Once you’ve got a Fringe Club Card, you can do whatever you like with it.

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1.9 for one week. or {3.50 for daily memherxhip. (let your eurd soon. And have fun with it

You can dance with it. liut with it. Drink with it. And that\' not all. You ean also see eahurel lis‘lcn I0

bands. shoot pool. or even take a \‘hmx'er with Li l'iringe ( Iluh ( lard. No wonder over 19.000 petihlciiOinCd

lei-st year.) You can heeome a member in udmnee at the l‘t‘inge ()t‘liee. 180 High Street. lidinhurgh ()r w tom on the night at the club itself in 'l'ex'iot Rim; Bristo l’luee. It only eosts £16 for the Whole SC'déOW

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