I ' d ROCK Township “arm "‘a . When a Welsh TV channel wanted to Eggigiiliifiiigtithwsgi: lilm an untypical Glasgow band tor a Steve Earle. 7 gap; mack la programme about the city, they ignored Sabbath, 18 Sep; The both the wannabe-stadium rockers and pogues, 1-2 act the pseudo-American soulsters and I GLASGOW CONCERT -,. ~ = ' t . chose Barky! Barky, a duo from "ALL. (041 227 551.1) " " ' . ' Cumbernauld who can't be easily titted ggggggizgfisoem' The v into any category, except, possibly, - , I Gusc'ow "gluon The Barkys have just released a stay quiet on issues and not be true to Human, 25 Sept; Shakin' single -Anlmals- on their own Laika my own beliefs, but the political Stevens, 15 Oct; Gene label, and already the major feedback we get alter gigs is good, Pitney. 19 Oct; Joe companies are starting to snili around because there’s no point spouting oil L°"9"‘°'_"°v 7-10 "0'3 their door. They harbour a healthy unless you achieve something and 233'" 0 0°""°"' 20‘“ suspicion of those who promise lame, influence someone. Our songs mainly . GLASGOW SE“; (041 227 riches and the cover of Smash Hits, deal with issues like ecology, 5511) Soul " Soul. 25 Sap; however, and are determined to stay wile-beating, the dangers oi nuclear The Chyjstjans' 3 Dec; based in Scotland. ‘We're deiinitely, power, that sort oi thing that people Status Gun, 8 Dec. emphatically, a Scottish band, but only agree on anyway, but we like to present I EDINBURGH INGLISTON by delault— like most people, I'm only angles people might not be lamiliar CENTRE(031.557 5969) a nationalist now because we don’t with so we’re not just preaching to the “'35” °' "‘9 mansv ‘2 9“- have a voice in Britain. We’re not converted.’ :Aig'ggzgggoggfi'join interested in moving to England, now Although it’s Jim who does the "my" 1445 Aug. We there’s a thriving Scottish record on-stage patter and is the public voice me K5398. 15 Aug; Jams industry. Thanks,’ singer Jim Brady oi the Barkys, his shy and retiring Holland Big Band, 22.31 says grudgingly, ‘to Wet Wet Wet, the brother Johnny is apparently the real Aug. Precious Organisation and Bruce musician oi the band. Why does Johnny I EDINBURGH PLAYHOUSE Findlay, Simple Minds' manager, never get to speak, I ask. ‘He's not (031557 2590) Magnum. 13 there’s absolutely no need to move to allowed to’, says Jim. ‘I nevergeta 399‘ Sim Elmer “3?”? r - . London.‘ chance', mutters his other hall. ‘Yes, 3'” 3'3"”8'2'8‘: 5% “Tc '“flucncc ".f the 50‘“ Africa" Jim, who describes himself as a we're another pair of lamous lighting 32:8“ 18 f ’0“. “"65 0" "‘0 Bm‘Sh 1“” Scene '5 ‘lractlonal anarchist’, is given to brothers in pop’, libs Jim cheerily. ‘We Barry White 18 (m. ' .bmh h9g6 and‘ by "own haranguing audiences about any make Pat and Greg Kane look like the Brendan Shine, 19 bar; ‘ncri’d'calilc' Players M“ the '3‘“ subject which comes into his head and Alexander Brothers’.(Andrea Baxter) Tangerine Dream, 31 Oct; Chm Mcc’rcgm Whose mm“ . is clear about the importance ol politics Barky! Barky play Reflections, The Shadows. 4 Nov; death rubbed tha.‘ Scene "f a major to Barkymusic: ‘l leel reluctant to join a Cumbernauld on Thurs 2 August and "Nomad. ‘9 "0V: 580'“ “gum saxoph‘m'st DUd“ Puma”. party, because I might be tempted to Peebles Bear Fair on Sun 29 July. 39"3°"r 23 "m" "‘9

drummer Louis Moholo. and pianist ChriSliansr 1 099- Mervyn Africa (among others) have all moved in diverse but equally exciting musical directions. marrying their native rhythms and forms with jazz in a vibrant new synthesis.

The last named ofthose players,



Daydream believers taste?“

lntemational Opening Ball,

Mervyn Africa. has long seemed the cum walkefl “'9 19'Veal'om Sing“ i making craig's bromer Kenn (the 19 Aug; same to Lou's most intriguineg idiosyncratic V’m‘ Dublin band Pow" 0‘ D'eamsv , drummer) a tender 11 when he first A'msmng’ 2: “9%; 8"" Ra pianist working on the London doesn’t believe in making things easy ; performed. 3;f;;;;at,§‘m,"g;a;‘;2 Au . scene. but Scottish audiences will '0' "'3 band- COMOWW is“ his 3M9: ' ‘lt wasn’t until we signed to Polydor Tam White's Blues jug," 9' now get two distinct chances to hear 33 3W0“ ""0 absorbed '3“ autumn's that we realized we were actually very, 23 Aug; Farewell Ban, 24' for themselves. The influences debut EP 1 Lime Piece 0' Goa, "l" 9 very young to be at this stage. It’s just Aug.

from kwela to avant-garde jazz - "a" leallled- ‘we don't 300"“ like any i that we didn’t pick up a guitar and start I EDINBURGH OUEEN'S which Mcrvyn pulls together are now om” ms" band- That was 0‘" down'a” E learning at 18 as most people do. "AU-(031558 2019) 0le so varied. and so transformed within at the Slan- we WWW“ 99"an "'3 We’ve gone through our learning Gaugha,"'16 Aug; scams" the mix he creates in any case. as to auenllon because ll "33 sum” to process already, made a lot of Yum“ F'dd'ers Rally‘ 18

he" a band "he "3" mistakes and got experience from that.‘ Sam“

It’s not surprising to hear that Craig As has been shrewd. - r . V POlmed 0m. ll Ballamy. 19 Aug. Monty admires the Trash Can Sinatras. Like also gives them 3 "ohm" monopo'y on Alexandemio‘ 20 Aug;

defy synopsis. He has been likened to fellow South African exile Abdullah


Ibrahim (formerly Dollar Brand). "‘9 Glaswegla" bandv Pow" 0‘ Dfeams typical adolescent love themes Prague Syncopated which is fair enough. but only part of ' ' 3mm,” a strange Pam” by because tit does sound more real when Orchestra, 21 Aug: Tommy the story Mcrvyn plays with a unintentionally echoing the sounds of “rs 3cm.” coming "om somebody Smith, 20—21 Aug; Jools

Holland Big Band. 2241

that age.’ . But for Power of Dreams, youth can Qfiég‘mfll‘nifi‘l‘fle,

also be a trap: ‘A song called ‘Stay’ on 27 Aug; George Melly. 28 the album (‘lmmigrants, Emigrants and Aug; In airdjana, 29 Aug;

their local contemporaries despite consciously distancing themselves from their native country's ‘traditional’ musical ethics. ‘Bands like The

harder edge, and in many more contexts. including co-founding District Six (he left in 1987). and currently playing with pop-jazz

chanteuse Carmel. . Hothouse How's 9'" "‘3 “0"9 Me’) is about growing old which is Carol Kidd. 30 Aug; Don Men/Y" Will be In Edinburgh 81 the ‘mp'ess'on 0' ""3"" mm” 9"” probably the greatest lear a lot at Cherry. 31 Aug; Jazz Cafe (more info next issue) ""09 ' “any Vial“ '0 09‘ 307033 '3 that teenagers have. probably the most Capercaillie, 1 Sep.

during the Festival. but has a Stirling "'8 not this "file haven. this fairy-tale mum,"an thing is when you get on a I GLASGOW PAVILION

Festival date at the Golden Lion “NV bus om into town and on have a" (041 332 1846) Syd Hotel before then. He leads a cmfl's eyes 888 all that other mes: (Maps going to mull“ their hzwrence Orchestra, 24

teenagers see, but they ‘perceive’

quartet with the great where others glance. It's this quality

pension. You sit there and think what . EDINBURGH puytjousfi

Barbados-born trumpeter Harry sort of lile are the livin ,what’s it 2590 (3| BCCKCIL the bass-Playing Mondcsir mus.“ M3 Mics and “nudes "‘3' really like to be thyat age? Young people 17 Oct. ) en" bf 01h“ s MikC~ and M drummer "a" "3‘ ‘° "ammmg 'ahe's °' do think about it but they won’t talk I EDINBURGH usuen

‘lrightening maturity’, but this ‘maturity’, it such a word is applicable, has arisen not so much from any gilt oi

Cheryl Alleyne. The Festival will also play host to the great Carol Kidd and Her Trio at the same venue (31 July - see Listings). (Kenny Mathieson)

Mervyn Africa Quarter, Golden Lion Hotel. Stirling, 7Augusr. 8pm.

; about it in the open. I like to do that, to HALL (Festival 80! Office bring up subjects everyone thinks but 3338:2325133lgl13

.' ’s outh o ' r ' Insight but more lrom the fact that the won "am am" no" “at u" y g

27 Aug. band have been playing the" smdem to waste. (Fiona Shepherd) “and 0‘ llllltaf fuelled power-pop ln Power oi Dreams play King Tut’s Wah CLASSICAL “mete” Ouises lor llve years now, Wah Hut, Glasgow on Thurs 2. . GLASGOW cm HALLS

MUS|CW Ltsrmos

30 The List 27 July 9 August 1990