I Fazzi Brothers 65 Cambridge Street. 231 Clyde Street and in The Avenue. Newton Mearns. lfit‘s Italian. the Fazzis sell it. Apart from pasta machines and other bits and pieces they have a variety of antipastas. Italian meats. cheeses and oils. I Cookery Book 20 Kilmarnock Road. Aurelio Santinon and his wife produced the first ever carry-out lasagnes here. twenty years ago. They no longer have time to make fresh pasta. but they stock meats and cheeses and a good selection of Italian wines. I Peckhams 100 Byres Road, 43 Clarence Drive and Central Station. Wide range of dried pasta includes ravioli. cannelloni, gnocchi and penne. Peckhams also sell fresh

.- spinach and egg tagliatelle.


In general. use small shapes like shells and spirals for salads. Tagliatelle. spaghetti and noodles are for hot dishes. Avoid heavy sauces which mask the flavour of the pasta and the olive oil.

Cosmo’s Lunchtime Favourite

Boil and drain 125g tagliatclle. Add olive oil and a teaspoon of Pesto sauce (made from basil leaves. pecorino cheese and garlic. and available in all Italian delicatessens).

Maurizio's Special Brown some garlic in olive oil. add


chopped tomatoes. chopped olives and capers (optional) as well as fresh basil leaves. Cook for a few minutes. then add a little more olive oil and some chilli. Pour onto the pasta and cook together for 40 seconds before serving.

BASIC PASTA RECIPE To make 500g ( llb) pasta dough

500g (llb) flour 5 or 6 eggs


olive oil

Use a flour which is rich in gluten for added elasticity: strong flour for bread-making is a good choice because it requires less kneading and rolling than durum.

Heap up more flour than you need on a smooth surface. Make a well in the centre of the flour and break the eggs into it. Add a generous pinch of salt and the olive oil. With one hand. gradually push the flour from the edge ofthe well into the egg mixture, using your other hand to support the well's perimeter and stop the mixture flowing out. Continue to incorporate the flour until the batter has become a paste. Knead the dough for 5—10 minutes by pressing the dough flat on a lightly floured surface. folding it double. then pressing it again. Leave the dough covered with a cloth for 1 hour. Divide the dough into portions the size of your fist. Roll out each portion until you have a thin circle. then cut into required shapes.


I THE TRON THEATRES new bar cafe. opened on 17 Jul. promises to be a hit with the Cafe Society. It is the latest in a growing number of trendy places which offer a reasonable and attractive alternative to booze. The Tron bar, which is now open from

1 lam to midnight every day will serve coffee, snacks and pastries throughout the day and a selection of

home-made meals. including vegetarian dishes. from noon—2.30pm. In the evenings pre-theatre meals will be available from 5.30—8pm.

The new bar is but a part of the Tron Theatre‘s plans for redevelopment of the premises on Chisholm Street.


Coffee House

open IO am - 4 pm Monday to Saturday




“sensed hesta urant

LUNCH 12—2.30pm EVENINGS —- 6—11pm (last orders 10.30pm)

~‘ I. C I i ) \ 1C3, arachor" close C, CJC'K bu F‘Fi st. Feet;

\ E DIN B LJ 96H

j :4“ 226 5145

‘11: RAEBL'RN PLACE - STOCKBRlDol-i - EDINBL'RGH EH4 1H0 TELEPHONE-1: 031-33: 23% FAX. 031-315 3381 The Raehurn House Hotel is proud to announce the opening of their new "CONSERVATORY" Function Suite Available for daytime or evening hire (7 days) for all FORMAL and INFORMAL OCCASIONS (mi/z alluring/hr up to ()0 People) Open for lunches 8; bar suppers (with bar and (able service) also * SPECIALI'I‘Y NIGHTS * LIVE MUSIC * * RICS'I‘AURAN'I‘ * (ream I {y refurbished )

6 - 10pm Mon - Sat (closed Sunday)

The list|_\' 0 August l‘Nll79