WARNING! This is a public announcement. There will be no funnies in this issue’s Hitlist. Why should this fortnight be any different?

I EIGHT out at ten owners who expressed a preterence obviously wenttorthe shorter versions ot Felix the Cat. Since he wastirst catapulted to stardom in 1919. this is histirst lull-length leature. See Film Index page 16.

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I OH come on Margot. just a bit at tun. We weren't really going to put on King Lear and Midsummer Night‘s Dream without you. PoorTom’s a-cold y'know. Richard Briers stars as Lear in Renaissance Theatre Company's twin Shakespeares, at the King's Theatre. Edinburgh 6-18 August. See Theatre Listings page 48.

I A RARE pic ot the Christmas stattie trom The Stage newspaper. The lirst, and arguably the best. three doctorstrom the days when their enemies were still scarey. Where are they now? Who cares? The Daleks, that's who. The docs and their enemies will be on display atthe Museum at Childhood. Royal Mile. Edinburgh. See Art Listings page 56.


I CAGED in. The young subject otthis photograph by Gideon Mendel hasjust been tilted atAthlone township in the Cape. Beyond The Barricades, an arresting display of work by 20 South Alrican photographers' will be at the lnterdec Gallery. Glasgow, 3-20 Aug. See Art Listings page 56.

I HUN too savoury. Pedro Almodovar's unconventional look at convent lite (sex. drugs. rock and roll and a tew Hail Marys). is resurrected at the GFT . It was recently voted the Film most likely to get up Strathclyde Councillors‘ noses. See Film Index page 16.

I MISS FIBECHACKEH. one otthe mostprestigious titles in the world at beauty competitions. is here being toughttorby Miss Damp Squib. Miss Havel-Shy and Miss Milk Board. Holly Huntertransters her triumphant oil-Broadway production to the big screen inthistale oldownhome tolks overcoming the odds and pulling ottthe impossible - getting Hunter to pass tor a young girl. See Film Index page 16.

I THE Wreck on the Highway. which presumably reters to an automobile ratherthan ageing bluesman. Tam White. seen here. Tam makes his acting debut in BBCt 's Play on One otthat name on Thurs 2 Aug. See Music Preview page 27 and TV Listings page 69.

I DAMN. he alwaysleaves that annoying little bit at food in his bowl! ALove Betrayed by the Asian Artistes' Association will be atthe HSAMD, Glasgow 27 Jul-3 Aug. See Theatre Listings page 48.