I The Jerlt l~ ri a7 (BBCZ l 10.30pm. Navin Johnson. growing tip in a poor black family in Mississippi. gradually comes to realise there is something different about him: he is white and has no sense of rhythm. On learnirtg the trtrth he setsout to seek his fortune in the w tde world. to route he is seduced by a \\ all of Death performer. who promises him lucrative employment. and a garage ow tier w ho Offers him accommodation in the toilet

' block. With a stroke ot genius he inventsa device for keeping glasses on your nose which first wins and then loses him a fortune. and so he ends up back in the bosom of hisfamily. Unfortunately. the inventive comedy much in evidence at the beginning runs out of steam ence the jerk makes good.

I Butterfly Fri 27 (Scottish) lZ.3(l—2.35am. A shallow tale of incest on the Arizona-Nevada border. it's little more than a vehicle for the much-vaunted charms of Pia Zadora. indeed the whole movie was financed by her millionaire hubby. Miss Zadora emerges from the backwoods. looking rather too haggard to pass as a nymphet. and sets about seducing her long-lost pa. Stacy Keach. It all endsin tears and a trial. presided over by the film's saving grace. judge Orson Welles. I Eblnh. Honor of the Deep Fri 27 (Channel4) l lpm~12.4t)am. Toho monster mayhem made in 1966 and featuring Godzilla for the seventh time in a Toho movie. This time he takes on the giant crab Ebirah and successfully nips the world domination plans of Red Bamboo in the bud. Lively and action packed it is.


70'l‘hc list 27 July -- 9 August lthr

._ 151.59%.

studious and plot-laden it ain’t.

I Norman Swordsman Sat 28 (Scottish) 3—5pm. Strangely mixed up medieval tale which claims to be set in the year 1000. when lvanhoe. a Norman knight. returns trom the first crusade Well. little wonder he returned he probany got lonely . no one else c rnbar ketl on the first crusade for another 95 years. 'l'hough his problem is not merely one of timing. he has to recover the sword of Norman froru a remote Scottish clan. This ltalian-Spanish film made in English and starring Mark Damon can at least claim novelty value.

I The Admirable Crichton Sat 2btt‘hannel 4) 5.25—5 ltlpm. Kenneth .‘yloreisthe perfect butler who proves the saviour of his employers family alter the yacht they are cruising on is wrecked. So indispensable ishe thatwithirrtwoyears he has become ‘governor' of the island and is set to marry one ot his employers daughters. when a'potential rescue-ship ts sighted. Lewis Gilbert demonstrates the smooth direction he was later to use in several Bond movies in this film version of J M Barrie's stage play. A lighthearted 1957 comedy. beautifully photographed with a few Heath-Robinson devices thrown in.

I Film on Four International: Zan Bolto Sat 28 (Channel 4) l().45pm—12.30am. Joseph Nkiema and Colette Kabore move from their idyllic village home in Burkina Faso to the city of Ouagadougou where their new neighbours try to force them to selloff their land on the outskirts of town. Director Gaston Kabore demonstrates art assured grasp ofthe narrative in this fiercely polemieal film. which attacks both the enforced urbanisation of the island inhabitants and the government’s censorship ofthe media.

I Urban Cowboy Sat 28 (Scottish) 12.10—2.35am. John Travolta stars as the new kid in town in this rather thin tale of weekend cowboys trawling for pick ups in Houston. lt fails. where Saturday Night

Fever succeeded. to provide some insight into the subculture under scrutiny. Although director James Bridges. who clearly revels in the country milieu.gets some fine performances out ofco-stars Debra Winger and Scott Glenn. he'sless successful with ourJohn.

I The Deliant Ones Sun 2‘) (Channel 4) ll).2(lpm—12. lilam. Boastfttl bullying redneck Tony Curtis is chained to angry southern black Sydney Poitier by a prison warder with a strange sense ofhtrmour. Still manacled together the two effect an escape artd. argurng all the way. try to outstrip the State Police. finally released from their chain by a lonely widow . the two part. only to discover that she has double-crossed Poitier and sent him into a swamp. Curtis follows to warn him but is gunned down by the widow 's sort. llls fellow escapee. however. refuses to abandon him and the Sheriff's posse come across the white man being cradled in the black convict's arms. Reacting against the glamorous formula pictures of Hollywood. this remains director Stanley Kramer‘s strongest and most impressive movie. For it. Sam Leavitt received (presumably without any hint ofirony'). the Academy Award for Best Black and White photograpy.

I Travelling North Sun 29(BBC1) 8.35—10. 10pm. Leo McKern andJulia Blake star in David Williamson's own adaptation of his caustically funny stage-play. McKern is a rumbustious recently—retired civil engineer who heads out north from Melbourne to find warmer climes with Frances. a middle-aged divorcee who is torn between her affection for Frank and her love for her teenage daughters back home. Eventually his increasing cantankerousness alienates most of his new neighbours and even his placid companion in this unremarkable tale that rests on our ability to sympathise with the stroppy old gent.

I Daddy Wed 1 (Channel4) Ill—11.50pm.




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The 17-year old Dermot Mulroney has plans once he leaves I lrgh School which involve studying classical guitar at a music college and do not involve becoming a father. However. his girlfriend has ashock in store for them both. ()n confirmation of her pregnancy the two teenagers have to face up to their new responsibilities. What could hay e been a tired and patronising theme is given fresh vigour by John llerzfeld‘s screen play i

I Stolen Kisses Thurs 2 (Channel 4) 12.35—2.2llam. Francois'l'ruffaut's charming story has Jean- l’ier rc l.eaud searching for satisfaction in work and love. After beingdishonourably discharged from the army he finds work its a night-porter only to get his cards there too. Eventually he finds a new lute asa happily incompetcrtt private lil\ estigator Increasingly dissatistied with Ills girlfriend‘s refusal to sleep w ith him. he falls for Delphine Seyrig. the wife ofa store ow her where he is meant to be on a case. An endearing half romantic. half ironic tale. of the kind that Truffaut had a particular affection for.

I The Four Seasons Fri 3 (Scotttshl 12.30—2.3(lam. Three married couples find their cosy life challenged when one of them takes a younger woman to be his new wife. Alan Alda‘s directorial debut elicited some fine performances from his fellow actors. Somewhere within the sparring dialogue lie the hopes and fearsof middle-class America in this amusing. if light. movie.

I Lorca: Death of a Pool Sat 4 (ChanneH) 10.30pm—12.45am An examinationofthe circumstances surrounding the murderof the distinguished poet in 1936. only a month after the outbreak of the civil War. Jose Antonio Bardem‘s‘ film. in Spanish with English subtitles. begs the question was he murdered as the result ofdefinite orders or merely through the overzealousness ofthe local military commander.


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