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Japanese actress Aki Isoda marks hertwenty years

playing Shakespearean heroines with a one-woman show in which she portrays

the strongest and the gentlest otWilliam's

women. lsoda uses Western and Oriental dress and o m e traditional Japanese

dramatic techniques.

English surtitles. Even the hardest of hearts aches at

Chaplaincy Centre (Fringe the thought of young love frustrated

venue 23) 12 Aug-138“ by futile family prejudices. and the

(not Suns), 6.20pm, £3 poignancy of Romeo andJuIiet

(£25m , should be felt particularly keenly in a

:gévfigmgégémiflw country as used to unrelenting

has involved 29 actors and religious andcultural dtvrsion as

musiciansmm me ours. So inevrtably Hull Truck‘s

diflerent continents as we" production of Romeo and Juliet will

asthree years' research and provide another angle on the play.

Stu“! olsanskrit. The since all the Montagues headed by

pmdUCtiO" is Wide“ imo Roland Gift's Romeo are played by

“lo pans' Beginni."gsand actors with West Indian origins and ,. .

0'“ Game and Emeand all the Capulets by Asians. Just to who don‘t normally go. lfhaving saying that him and the part are :ferr'ngigggcseé on make for more contrast. Daphnc someone like Roland Gift means made for each other in terms of The Nethemow (Fringe Nayar: who plays Juliet. is an that we get more of those people. Roland s other persona as a rock Venue 30) 13—31 Aug (not AmCt‘lCim ASlim- then that's what were interested m. star.

suns). 30'“ (Complete The PFOdUCtiOH markS Gilt‘fi stage It was in fact Gift who approached Why so‘.’

performance Sat 103m), £5 debut. and his return to hometown the company with the idea of staging ‘Well. Romeo was a young. (“l “U”. alteralong StintWith Finc Romeo anrlJu/ier. ‘Roland wanted dashing, exciting person and that fits ILORD OFTHERIWS Young Cannibals. It hasbeen hugely some stage experience. He comes in with Roland‘sotherimage. his :00: Olii-ggrme "catlonal - SUCCCSSlUl. honing UP [30" OffiCC from Hull. he grew up in Hull and he rock star image’. Romeo as Rock pgtofitngetztgf,V2333, $21le both SidCS 0f "16 Atlantit‘. imd wanted to be based in Hull for a Star'.’ Sure to be a hit. (Miranda Tolkien'stale among the mCVItahl)’ the SUCCCSS hit-8‘ 2110t10t10 while after touring with the Fine France)

graves of Edinburgh's most ' With ROlandUIft. “UHTFUCR itrcn't Young Cannibals. Working with I Romeo and Juliel(Fringe) llull lamous graveyard, complaining. ‘11 doesn‘t bother us at Hull Truck {itth that hilt '1‘,-ttck'1‘hwtm (‘tmpany‘ Assembly GteY'tiatS- The Show is all‘ says company administrator. ‘I think he's been very bold to go in Rooms (Venue 3) 226 2-128. 13 sunablem?" 3983' Barry NCtthttm- ‘WC‘TC tnthCSth at the deep end and take on a hefty Aug—l Sept. noon. £6.50 (£5). G'eymars Km showman, in getting PCUPIC in“) thC tht‘atrc role like Romeo. it goes without

(Fringe Venue 131) 16—18

Aug, 7.30pm, £4.50

(£3.50). [— I DANTON‘S DEATH Edinburgh's Communicado

| Brechtian (

. Mulgrew recognises in Biichner's

I ; writingthe kind oi lreedom that

‘i r perhaps only an unproduced playwright

can enjoy. ‘lt‘s not a clean way ol

writing a play,’ he says circling his

hands expressively in the air. ‘lt‘s like

he’s taken a pot of black paint and a

- r .. white canvas, just like Roll Harris! You six-week rehearsal time afforded to the get a line representing a whole

Biichner’s account ol the downlall ol Danton, the only man with the power to end the French Revolution.

Rolf Harris

eiicttner only wrote three Communicado began 1990 with the . . . . plays beiore hisdeath aged r tirst major production of Glasgow’s . company Is still Inadequate torthe movement 't S teal'v WW8. “33°39” " 23. : Yearoicutture and, to my mind, the scale olhis ambition. ‘lt's more does not come outon anybody selde. 't 5‘ Bride's Centte (Festival) - most outstanding show of the year so comiorting to have a iinished script 93”"? eve’VQOdY '" ""3 “mg”? w,” 11‘19A“9(“°”3A“9lv ; lar. CertainlyJock Tamson's Bairns i betore you start, ldon'twantto be a poss'b'et Wm" '3 "10'3","8'0 "'8' g'ggpm 133125“?! , remained a most popular subject ior tight-rope walker tor the rest of my Emphas's'm ")3 “onms'l’lnt Phaos' .' 0t?“ wah "1'" have heated conversation in the arty bars oi ' lile.’ teat and uncertainty 0' erO “"2930” scanned the first ptizeto, Central Scotland tor a surprisingly long : Georg Bitchner’s play, never Pat's, MU'QFW .8 D'Oductlon N? am“ 8 amateurtheatre in Britain time after its month-long run. performed in his own lifetime, is a . contemporary 3" because "‘9 'ssues 3' three times. "0* Edinburgh Remarkable not only lor the scope of its contemplation on the conflicting ideas Sta“ "3"" "a"? ceased '0 be Theatre arts is back atthe imagination, sense at pure theatre and and ideals of the French Revolution C9nlempo'aw- "We are a '0' 0' Fringe with whatthey' l penetrating look at the state at a 2 iramed by the impending tragedy oi “5””an ""0 “FI'eve "'9 "8'3"" 5'95"“: 3'3. a “mu” t nation, the production was unusual ior Danton, a moderate in the ReVO'Pl'O" has" “WW” “3" he wifg:l’si::2r?can i its collaborative multi-media devised guillotine~happy terms of the time. SaVs- " 'ed 0" ‘? Napmeuh'lggflégdo" 3t philip's Cent“, (Hinge g process that remained periloust ‘There's a constant interplay and _ ‘0 "‘3’ Wang" 0 NWT}; ,t Venue 8)13_25Aug(not19 ' open-ended as late as the tirst night at argument raging between all sorts oi "‘9 90"“cal home's 3" ' 35" Aug), 7.40pm. £3.75 (£3). Glasgow’s Tramway. opposites,‘ explains Mulgrew. Stopped- The play 3'10""? argumettts " - While Danton's Death, the ; ‘Between one character's obsession 3'9 (‘0‘ (esolved "my “98' W" s company’s lirst contribution to the ' with virtue and Danton's awareness lascmmg '5 "‘3' V0" ‘33" behave I International Festival, will retain that Iiie is not perfect, that it's not eYe’VDOdV—VO" ca" ""de'S‘and "3‘? ' Communicado’s patentblend oi songs, idealistic, it's dirty and terribly human r d'lle’emcomp'e" "gunman" , chants and choreography, it’s a reliel 3 The revolution itsell becomes like a 3” Pemme 3' a le‘te' We" “"19"”?! l lor director Gerry Mulgrew to be back t natural phenomenon, an explosion.“ 0" '"saP'W- (Mm “She,” . t' on tirm ground - any ground with an I From the aria-like quality at its - Damon 5993'“ ('"lefnal'ona' Fes‘wa'l l established script. ‘This seems easier 1 speeches to the short, shitting scenes commumcador 3' 8"9" 5 Centre 225 l than Jock Tamson's Bairns,’ he admits, that seem to anticipate cinema and that i 57554149 Augr “mus "mast while pointing out that even the undoubtedly iniluenced Brecht, $550-$8-

l'he list lll- to August 100031