l BARKY! Barlry. (not signed to Rutt Trade). impersonating some other quite well-known band, who once crossed the road on the cover at an album. With their latest single. Animals. just released on theirown Laika label. the Bartrys will be at The BearFair. Peebles. 29 Jul and Reflections. Cumbemauld. 2 Aug. See Rock Listings page 31.

l EMERGING tromthe great C and A Shoe sale is Willem Daloe, recent star of Triumph ot the Spirit, a harrowing tale ot lite and death lilmed on location in Auschwitz. See Film Index page 16.

I was nursing my first hangover of the day, when it struck me. ‘It’ turned out to be my boss. Ihad forgotten it was Tuesday; I woulda forgotten my name, but she kept yelling it at me. So I went and forgot what I had to write about instead.

WISHING YOU Well. the exhibition ofsnaps taken of kids at Great Ormond Street Hospital by top class snappers, is now extremely unlikely to go ahead at the Barbizon Gallery. Despite trying to organise the exhibition for the past six months. the gallery have yet to have their grant application finally considered by Strathclyde Regional Council. The Barbizon had hoped to get enough cash to cover their costs while the charity show hung there. Andrew Davies, an executive officer for the Region. stressed that they had not rejected the application but that they could not consider it until 7 August, four days after the exhibition would have opened. This is the first year that the Regional Council have been involved in funding of arts events and. Davies said. 500—600 applications have been considered. Unfortunately the Barbizon may be forced to close down temporarily until the next exhibition opens in September. Their last recourse is, according to a spokesman for the gallery, the District Council: ‘After all ifthey can give £3 million to Glasgow’s Glasgow then they can probably spare us a few quid.‘

MEANWHILE EDINBURGH’S latest contribution to the world of high-brow literature, Fish Supper Magazine, has been left temporarily

’ISHP’K“ , E’zvszm'


.‘ cunts uv W‘r a

a"). f“ K ,

beached. The satirical offering has. it must be said, more appeal than recent rival mags spawned by the success of Viz. Speaking for their shoal ofcontributors. the self-styled ‘Voice of the Fish‘ claimed ‘The

hold-up is due to a technical hitch over the printing of one item.’ The item in question being a colourful tale of ‘Disparate Den’, who consumes a ‘Mad Cow Pie’. Eventually, the prospective printers withdrew as they were worried about the closeness in style to the famous Dudley D. Watkins’ Desperate Dan. An understandable concern. Yet, according to Mr Fish, ‘At least two other publications have recently used parodies of Mr Watkins’ cartoons without any apparent problems.’ They are currently determined to find a new printer, before this issue gets cold.

OBVIOUSLY ifyou were looking for youngsters with potential, wit, ambition and style (smarm, smarm) The List would immediately spring to mind. Well the readership would, it‘s unlikely in the extreme that the editorial department could live up to such a billing - not being a very ambitious lot. However, given that this is where you would look, it seems only pertinent to mention the Grolsch Question of Style Awards. The competition in four categories, Fashion, Creative Writing, Photography and Songwriting, will award £3,250 to the top three in each category, which is better than a smack in the teeth. For competition entry forms, contact Grolsch at PO Box no 4, Stourbridge, West Midlands, DY9 8DQ.

INTEREST in Scotland’s two largest cities is spreading fast. On a far platform kiosk of a suburban railway station in Milan, copies of yer very own soaraway List can be purchased for a mere £3. Unfortunately, our staff is not sufficiently versed in Italian to produce a separate issue in the native tongue, so the locals are having to wrestle with the lingo for themselves. Also, as John Menzies’ distribution newtwork doesn‘t quite extend that far, it can only be assumed that this cultural crossover is the result ofsome private entrepreneurial stroke of genius. Any increase in the numbers of Italians attending events in Glasgow or Edinburgh may be entirely due to this one newspaper vendor.

The List 27 July 9 August N903