Crepe Versailles

Basic crepe recipe

125g Butter

75g Flour

375ml Chicken Stock

500ml Single Cream

125ml White Wine

Salt & Pepper

1kg Finely Diced Cooked Chicken . Chives, Parsley, Tarragon

Cream Sauce

Cook all but the cream sauce in a large saucepan until the stock thickens. Place on the light side oi the crepe, told over and pour the cream sauce over the

top. A". i} C * v; ‘. MW


I La Creperie Princes Square. 48 Buchanan Street. 226 3033. Mon-Sat 10am—7pm The one problem with Princes Square is that you never really feel asif you're going out to a meal. The whole ambience of the place is more bustling cafe than intimate table for two. This. though. is a good quality créperie and really comes into its own on a bright summer‘s evening after an exhaustive

shop in Katharine llamnett.

I CuI-De-Sac 44/46 Ashton Lane. 334 4749. Mon—Thurs 5pm—l 1.30pm; Fri—Sat noon—midnight; Sun noon-11pm. Summer‘s a time to explore student haunts that are normally hidden behind a mass of scarves and rucksacks and drowned in discussions on the relative merits of Lloyd Cole and Satre. Ashton Lane is one such place. and (‘ul-I)e-Sae. with its range of a dozen crepcs ( Cheese. ham and orange: Boursin. prawn and peppers. to name but two) is a must.

I The Baby Grand 37 Lilmbank (iardens. 248 4942. Noon—l lprn every day. An exclusive restaurant secreted off the high streets and ideal for a clandestine rendezvous (I guess: never get the chance myself). Usually. you pay through the nose for this placc‘s atmosphere. but the crépes are surprisingly faithful in price to the product's humble peasant origins. If gruyere only brings back embarrassing memories of past fondue parties. give it a miss for that evocative cheese features strongly.


I Le Sept 7 Old Fishmarket Close. 225 5428. Mon—Thurs noon—2. 15pm and 6—10.30pm; Fri noon—1 1.30pm; Sat noon—l 1pm; Sun 6.3(Lll).3()pm. ()ne ol the very few establishments in which you can attempt to have a crepe with ev cry course. This does. believe me. take some doing. in spite of the consistently excellent quality (especially of the main courses). The atmosphere is either light and airy or seductive and candle-lit depending on which section you sit in. Another huge advantage is the no-booking policy so you can usually turn up and sit down.

I I I l | I I I 42 WELLMEADOW ST. PAlSLEY 041 889 5i88

Good homecooked food

(including vegetarian meets) all day unti 10pm.

The Joke Box & Cobdret once a fortnight. Open till midnight &

l ldm on Fridays.

Scottish Nights at The Queen's Hall Three Course Dinner from a traditional Scottish menu Followed by dancing to our ceilidh band

Tickets [/6 50 Ceilidh only 9 ()0pm Booking '031668 2019 {5 00 on the day only

Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday in July at 7.30pm, Dancing until 1.00am.

I Henderson‘s ()4 l lanover Street. 225 2131. Mort-Sal 8am -l lpm. A favourite place to see and be seen and often frighteningly hectic because ofit. Henderson's is nevertheless worth note as one ol the few places where it‘sthe carnivores who are 1trade to feel ill at ease. (‘repes are sometimes on the menu and sometimes not ( reinforcing the restaurant's eclectic image). But. vv hen available. they are wholemeal and healthy packed with spinach and mushrooms rather than sugar.

I La Chaumiere 22A \icolstm Street. lidinburgh.(1670747. opm~ whenever the last customerleayes. Not only isthis restaurant obliging over itsopcning times. it also ranges off at tangents from the menu. The chef will cook you acrepe with any filling. so long as they have it in stock. for £5.45. Very stylish and very French.



I Mata Hari West Princes Street. 332 978‘). A unique restaurant ‘- the only Malaysian in (ilasgovv. New premises has led to a vy rde r menu (now including vegetarian i. a bigger andbrighter restaurant (and it is extremely bright).

Dr. '


C o ffe c He use open 10 ant-4pm Monday to Saturday I r . \ 9A CASTLE srnlrzrar EDINBURGH


separate smoking and non-smoking sectors and a very welcome drinks licence. Depending upon what you order. you can have a good meal here for less than the price of a Wimpy or more than a weekly wage. (‘hoose wisely.


l The Queen's Hall in ( ‘lerk Street. (has 3450) is gearing up for the influx of those snap—happy tourists during August with a series of Scottish Nights. 'I here will be a traditional Scottish menu (neeps and tattics aboundl and a ceilidh band to dance off the inches. put on by the haggis. The nights will be ev cry lhursday . i-‘riday and Saturday during July and vyilleost £16.5llpertickct.

I Yumi‘s Melville Place. 22o 357‘). 'l'liisis a new Japanese restaurant. and the only one in Edinburgh (unless. of course. you know different). Yumi‘sopenedone month ago and has a manager vy ho rsa stickler for the absolutely essential freshness demanded in Japanese cooking. The menu may at first sight appear daunting but. of all the Far ltastei'ri cuisines. Japanese is the freshest and one ofthe most exciting. A lull meal vvilleost between £10 and £2l) but don‘t go expecting a ( 'hiriese as this is quite a different kettle or (raw ) fish.

I Dr Jekyll's (‘astle Street. 235 (No3 .-\ new. bright and air; coll'ee shop yv ith a difference because the raisori d'etre is not profit but charity . as all proceeds vvrllgo to the (‘hes‘t. Heart and Stroke Association. l)chkyll‘s provides the usual coffee shop fare of homemade scones. soup and cakes. and has a gift shop next door which also gives all prolits to the ('1 {SA ()pening timcsaie

lllam 4pm each day.

11 a:


live bands.

_. _l

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