ATHLETICS Friday 27-Saturday 28

I Scotrail Senior Championships

Crow npoint Sports Centre. Glasgow. 5.30-1 ipmiFrii. li.30am—5pm(Sat). A top quality field can be expected. though not guaranteed. The proximity ofthe AAAs Championships in Birmingham on 3 and 4 August. a qualifying event forthe European Championships. may persuade some of the better known athletes to miss this one.

Saturday 11

I Scottish Heavy Events Championship Bellahouston Park. Glasgow. 1—6pm. Scotland's strongest men indulge in a bit of putting the shot. throwing the Seots" Hammer. throwing the 28Ib weight for distance. throwing the 56Ib weight for height and tossing the caber for kicks.

BOWLING - Thursday 2—Saturday 4

I Avon Insurance Scottish National Championships Northfield. Ayr. 9.30am—6pm. A semi-professional tournament held at one of Ayr’s finest greens with prize-money considerably below the £120,000 fund available at this year's World Indoor Bowls Championships.

CRICKET Saturday 28

OM HALL WESTERN UNION LEAGUE I Kelburne v Ferguslie Whitehaugh. Paisley. 1.30pm. I Kilmarnock V Ayr Kii‘ksty Ie. Kilntarnock 1 30pm. I Poioc v Clydesdale Shaw holm. I’ollokshaws. (ilasgow. I 30pm. I Uddingston v West oi Scotland Bolliss ell Castle l’olicies. l'ddingstori. 1.30pm. EAST LEAGUE I Carlton v Edinburgh Academicals The Pay iliori. (liange Loan. lidinburgli.

l 30pm.

I Heriots FP v Grange ( ioldeliacl'c. inserleith Row. Iidinburgh. l.30pm. (‘an ileriots halt (irange's march towards the title"

I Kirkcaidy v Stewart'S/Melville Bennochy. Kirkealdy. l..‘~0pni.

I Royal High v Freuchie Iock's Lodge. lidinburgh. i.30pni.

I Stenhousemuir v Cupar The Tryst . Larbert. 1.30pm.


I Ayrshire v Abroath County The Owl. I’restwick. lpm.

I Clackmannan County v Strathmore County The :‘srns. Alloa. lpm.

I Fileshire V Fortarshire McKane Park. Dunfermlirie. lpm.

I Perthshire v Stirling County North inch. Perth. lpm.


RYDEH AREA CHAMPIONSHIP I Straihclyde West v Central orEdinburgh (ilenpark.Greenock. lpm.


First there was Live Aid, then Comic Rellet and now, on a smaller and wetter scale, Swimiit 90 are providing an opportunity to raise large sums oi cash tor charity. This time, however, you have to get involved, not just cough up alterthe entertainment. Between 3000-4000 volunteer swimmers will be required in the chart to beat the record tor the greatest amount 01 money

pulled in by a sponsored swim. This currently stands at £108 040, raised by the Royal Bank 01 Scotland last year. Anyone interested In joining the Scottish swimming squad, among

others, in the water must sign up lor one session oi 50 minutes. During this time they will plough the width at theCommonwealth Pool in Edinburgh with a certain lee riding on each ‘iap’. The participants will be divided into teams at seven per lane, with one team member keeping the score. During the weekend at 15 and 16 September a concurrent trio at these sponsored swims will take place in three British cities; each striving to outdo the other. SPARKS (Sport Aiding Research into Crippling Disease), one at the main beniliciaries ol the events, believe that national pride will spur on those participating in the sponsored swims at Leeds, Carditl and Edinburgh and in order to maximise the competitive element each pool will be closely monitoring the running totals ol the others. Hence they are rather ambitiously, though not entirely erroneously, billing it as a chance to swim for your country. Entry terms are available irom the Royal Commonwealth Pool, Edinburgh, or from Swimiit 90, 0382 25093.

Saturday 4


I Ayrv Kelburne Cambusdoon. Allow ay. 1.30pm.

I Clydesdale v Drumpellier'I‘iiw ootl. Beaton Rd. (ilasgow. I .3lipni.

I Ferguslie v Kilmarnock Meiklei Iggs. Paisley. 1 30pm.

I GT88IIOCNVUUUIIIQSIOII(ilelipaik. BrisbaneSt.(iieeiioek l ‘iipin

I West oi Scotland v Poloc i Ialiiiltoli (’l‘eseelii. I’eel Street . ( ilasgow. I 30pm EAST LEAGUE

I Edinburgh AcademicalvairkcaIdy Raeburn I’lace. Stockbridge. Izdiiibuigli l.3iipni.

I Freuchie V Cupar l’ublie Park. It eticliie 'l 30pm

I Grange v Carlton Raehuin I’Iaee. Stockbiidge. Izdiiibiiigli, l..‘~lipiii

I Heriots F? v Royal High ( ioldeiiaci e. lnycrleitli Row.lzdinluiigli l 30pm

I Stewart‘s/MelvillevStenhousemuir lnserleitli. lidiiiburgli. l .‘silmi STOODAHD COUNTY CHAMPIONSHIP

I Perthshire v Ciackmannan County \1 in h liicli. I’erth. lpm.

I Stirling County v Fileshire Willlamtield. Stirling. lpm.



I Strathmore County v Clydesdale l .iielisltle I’ark. Iiorlar lpm

I Arbroath County v Grange Loelilands. Arbroath. lpm.


I Scottish Grass Track 5km Championships

Bridge of Allan. 2pm. 'l'urt going tor the amateur competitors in this grass track eyent. The machines used on grass differ \ery little from those Used on hard tracks. saye in the ty res: grass-track cycles haye much larger tread and are less silken. 'l'he ScottishChampionships; Sillim. lSlillm and 5km. are held as part oi the Stiatliallaii Highland ( iauies


Monday 30—4 August

I J & 8 Scottish AmateurChampionships (iiillaiie. last Iothiaii. I'liL‘tI\\lIIi eiitluisiasni altei watching the pioiessioiials at play on the ( )ld ( ~ouise at St .-\ndie\ss. Scotland's aiiialeur golleis get tocliipin

Tuesday 31—Wednesday1

I Scottish Girls' Stroke Play Championship



Saturday 4

I Scotland Women v Tenri University l’eltermill. Izdiiibtiigli. .‘spm. The Japanese constitute what is etiplieniistically called ‘an emerging iorce' A tag which if it carries the same osertoiies iii hockey as it did in football. implies Scotland may be lit for a nasty shock. That is. well get giibbed

Saturday 28

I Hamilton Park I Iamilton l’ark Racecourse. Bothwell Road. Hamilton (‘lub 1. lil. Paddock L5 i L3 i concessions iii both the club and paddock are as ailable

for couples IIIL‘ aiteriioon flat nae-ti 1:. begin»~ ii; slipvii

Friday 3 '

I Edinburgh Musselbuigh Racecoai ‘s MUsseibuigii Clubs. paddock t‘yfil . I 6.15pm. A rare eyening UTCCIIITL

seaside racecourse


I Scottish Senior Formula Ford Championship Is'noekhill Race (‘ireuii Dunfermline.1.45—~5.3iipm.Within.- rounds remaining of the Scottish l-o: llitila Ford lolliChampionships the initial leader. Cameron Binnie. has been lacing stiffcompctition. The race may v e ll bi one of the most closely contested ot the season so far. The afternoon‘s atl ractioiis include 8 races. each of around 1.‘ laps.

SPEEDWAY Friday 27

I Edinburgh Monarchs v Poole Pirates I’owdcrhall Stadium. Canonmills. Edinburgh " 30pm An intriguing tie w} i 'the visit of last year‘s National League winners. Though not as strong as they were last season they have recently been strengthened by the signing of Danish stai Tom Knudsen


I Glasgow 261 Tigers v Berwick Shawfteld Stadium. Ruthcrglen Road. (ilasgow. 6.30pm. £3.50 (£1 .50). Berwiek'sformer Tiger star. David Blackburn. is back with a vengeance after a horrific accident a Iew weeks back in which he nearly swallowed his tongue. The meeting is bound to be tight as Bei'w iek always title tlte ( ilasgow track well.


I Glasgow 261 Tigers v Milton Keynes Shaw-field Stadium. Rutlierglen Road. (ilasgow. 7.20pm. £3.50 (USU). A tixtute that remains shrouded in mystery; Milton Keynes may be otit oi business by tlietiiue they ate due to ti'asel not ill. Local residents has e apparently been kicking up

a stink about noise leyels Heat the track which has also been the subiect ol an

attack by sandals recently . all of w hieh has

‘. the tans tostay away leasingtlichpeedwa. ; (‘lub in some disarray. I’hoiie (Nimiil

lead the council to examine the noise and

(il7. to check it it's still on

' Thursday2

I Edinburgh Monarchs ' Glasgow 261 Tigers l’owderhallStadium. anoninills. Iidinbtirgh " 30pm Always a Iieiceiy contested encounter the Monarchs will bi determined not to let triasgow do the dotibieoi‘.:lieiiiliiisyta'

Wednesday 8

I Glasgow 261 Tigers v Eastbourne

Shawiield Stadium. Rtitlieigleii Rodd.


w30pm ti‘ilitl WI ll}. . 'I'Iueis w ill be looking loi test rig. illei. recent deieat by the south coast oiitlil I

l’liel isl .‘Tluly "August l""ll53