Breakfast Jazz 10 00am r12 00) Proner singer/pianist Pepe L8 MOkO Free

Lunchtime Jazz 12 15pm (4 00)

ngtlchlgylrnprovlsmg unll Fulani 8i Juwon £3.00(2.00)

Evening Jazz room (11 00)

Saxophonist catcnlng blazing media attention

Ed Jones Quartet 8. Fulani £5 00 (4.00)

LATE NIGHT EVERY NIGHT 11.30pml2.oo)Special Shows. Check your daily diary!

EDINBURGH GRADUATE : ShoWoMan , prescnfs . ' Productions " THE RECRUITIM; OFFICER" g by present GEORGE FARQUHAR TO TIE LADIES WHO ADAM HOUSE THEATRE CHAMBERS STREET DRIVE MERCEDES EDINBURGH by MONDAY 13:}: AUGUST- Ad . J' SATURDAY 25!): AUGUST 1990 r 13“ “"65 7.30pm 9th - 26th August TICKETS : £4 ( cssions £2) “03° at 2.20pm Usher Hall, Queen's Hall, Vcnuc Fringe Bookin Office and l I Adam “ouscflfc hour More St. Columbus by the Castle, performance Johnston Terr. Jazz Café ' ' “m Managemem Brilliant Corner Presents Cafe Coste, 3 Robertson's Close, Cow ate, Edinbur h WEEK one Auc 12-18 g g

The Jazz Cate.

Management presents 3 weeks at the cutting edge oi modern music. Cate Cosle is licensed untill 2am with iood by the excellent Henderson's vegetarian restaurant. Live music throughout the day. Breakiasi. Lunch. evening 8. late

London's premier new music venue together

with Jazz

tickets from: FRINGE BOX OFFICE 031 226 3138 Venue: (“I 337


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1$T SEPTEMBER 1990 7.30pm. and 10.30pm.

>: Tickets available from Frln e box office and Queen's t. Hail box ornoe ( 31 668 2019).


16'I'hc List 10— 16 August 1990

w |

P R E M I E R 7%,,/L/;,7” PERFORMERS r 3 JIMMY nucu: : Appearing at the i Assembly Rooms (Venue3) ;

54 George Street. t

Glasgow Street Blz,_ . 11-26 Aug V '”

a J»! .

3 Ann


Assembly Rooms (Venuea) 54 George Street, i ‘12 Aug-1 Sept

All appearing at the Gilded Balloon 5 (Venue 38) 1

233 Cowgate

STU WHO? 18-25 Aug

J0 BRAND 10 Aug-1 Sept

CATHY LADMAN 10 Aug-1 Sept

MARK uunsr 10Aug-1 Sept

; FARAGO - THE PEOPLE snow (UK) Appearing at the Assembly Rooms (Venuea), 10-19 Aug


208 Cowgate, Edinburgh

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