I THEATRE ROYAL Hope Street. 331 1234. Sankai Juku Thur 2-—Sat 4 Aug. 7.30pm. £3.50—£l2.50. The dance form known as bum/i emerged out of the cultural underground ofJapan some thirty years ago. shocking audiences with its frank scrutinisation of the body and reaction against the domestication of movement. .S'unkuiJu/(u are a group of five leading exponents of the art form. livingand working in Paris and Tokyo. The unique and breathtaking company appear in Glasgow for the Theatre Royal's magnificent I-‘ive Theatres ()1 The World


I COLLINS GALLERY 22 Richmond Street. 5524(XXIex12682.

Indian Dance And Storytelling Mon 30 July—Fri 3 Aug. 10.30am. £2. Workshops with Mamta Yadau for children ang 7—12 years.

I DANCE FACTORY 142 ('alder Street. 423 9430. Due to popular demand. the dance factory have opened a second studio. providing a wide range ofclasses for adults and children: teenage class £1 .50 (£2.50 for2). adult class £2.50 (£4.50 for2). senior citizen class£1.50.

Dance Exercise Mon. 6pm 8; 8.15pm. Wed. 6pm.

Jazz Mon. 6.45pm (level 2). 7.30pm (level 1). Thursdays . 7pm (for beginners). Callanetics Mon. 6.45pm. Wed. 6.45pm. Aerobics Tue. 6pm (level 1). 6.45pm (level 2).Thurs 7pm.

Yoga'I‘uc. 7.45pm.

Tap Tue. 6.45pm (beginners). Wed 7.45pm (level 3). Thurs. 6. 15pm (levc12). 8pm (level 1).

Ballet Tue. 7.45pm (beginners). Wed. 6.45pm (level 1).

Ballroom 3. Latin Fri. 7.30pm.

I GLASGOW ACADEMY OF DANCE 26.19 Queen Street. 221 0750.

Classes are held throughout the week in a mirrored and barred studio 10001ect

square. £2—£2.80. Phone for details of daily classes.

Open Elementary Ballet Mondays 7.30—9pm.

Lunchtime Stretch Tuesdays

12.30pm—1 . 15pm. Good for city centre workers.

Beginners Jazz Wednesdays 6.30—8pm. Beginners Tap Thursdays 5.30—6.30pm. Contemporary Beginners Thursdays 6.30—8pm.

Ballroom Fridays 7—8pm.



I THE ROSS Princes Street Gardens. phone 220 4348 for further details.

King Masco Sat 28 July. 1pm. Calypso, highlife and soukous influenced music and dance performed by a group ofmusicians and dancers from Sierra Leone.

Scottish Country Dancing Mondays and Tuesdays. 7.30pm. 75p (45p).

Modern Sequence Dancing Wednesdays. 7.30pm. 75p (45p).

Old Time Dancing Thursdays. 7.30pm. 74p (45p)-

Classes I ASSEMBLY ROOMS George Street.

phone dancer-in-residence Tamsin Grainger on 2204348 for details. All Dance Base classes have ceased for the holiday period and will return 19 September.

I CRAIGLOCKHART SPORTS CENTRE 177 Colinton Road. 4430101.

A variety of adult coaching sessions are available. including Women‘s Activity Mornings. Aerobics. Fitness Training and Yoga. Phone the centre for more information.

I ELCHAT A variety ofclasses and workshops in creative and contemporary dance. for all ages and abilities. are available throughout East I.othian. Phone Stephanie Sellie on ()31 665 3711 ext244 for details.

I EPWORTH HALLS Nicolson Square. phone 2291071 forinfo.

All classes are taught by Tracy l Iawkcs. director ofSpring and a member of Khorous Dance Theatre. and are £2.50 (£2) per session. Classes stopping forthe summer will resume at the end of August. Contemporary/Jazz for Adults Mondays 6.30pm.

IF ONLY . . .

Seen atTramway, Glasgow. Run Ended. -

To keep imagination fresh, to tap into buried emotions, DV8 returns to its childhood. In the course of nearly all the set pieces in this free dance performance, one dancerwill be seen isolated at the edge of the stage, building sand castles, looking on from above or performing a lonely imitation of the main action.

If Only. . . is an exploration of possibilities and vulnerabilities. One moment you can fly across the stage, the next you need a friend to catch you. A girl joins in with the boys' game, then sets the pace herself. A boy is victimised, but later collaborates with the team.

Sally Herbert’s music is rhythmic, repetitive and intense, while Steve Whitson's lighting cuts the stage apart, by turns separating the performers then bringing them together. Less punishineg vigorous than in the past,

Lloyd Newson's choreography still allows for bursts of cruel energy, but is more commonly spiced by moments of wit. Verging on the acrobatic, Newson makes full use of the performance space as the dancers swing precarioust on ropes high above the stage or fling themselves recklessly against the walls.

Becoming less clear towards the end and not helped by technical problems on the first night it is nonetheless a captivating performance that talks about struggle, freedom and identity in a lively, accessible manner. (Mark Fisher)

Tap for Adults Tuesdays 6.30pm.

Adult Performance Group Phone Tracy l-lawkes on 2291071 for details.

I GRACEMOUNT LEISURE CENTRE 22 Gracemount Drive. 658 1940. (.‘lasses are held in ballet. tap and modern dance. yoga. fitness weights. aerobics. self defence. gymnastics. and stretch and tone gentle exercise for beginners. intermediates and over 40s with a free creche available during some ofthe sessions. All classes are £1 .60 (£1 ) per session and are held on a casual basis for women only. Phone the centre for details.

Summer Courses

I EPWORTH HALLS Nicolson Square. phone 22‘) 1071 forinfo.

Summer Dance Course: Adult Jazz a Ballet with Tracy llawkes. director ofSpringand a member of Khorous Dance Theatre. Sat 28—Sun 29.1ul. noon—5pm. £15 (£10) or £8.50 (£6) for one day.

I YOUNG EUROPEANS IN GLASGOW Jordanhill College of Education. phone Young Scot 031 313 2477 for further information.

YDth Dance Mon 6—Fri 10 Aug or Mon l3—Fri 17 Aug. 10am—3pm. £10(Young Scot card holders £8). Fifty places available in this comprehensive five day course in tap. jazz and ballet. ()pento young people 13— 18 yrs with some dance experience.

Beginners Sat 11 & Sat 18Aug.

noon—3. 15pm. £4 or £2 per class. ('lasses in ballet. jazz and tap specially designed for beginners.

I THE BODY SEEN AND HEARD Salenside. Ashkirk. Selkirk. Phone 0750 32213 for further information. A week-long residential course (Sat 21 -Sat 28.Iul_v). in dance therapy and Gestalt taught by Kedzie Penfield and (iestalt therapy trainerlane Puddy. (‘ourse fee £150with accommodation available at an extra charge.

63 Trongate Glasgow

G1 51-113

Box Office : 041 552 4267

Wed 8 - Sun 12 August at 7.30pm PERFORMANCE


3 new works for 1990 (.‘ICN'I‘URY'S END TWO WORLD'S KISS ()UR LIV CS

(music commissioned from The Blue Nile)

(‘hor‘eography : (‘hirstinn \Vhytc & Marisa laiiotli

Music : 'Ilie Illue \ilc, (‘raig Armstrong & William (‘onway \L-vv I’iay (‘ommission :

l’cl'cr :\fllt)Il

Direction : Michael Boyd

Ill-sign : Rae. Smith

".\ great. evening"

(ilasgow IIer'ald of PCJ'IUf‘liiétflCC 1988

I'ciidcd lroin Glasgow District (Hf-.1! ('ouricils' Festivals Iludgct Sum-“NJ 1‘) “W Scottish Arts COUnCI-

Supported by the (ilasgow 19‘)“ Ileziefactozs' .iizd Donors Sclictiic

raymond cousse

a strateg



Two performances

on " I7 & 18 ugust

PHONE roe DETAILS 031-225 5756

ll|9 131311:

y for two hams with robert mcintosh director ian brown translator alan pollock thurs 26 july - sun 12 august 7.45pm (not mondays)

and then throughout festival

FREE DPEN DRESS REHEARSAL WED 25 JULY 7.45pm box office 031 226 2633




iEDlNBUGI—l Ill/(’flldllmld/


_‘-‘«.1C..‘~'QSi‘”§,MBER 1990

'I’hc I.I\I 27.1111} 1).»\ugust 199053