 12. iii—3.10am. This beautifully crafted

epic film made in 1946. tracesthe various experiences of three fighting men recently ; returned totheirsmalltown homein

middle America.



i I Speaking Volumes ( BBC!)

1 .li5—~ 1 .4tlpm. PD. James. authoress and BBC governor. chairs this new book

review programme. Joining her today are Carlo Garbla and Michael Wood. I The Cosby Show (Channel 4) 6.30—7pm. Bill and co are back for a new series 0f25 shows. I Beyond the Groove (Channel 4) 8—8.30pm. David Rappaport moves eastward towards Arizona and meets Harry Dean Stanton. Jimmy Cliffand George Clinton. I Penda’s Fen (Channel 4) 8.30—10. 15pm. Alan Clarke weaves his haunting drama around the music of Elgar and the landscape of Worcestershire. First shown as a BBC Play/0r Today. a young teenager is forced to face up to questions of morality and his own sexuality. I Kiss Me Deadly (Channel 4)

10. 15pm-12. 10am. Robert Aldrich‘s

intense cold war thriller. See Films on TV. I lied Empire (Scottish) 11.()5pm—12.()5am. Eye-witnesses recall the Civil War complete with archive film. some of which has never been seen outside the Soviet Union before.

I Moviedrome: American Werewolf in London (BBCZ) 10.30pm—12. 15am. Rik Mayall in a bit part. a thumping soundtrack and truly gory special effects combine in this well-crafted updated horrorfest.

I Music in the Midnight Sun (Channel 4) 12. 15—1 . 15am. The Toronto Symphony Orchestra‘s historic visit to the Canadian Artie where they jammed with native musicians and got cold.


I The Wonderful World at Dogs (Channel 4) 9—11)pm.An Australian film by Mark Lewis who won an award for his Toads. an Unnatural History. This one is a collection of vignettes about dogs and their besotted owners. including the woman whose pet chihuahuas were eaten by a passing pelican.

I Byline (BBCI ) 9.3ti-1().2()pm. Madhur Jaffrey takes charge of the documentary crew and whisks them all off to the East to explore the relationship between East and West by visiting the Spice lslandsof Indonesia.

I A Town Like Alice (Channel 4) 10—1 1pm. The second part of the award-winning dramatisation of Nevil Shute‘s novel.

I Dazzling Image: New Romantics (Channel 4) “pm—12.05am. Tilda Swinton presents a trio of films influenced by the New Romantic movement that once swept Steve Strange to fame.

I A Touch oi Love (Scottish)

12.25—225am. A pregnant girl in swinging London thinks about having an abortion and then changes her mind. Made in 1969 it stars Sandy Dennis.


I Peacable Kingdom (BBCI) 11.05am—midday. Lindsay ‘Bionic Woman‘ Wagner stars as Rebecca Cafferty. head of Los Angeles Wild Animal reserve. who combines her 24-hour a day job with the care of her kids.

All Without any form of artifical limb shenanigans.

I Wildlife Showcase (BBCZ) 8.30-9pm. Wildlife films from home and abroad will be screened in this new series.

I Made in Heaven (Scottish) 9—10pm. New comedy-drama series featuring a successful wedding agency run by Helen and Steve Nicholson. who are living proof of its success; they're divorced.

I A Whale at a Mess (Channel 4)9— 10pm. Following the deregulation of the savings and loans industry in America under Reagan. many institutions went bust. leaving the tax-payer to pick up the tab. Dermot Murnaghan investigates what G.K. Galbraith called the ‘Greatest scandal in American history.‘

I I Know My First Name is Stephen ( BBCt) 9.30—11.()5pm. Extraordinary tale of? year-old Stephen Stayner. who was abducted in 1972 and then turned up again seven years later. This two part dramatisation tells of the pain ofthe missing years and then the rehabilitation ofthe kid. Continued on Wednesday.

I Viewpoint 90: Murder (Scottish) 10.35—11.35pm. Over 12 months. cameras tracked the progress of a murder inquiry into the death of a 50 year-old Derbyshire man. No stone is left unturned and the cameras keep rolling as five men are arrested. one of whom confesses.

I Bedrock: Steeleye Span (Scottish) 12.35—1.35am. A live concert. recorded last year shown to celebrate 21) years ofthe group.


I Eats torTreats (BBCI) 11.05-11.35am. Parents all over Britain despair as Jane Asher fires their children with enthusiasm for cooking exotic dishes.

I Cluedo (Scottish) 7-7.30pm. Celebrity guests team up with professional investigators to solve a murder. as in the board game. It was Beadle! It was Beadle! I Screenplay: Night Voice (BBC2) 9—10.2(ipm. Alexei Sayle stars in his first straight (ie non-comic) role as late-night DJ Clarence Flamer who takes an unusual call one night. with sinister repercussions. I An Evening With Max Wall (Channel 4) 9—1()pm. An hour long tribute to the late and brilliant comedian. It was recorded at the Garrick theatre in London in 1981.

I I Know My First Name is Stephen(BBCl) 9.30—1 1.05pm. The continuation ofthe strange tale of Stephen. or Steve as we can call him by now. Stayner.

I held About Scotland (Scottish) 11.35pm—12.()5am. What makes Edinburgh so important asks young Jimmy or is it just a city fortourists'.’

I Asian Concert Series: Ghulam Ali (Channel 4) 1 1.S()pm—12.55am. One of Pakistan‘s best known singers. mainly of classical Urdu songs. in concert. Future performers in the series include Aziz Mian. Abida Parveen. Rajkumari and Bavre Nain.


I The Horse in Sport (Channel 4) 5—6pm. Tonight's episode focuses on the relationship between horse and

handler rider. in particular Prince Philip and his ‘Four in Hand‘ team. who are horses rather than drinking chums.

I Changing Step(BBC1)9.30—11pm. See TV Preview.

I Film on FourTake Two: Nanou (Channel 4) 9—10.55pm. See Films on TV.

I NB (Scottish) 10.35—1 1.05pm. Brian Burnett is off on his tod to celebrate the 800th anniversary of the Glasgow Fair. He goes doon the water and visits Blackpool in this special programme.

I Listening Hean (Channel 4)

l 1pm—midnight. Brother David climbs a mountain and speaks about his meditation.

I Night Flyte (Scottish)

11.35pm— 12.05am. Willy Mcllvanney chairs the discussion on child abuse.