[— Ghanges at _ The choice

to Andrea Baxter about his plans

for a major new clubs/rock venue in Glasgow and about the new deep soul night at The Choice.

It'll be all-change at The Choice. Glasgow's popular nightspot. soon. what with a new Sunday club. the Soul Kitchen. and an impending move to new and bigger premises. Owner Colin Barr is an excited man at the moment. as he juggles with paperwork. licences. builders. promoters and. on occasion. punters who can‘t get served at the bar. I asked him to explain the reasons behind the surprising move to vary the successful formula of The Choice by imposing a radically different music policy on Sundays.

‘Well.The Choice does four very successful nights Wednesday. Friday. Saturday and Sunday —\vhich play all upfront black dance music. including house. hip-hop and current imports. and that's all very good. but a lot of people are getting a bit fed up with that sort of thing. especially as many come four nights a week. So we started the Soul Kitchen. which plays only classic black club and soul classics and people have been telling us it‘s so refreshing. People are enjoying themselves at the Soul Kitchen rather than just posing.’

Ah-ha. so You admit that'l‘he (‘hoice has a j ' .éfilfié'v'j-‘if‘w 7%w543i‘44357 ' ,J- 7."; ' rather elitist image as being the sort ofclubone ' 1's. i' ’1 . “3{IEL:fi:~£§)§ii§§fi§§i¥":iii‘lfigfiiifé has to be dressed up to the nines to get into‘.’ Barr . _ . looks uncmbarmsscdand Savs‘mthusmilc. that Andwalking(“movingm-Cnr‘hmcc Club m” venues. w'iththe added and welcome featureot a thev'retrvingtochangethisioo.‘You know.‘ he 5 be shil’tingtoa new venue called'l’hc'l‘unnel CthCUnllnumgéill night iiliterwards. ‘.-\t'l‘hc says. ‘peo'pleiare so papped out with house. we 1 from the lllth ()ctober. while the original venue 'I‘UWW" It Pcf’PlCPEU'l" 599 1‘ “find I [hmk WC." ma”)- havc to expand our horizons. It‘s great will remain for private function hire. The Tunnel should £191” 1”” “18m 5 Cmcrliimmcm and “"1 making money and having a good business. but is a bit of a new concept: biggish bands ‘the type have to go somewhere else and pay more. Our there must always be diversification. The first i that might otherwise play Barrowland‘. says Barr Pan!“ “'1” Elm?“ 1‘“ “'tlht 9”“ “WWW” m0 nightofthe SoulKitchen was a fantastic success. C‘)nlldt‘llll."‘“'l”Playthch [hmugh i‘llc‘upwnh “‘9‘” M“ be “““’“‘d.“”“” m“ bung} . some of the young trendies did leave in disgust, Scotland‘s biggest promoters. Regular Music. as Shi‘k'rlg lhc (“N “H; l Cmcrtlw h'mkmtl ["10 butonlyasmallamount;whcrcasthcoldcr well as what my mother stillcalls‘the dancing'. the sunlight. l'msurc it‘ll look lovely when it‘s clubbers loved it, up till then. it hadn‘t mun)- Iwas taken on a guided tourofthe new venue. “‘mSth" ' . _ M been their night. but I heard gasps as people raised from the ashes of the old Imperial Snooker {if't’filf /1"1<'<‘<‘/””‘f'll/bf’t/Hfll’ls"W’l"“'_"<"““" actually recognised certain songs the}. hadn‘t (‘juh m Mitchel} 51mm. and Smm sue-39d [he [he lunm’l. u! (licsilr' oft/1c U/(l Imperial.Snrmker heard in ages.‘ origins of its name from the cavernous depths “Nb m -‘/"’(‘/’<’//5”<'<”‘ .fm’" I“ 0”.

But any ‘younger trendies‘ out there shouldn‘t underneath street-level which it inhabits. At the _ feel rejected all the other nights at The (‘hoicc moment they've got the builders in in a big way. will stay exactly the same. as Barr and the gang and as I staggered gingerly from one dusty plank 'l’he article about llcatw ave Dance l'L‘SlH al in intendto keep Sundayspecial. “they‘re right to another. an enthusiastic Barr strode ahead. last issue's (‘lubs section contained an interview about a shift away from house in clubland and waving his arms and describing the planned which was conducted over the telephone \\ ith an one way or another. quite a few club owners have layout of the various sections: ‘this will be the organiser of the event w hom 'l‘lic1.1.x!understood Suggested this lately then Barr‘s record as the men‘s toilets over here and we'll have strobe was Dave (‘alikesp We hm e now been informed man who practically invented the near-legendary lights over the urinals that come on automatically that it W115 “01 DIWL‘ (‘illikfl‘ “1‘“'k‘rs“l‘04'h”‘¥ l“ Shimmy Club at Bennets a few years ago would When people approach!‘ Er. yeah. great Colin. . and WC WUUM “kc 1“ iillt’lt‘iil-‘L‘ ‘0 '“m 'I‘” i'”) seem to suggest that The Choice will move with The main hall can hold about 800 people. in misunderstanding that has arisen troni .iseribing the tide. more intimate surroundings than many gig Wst “Om him .

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