VENUE SS-Randolph Studio iln-SIIIul Francois d'fcosse 13 Randolpr [res TICIPIS 235 5355' 54

Located in the New T0wn near the West End of Princes Street on Randall)“ Crescenl. this is an elegant and intimate venue presenting a wide \3’leli OI perIOrmances A truer beautrtu! setting tor high Qualny entertarmng thea3[e____

_____,- _

WOYZECK A new adaptatIOn ot Buchner's masterpiece in simultaneOus sign language and v0rce— a poetic expressioh ot the tragedy ot existence

Aug I3 I5. I139. 22. 24. 26. 28. III 3.00mi: (9153 £3.00 ((2.00 __‘_ __ o I. CATECHUMEN by Xavrer Leret Greek communism and the 0055' An ideal, a killing —thrs rs n0t murder. my conscience

Aug 13. I5 :7: 20. 22. 24. 25. 25. Jr to 00pm m 30‘ [3 on it oq___

UBU ROI lfred Jarry's roller coaster ol the abSutC mm“ the drums' banners logos' A pantomime In a COnC("11fa!l0n camp Aug I‘. I5. 18. 21. 23. 25. 27. 2.9. Sept I I.OOpm (9.15 [3 qo_fl:ggc___fl_- "—

LONDON CALLING by Tony Marchant 'lt‘s lust when you resort ol workmg Class. y0u have to be vrolent to tucking live" Aug It. I5. I8. 2t. 23. 25. 27. 29. Sept I 10.009m (11.15) [3.00 ((2.003

WARGASM A devrsed piece .. Aug IJ Sept I (not Aug I9! 12 midnight (1.00) [3.00 ((2.00: -_ - ANNIE T. C THE FRENCH CONNECTION Entertaining evocatmn of French

paSSlonS and pretensions A unique combinatrOn of powerful and amusing songs Prawn Aug I9 5.009": (710 {4.00 ((3.00. Aug 20 Sept I (an! Aug 30; 8.00pm (740: ".00 (£3.00

The BOYS N6)“ Door . ms mum or ALLIE e. powo A student locates her here. a tecTuSwe “is; respected for Writing about 'the truth‘ Aug 1 1 - Sept 1 (not Tues) Aug ma 5.0mm (7.30) :3 no «2.0m a A LOVELY SUNDAY FOR CREVE COEUR by Tennessee Wilhams Laugh and Cry With low spinsters in the heat of an American Summer day Aug 20 Sept 1 4.00pm l5.30' [3.50 ((3.00! ____ _W __ _- __ a KOCHOU Lasenkan returns With a new production scripted and directed by Saburc Shimoda. from a story tor puppet theatre by CHIKAMATSU l1653 1724! Assembly Rooms, 54 George St. Aug ms 4.00pm ISJOJ (4.00 ((2.50: 2

Aug 20-25 10.0mm (11.30) ____. _

is beside the white chickens William Carlos Williams - by day pediatnCran. by

night Poet His scribbles lead to ’Pictures from Bruegha". From Paris a Aug I3 Sept I (got Aun_I!_)_-___2_.90_g§i__l1£9i__ £3.00 (£1.75)

I S CO' I Is C I l t 21A British debut of international story teller ano performer, Kevrn Kling and his wildly tunny characters

Aug 20 Sept I (not Aug 281 12 noon (1.15l £2.95 (£1.951

n STORIES The Gare St Lazare Players ot pa'lS and Chicago p'esenl STOthST

monologues and tales 'gritty intimate and honest' Aug I3 18 12 noon (1.30) [3.25 ((2.50)

\\'Al'I‘t.\'t; ( tort '1‘1 1 E ARADE ., WAITING FOR me PARADE Furtny— a-rttlier-ttolittrtally -[)O-v;t;r-lt—l-l-ip;):1lay-3:07 he ‘0

sham-rt Lanatlum women waging their own battles, for survival during WWII. A hit at tin,- lyflL Harnrncrsrnilit Lindon

Aug I]. I5. I] 25 27. 3! IOODM (9 3‘” [3.95 lt2.95l Aug I4. I]. 20 23. 28 Sop! l 10 009m lllJOl

i. y /,_.\3'r.lj$il‘51.13. ( 33531.3'113531'

' l rms AIN'T NO WAY ro roars: A xror sur y mm on” Amt ~o NORMAL cor NIIIHIA’I

BABY WITH THE BATHWATER by Christopher Oman-.1 America's Iunruest i playwnght takes an irrmerenl whack at parents. cit-Itlrert and their nannies Mary I’tmpms vsm. rwver ilht' this

Aug II. II 20 23 28 Sop! I 8009M (9 30) [3.95 It? 951

Aug 15. I8 II. 24. 26 29 10 009m l1130l

Tired? Hungry? In need of a break from the Feslisal fray

or SILK It for an unusual gift to take home? Why not visit

us at Helios Fountain. We are situated at the vsesl end of the Crassmarliet, just 5 minutes from Princes Street.

In the shop, you will find a unique selection of gifts,

books and toys, with an exlensiy e range of craft materials, including may be the largest range of

V . . jewellery beads in S( otland. \ The Coffeehouse serves a w ide range of vegetarian \ / meals and snar Its at reasonable prit es with the ""“M'T'Es ‘-"""'“l WWW 8H“0'dl'0n 0' "‘0 Osvcm'wv m "mm A brutal emphasis on organic produc e. You r an choose from hot attempted Idpi- l?-t- tables turned on the rapist Ran 0” Broadway for lwo ved'S

Aug I5. I0. 2I. 24. 26 29 8 (1me l9 JOl I3 95 ((2 95)

and cold savouries, soups, salads and lust ious gateaux, Au'_IJ_._16.»22. 25. n JI _ “to 009th l1_l 3m _

served by friendly staff in pleasing surroundings.


'l‘he Shoestring Players soar into strange and enchanting places of the imagination

Opening Hours: from 30 July - 1 September Mon-Sat 10am-8pm; Sun 11am-3pm We accept Visa, Access 7 CRASSMARKET, EDINBURGH EH1 ZHY, 031 22‘) 7884

W‘s/2% «43%

Aug 17 - Sep 1 (not Sun 19) 12 noon (1.00) £3.00 (£2.00) l

30'l‘hc List If) - 16 August 1990