ficulptured landscapes.

I TRANSMISSION GALLERY 28 King Street. 552 4813. Mon—Sat noon—6pm.

Ben Allan and Mark Powson Until 4 Aug. Here comes ‘Trash Art'! Photocopies. ‘T' shirts. badges. you name it. they‘ve devalued it.

Film and Video Screenings Every weekend between 9~25 Aug. A selection including pieces from the Film and Video Umbrella

l and the Slade in London. Contact Transmission forfurther details.

I WASPS 26 King Street. 552 (15.64.

1 Mon—Fri 9am—5pm.

A shop. exhibition space and resource

centre. with information on work by all WASPS artists. slide library and


information about how to commission \vork.

Open Studio Programme L'ntil 29Jul. WASPS across the Country will be a! home to receive guests in their studios. Contact WASPSfor more information.

Ceramics, Painting and Sculpture 3()Jul—38 Aug. A variety of matcrialsand approaches brought to you by Glasgow WASI’S. Georgina Garland. Iona Montgomery and Valerie Pragnall.

I WILLIAM HAROIE LTD 141 West Regent Street. 221 6780. Mon—Fri lllam—~5pm. Summer Exhibition Throughout Aug. Modern Scottish paintings from the gallery's collection.


I THE ASH GALLERY 156 Canongate. 556 31611. Tue-Sat ll)..‘s(iam—6pm; Weds 3—Spni

Danny McFie: New Paintings L'ntit 27 Jul. Simple. evocative and thoughtful. McFie explores the image of mother and child as metaphor.

Iixhibitions of work by Richard Demarco and Jane MacAllister start It) Aug.

I THE BACKROOM GALLERY 42 London Street. 5568329. Mon—Sat “lam—5.30pm. Ian Thompson: The Blind and the Naked 28

l Jul—18 Aug. ‘Ruthless‘ paintingsand l

' constructions depicting religion as

‘resignation. restraint. conflict and strug ile'.


Street. 220 1305. Mon—Sat 111.3(1am-5.3(lpm. Bin Ends: SummerSale L'ntil 4 Aug.

Contemporary British glass. including

Cowgate (next to 369 Gallery). 225 2774. ' Mon—Fri 10am-5pm; Sat 1 1am—4pm.

studio prototypes. one-offs and ‘fine

pieces looking for good homes'.

Festival Exhibition starts 1 1 Aug.


SummerShow Until 11 Aug. Mixed shoyv of work by local artists.

The Environmental Mural Until 31 ()ct. Emphasizing the beauty of Edinburgh and its surrounding countryside. the mural illustrates the problems we may face if environmental damage is not halted.

I BLUE MOON CAFE 60 Broughton Street. 556 2788. Mon—Sat 12—7pm.

Mike Jones: Recent Work Until 31 Jul. Talking Textures 3—31 Aug. Textiles student Alistair Warner takes a break from college to display his work in a more congenial ambiencc.

I BOURNE FINE ART 4 Dundas Street. 557 4050. Mon—Fri 1(1am—6pm. Sat

Illam- 1 pm.

Ramsay to McTaggart: 150 years at Scottish Painting Until 27Jul.

Scottish Paintings 1850—1950 281u1—9 Aug. I C & J BROWN HOUSE FURNISHERS 31—39 South Clerk Street. Mon—Sat 9 ant—5 pm; Thu 9am—7pm.

Meg Watson: Fabric Collage Limit to Aug. Checkout the springs in C and I Brovs n‘s three-piece suites and furnish your soul

with Meg Watson‘s Collages.

I CALTON GALLERY ll) Royal Terrace. 556 1010. Mon—Fri lllam-6pm; Sat

lllam~ 1 pm.

Scottish Paintings and Watercolours 1800—1940 Until 6 Aug.

Scots Aweighlz Scottish Marine and Coastal

C a


Textile Display 29 July - 2 September



f a


The Italian Centre, John Street, Glasgow. Tel: 041 552 6099. Gallery open daily 9am midnight

Viewing is restricted to restaurant diners during the hours noon - 2.30pm and 6.30pm - 10pm.


Philip Chudy: Kubva Kumba, Stills, Edinburgh

‘Kubva Kumba' translates from the Shona language as ‘lrom home’. Philip Chudy was born in what was then called Rhodesia and is now Zimbabwe in 1952, and left aged 17 to escape military service tor Ian Smith's white government. Over the past ten years, since Zimbabwe‘s independence, he has been returning to photograph his home country, to look at its people, its buildings, its land. He has also been wanting (on the evidence at this exhibition) to reconcile his own childhood memories with his present perceptions.

It is the view of an outsider with a strong emotional attachment. Chundy no longer lives in the land of his childhood; and although he is white, his parents, as Jewish emigres lrom Hitler‘s Germany, were not part of the British colonial ex pat scene. Whites do not feature largely in his work, but where they do, they are iaintly ridiculous. A sepia-tinted image shows a white iamin bytheir pool, insulated from the outside world by the bqu at their house and its hedges; a nostalgic

image taken in the 80s but reterring to the 503. Another white lamily, descended lrom the Boers, stand on the veranda of their house. lts lacade has the form of a giant pioneer's waggon; they stand between two vast concrete wheels which are chained together to form the verandah tence. An anachronistic symbol at movment, the waggon is now transformed into something fixed and immovable.

Generally, the political content is implicit ratherthan explicit. The work divides into a law main genres: portraits, landscapes, images of buildings, and lormalist images. The bulk are portraits, sometimes of individuals, usually of groups. The entrepreneur stands proud and alone in his garden; children sit on a rock before the vast expanse at their land; the workers at a sports stadium gather to have their photo taken at lunchtime; three brothers pose with the family volkswagen; two tarm workers shake hands, pointing at each other and grinning. While not glamorising it, Chundy likes his home, and presents us with a warm and involving view of it. (Hilary Robinson).

Paintings Ill Aug 1 Sept. A 19th century

\ icys ot ships and the sea by more than 31) artists.

I CENTRAL LIBRARY ( ieorgc IV Bridge. 3355534. .‘ylon I’ri‘)ani Spm;Sat

9am noon.

Water oi Leith from the Pentlands to the Sea l'ntil 5 Aug. A selection of paintings and drawings by variousartists.

20th Century Classical Music L'ntil 4 Aug. National Health Service trail 1 1 Aug. GoinglorGreen l‘ntil lSAug.

I CITY ART CENTRE 3 Market Street. 225 2424 ext o65ll. Mon. Tue. Sat lllam--6pm: \\'etl.'l'litli's.1-ri lllani 9pm; Sun 13-6pm. I.lL‘cll\L'tI CHIC. [1)].

' Sweat ollhe Sun: Gold of Peru 1 Aug-311

Sept. A ioint I’ertiyian-Scottish venture. the exhibitionteaturcssuryivingtreasures from all l’ei u's pre-l lispanic cultures. Sec feature.

Canadian Folk Art from Nova Scotia

Mon Sat lllam 5pm, lintiIZSJul. l'nsophisticated. brightly coloured handiwork rising \sood. fabric and rnelal.

I COLLECTIVE GALLERY 166 1 ligh Street.

3211 llolt. .\lon Sun 12.3le 5.3(lpm. Gordon Boyd: Circles l ‘ntil 19 Aug. the artist \\ ill be in the gallery on 3‘) Inland IT I‘lAug.

Gordon Boyd: Circles ZSJul— 19Aug.


I’lacc. 229931 1. Mon ’I’hurs

lllal S..‘~llpin; I’ri Sun 1llam--5pm. Yvonne Hawker: Shadows in Disguise—A Bellection 13 Aug 1 Sept. ilavvkerrcflects till the Cathars and the philosophy ()1- dualism. \\ hich she studied during her stay in limoux last year.

Sculpture is on display in the Andrew Grant Gallery


GALLERY 2.5 l'nion Street. 557 247‘).

Mon Sat lllamr 5.30pm.

Prints lrom the Workshop t'ntil ti Aug.

I EDINBURGH UNIVERSITY LIBRARY George Square. 667 lit] 1 ext661 1.

Mon l5ri‘)ain 5pm.

A Little Festival of Gardens throughout Jul and Aug. Three exhibitions for the green-fingered: Gertrude Jekyll: AVision ot Garden and Wood. Historic Gardens in Scotland and 'A Careless-Ordered Garden’. a collection of books from the library's annals.

I FILMHOUSE Lothian Road. 228 2688. Mon -Sat noon - 1 1pm; Sun 630—] 1pm. Cuban Screen Prints l.'ntil 31 Aug.

I FINE ART SOCIETY 137 George Street. 22llh37ll. Mon—Fri 9.3llarn—~5.3lipm. Sat Illamn 1pm.

Next exhibition James McBey:1883—1959 starts 11 Aug.


58 The List 27 July 9 August 1990