As one of Glasgow 1990’s two official publications. The List provides comprehensive, up-to-date guides to what’s on throughout the year. In this month’s preview, we look ahead to events beginning on or before Friday 31 August. Events which begin on or before Thursday 9 August are described in greater detail in the appropriate listings sections of this issue.


I Chess The popular musical by Lloyd-Webber/‘Tim Rice and someone who used to be in ABBA hits Glasgow. .. but will Glasgow hit back? Starring Rcbecca Storme and the chart-topping tunes I Know Him So Well and One Night In Bangkok. Tues l4—Sat 25 Aug. King's Theatre.

I City Steps and Berlin Dance Group 25 young dancers from Strathclydc join 25 from East and West Berlin to perform Stray'insky‘s Rite Of Spring and Faure‘s Requiem. Thurs 23—Fri 24 Aug. RSAMD. New Athenaeum Theatre.

I Consuming Passions This multi-media performance explores the paradox of women‘s relationship to food—in the West. they feel guilty ifthey eat too much. inthc Third World. they can't get enough. Thurs 3()Aug—Sat 1 Sept. RSAMD.Chandler Studio Theatre.

I Coriolanus The National Youth Theatre presents Shakespeare‘s oedipal tragedy of the doomed Roman general. Mon le—Sat 25 Aug. Tramway.

I Danton's Death Classic play by Georg Buchner adapted by Communicado‘s Gerry Mulgrew about the fall of Robespierre's rival who was guillotined by the revolution he tried to save from the Terror. Tues 28 Aug—Sun 2 Sept. Tron Theatre.

I Diary Of A Madman Robert Richmond rolls his eyes in Gogol’s tragi-comic monologue on loneliness. Wed lS—Saf 18 Aug. Arches Theatre.

I Marltisinnan de Sade The Royal Dramatic Theatre of Sweden in Ingmar Bergman‘s production of Yukio Mishima’s period drama about one man and his whip. Mon 13—ch 15 Aug. RSAMD. New Athenaeum Theatre.

I Mrs Warren's Profession The Citizens‘ Company present the play by George Bernard Shaw. Fri 31 Aug—Sat 29 Sept. Citizens Theatre.

I Platform Annexe Theatre Company revive three plays by Annexe Writers‘ Group: Dolarosa. by Peter Murray. For llis Name Sake. by Alan llayton and C‘mon Get Aff. by Doreen McArdle. Tues 21—Sun 26 Aug. Arches Theatre.

I Videoscope New play by the well-known Glasgow writer Ann Marie di Mambro. in which a yuppie is brought down to earth by the YTS trainee she tries to exploit. Part of the Made In Cumbemauld series ofnew writing. Thurs 3t) Aug—Sat 8 Sept. Cumbernauld Theatre.

I Walking Shadow New play by John Binnie. probably Scotland‘s foremost young playwright. about the relationship between an old actress and a young fan. Tues 28 Aug—Sun 2 Sept. ArchesTheatre. I Young Europeans Dance In Glasgow Seventeen young dancers from all over Europe star in this premiere of twonew' works by top choreographers Gregory Nash and Chick Eldridge. Tues Iii—Fri 3l Aug. RSAMI). New Athenaeum Theatre.


I Beyond The Barricades 20 South African photographers attempt to show the intensity of life and struggle that Pretoria's censors try to hide. Fri 3—Mon 20 Aug.

I Glasgow Girls Women in art and design in Glasgow 1880—1920. Fri 24 Aug—Sun 2! Oct. Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum.

I Glasgow’s Glasgow Underneath ( ‘entrai Station. in a space unvisited for two generations. the llilltl-year history ofthe city is explored through video. theatrical performances and a vast range ol'exhibits. Until Mon 5 Nov. The Arches. Midland Street.

I George Lappas This young Greek sculptor will be creating a complex landscape in one of the Tramway"s gallery spaces. Until Sun 26 Aug. Tramway.

I Le Cinq The works of five French artists: Absalon. Perrin. Buerio. Thiebaut and Hybert. Until Sun 26 Aug. Tramway.

I Mackintosh In Context Exhibition exploring Mac's relationships with other leading architects/designers of the period and his first—hand involvement in Iiurope. Until Sat 18 Aug. Glasgow School Of Art. I Our Lives— A Glasgow Childhood 1940/1990 Exhibition designed to teach children about the differences in life in Glasgow 50 years ago. Until Sun 2 Sept. Haggs Castle.

I Pursuit OfThe Beat 20th century Iinglish figurative painting from Sickert to Auerbach. Sat 28July—Sun lo Sept. Kclvingrove Art Gallery and Museum.

I A Rerrterr Arraterr Wide-ranging exhibition covering the history ofthe Glasgow Fair and popular culture 1190—1990. Until Sun l3Jan 1991. People‘s Palace.

I Tagari’lia—Australian Aboriginal Arts Scottish premiere of this celebration of the culture ofcontemporary aboriginies. Fri 3 Aug—Sun 2 Sept. Third Eye Centre.

I Tenements and Towers Major photography exhibition on the history of housing in Glasgow from 1890—1990. taking in Victorian tenements. council schemes and the infamous mtilti-storey flats. Wed 15 Aug—Sat 29 Sept. Mitchell Library. .

I You Must Remember This Springburn used to have seven cinemas; one was called The Coffin. believe it or not. This exhibition remembers the golden starsof the darkened palaces. Thurs 3t) Aug—Tues 30 Oct. Springburn Museum.

I Caslalian Band Scots songs and times with unusual settings by Haydn and I)omenieo('orri. Fri lli Aug. Merchants' Ilall.

I Central Region Youth Orchestra ('onducted by Richard Galloway . including works by Dvorak. Greig and Wagner. Fri 3| Atig. RSAMI).Stevenson Hall.

I Eugene Onegin‘i‘ehaikm sky 'sintense version of I’ushkin's poem performed by Scottish ()pera-(io-Round. Starring Stlsan Roper as Taiana and Mark ( )Idfield as()ncgin. Thurs 33 Sat 35 Aug. Tron Theatre.

I Estonia Youth Chamber Strings Beneiit for the Scottish Arts lobby . with soloist Henry David \‘arema playing .\lo/arl. Haydn. Britten and others. Wed IS Aug. RSAMI). Stevenson Hall.

I Glasgow Schools Symphony Orchestra

elcctro-aeoustic music influenced by the liast. especially Indonesia Still In Aug. Burrell Collection.

I Prom Praise Popular concert tunes with (‘hristian sentiments. Soloistsare Kathleen Mcls'ellar Ferguson and Catherine I-‘isin. Sat 1 1 Aug. Sl{(’('.

I Sequentia A ma ior ensemble from West Germany w ho tell ancient stories through medieyal music. Hi It) Aug. 'I'ramwav.‘ I Strathclydc Youth Jazz Orchestra Bobby Wishart at the helm of a performance of lit/l greats. Thurs .‘ytl Aug. RSAMI). Stevenson Hall. i


I Art Horizons 1990 Major conlerence staged by the liiiropean Blind l ‘tiioii.to discuss way s to involve the visually impaired with art and culture that'often excludes them. Wed 29 Fri 3| Atig. Strathclydc lTniversity. \

I Chinese Dragon Boat Race Festival Spectacular boats. traditional dancing and martial arts displays from the

Glasgow (‘hinese community. Sat IS- Sun 19 Aug. River(‘lyde.

I 213i Commonwealth Highland Dance Championships Shoogling and birling from 15“ y oung people from all over the world. In the ('ity (‘hambers if it rains. Sun 19 Aug. George Square.

I Cross-Scotland Dinghy Marathon Those magnificent men in their inflatable dinghys race from Ratho. along the Union (‘anal and filliin tip in Glasgow . SunZo Aug. Speirs' Wharf.

I Festival of Jewish Culture Summer Events Cabaret. music and readings reflecting Jewish contributions to the arts. Lenny Bruce is not expected to appear. Sun l9-Sun 2o Aug. liastw-ood l louse.

I Gair-Fish lidwin Morgan and other Scottish poets read from their works. Sun l9 Aug. Tron Theatre.

I Glasgow Kite Festival Let's go my a kite. up where the air isright . . .Slili

death-defy ing stunts! GASP at the

amazingiigbting kites? THRlI l.tothcsky ballet! I.Al'GH at the parachutingteddy bears? Don't miss this one.ctilture vultures. Sat 4 Sun 5 Aug. Glasgow High Kelvinside Rugby l’arks.

I Lex McFadyen-Fashion Show What will

w e be wearing in summer 1991'.’ And how does I .ex know when it‘s only summer l99ll'.’ My bet is that clogs will definitely be in with a yengeance. Sat 25 Aug. Henry Wood Hall.

I Miniature Books Society Conclave t-‘irst lxiii‘opeaii gathering of the people into little books

' Thurs .illAiig Mon .‘~ Sept Hospitality liiii.

I Ra: The Path Of The Sun God Beautifully

photographed. yisually imaginative film

based on the my tits and imagery of ancient ligyptlan cisilisafioiis Wed 39 Aug Thurs o Sept. ll i.iiiiw;iy.

I Scottish Youth Weightlifting Championships ‘1 he liiial titialilier tor the British l'iidei lS ( ‘lianipionsliips. Sat IS Aug. l'astei'liouse Sports(‘eiitre.

I Slreefbiz international street Pet‘lot‘ttlet‘s \\\Lll'lll alloy cf the streetsof Glasgow . Sat ll Sun 2o Aug. ('ity Centre.

I Streetbiz Summer Fun For Kids Arts Play l'mbrella: children's circus and workshops. l'ntil i'll 3 Aug. Glasgow (ireen.

I Summer School For Govan Performing

John Maxwell Geddes conducts a Scottish RUssian programme. lrom MUssorgsky to McCunn. Mon 37 Aug. RSAMI). Stevenson Hall.

I Jakob Lindberg Lute music from

Interdec Gallery.

I Contemporary Albanian Art The first big exhibition of paintings and cartoons from the troubled Eastern European country to come to Britain. Sat 4 Aug—Fri 7 Sept.

12 The List 27 .luly ‘- 9 August l99ll

Glasgow School of Art.

I Elisabeth Frinlt The woman some call the greatest living sculptor in Britain brings her ambiguous. amorphous creations to Scotland for the first time. Sat 4 Aug—Sail Sept. (‘ompass Gallery.

I The Glasgow BOYS Some fifty workson paper from the influential school ofthe 1880s and 1890s. includingJames Guthrie. George Henry. John Lavery. Arthur Melville. li.A. Walton and (‘raw hall. Until Sun 26 Aug. Kelvingrove Art Gallery and MUseum

Scotland and France. Sat ll Aug. Merchants‘ Hall.

I National Children's Orchestra Music by Gillis. (‘amilleri. Berlioz and others. conducted by Peter Stark and (‘harles ('amilleri. Fri 24 Atig. RSAMI). Stevenson Hall.

I National Youth Orchestra of Scotland Kickingoffthe Glasgow I-‘estiyal of Youth ()rchestras. l’rince Iidward will be being really useful. James Loughran w ill be conducting. Sat llAug. ('ity l Iall.

I Occident/Orient Soundstrata perform

Arts Watch ( ioyan l ligh School turn intoa

remake of the Kids t‘ltitil lame. with

; workshops on acting. \oicc. theatre

j admin. music and dance [Llilll Tue 3 Aug. (ioy an I ligh School.

I Third International Street Performers

Competition Those ttltilly wee men who

wander about the streets and sing in (ieorgc Square in the middle of the night will probably not be in with a shot at w inning the Streetbi/ pri/e. As longas they don't let a mime artist win .Sat 35» Still In Aug. Glasgow (‘ity ('entre. Q