Sean Kavanagh's guide to this year‘s Musicals. ITHE HOUSE ON THE CORNER Kirriemuir‘s famous son. J.M. Barrie. is so fascinated with flying and the power of flightthat his persistence leadsto divorce. death andthe writing ofa play called PeterPan. Should be big. Ouinquereme Productions (Fringe) Broughton High School Theatre (Venue 59) 13-25 Aug, 7.30pm. £4 (£3.50)

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I THE GOLDEN KEY How many of us have watched a game show ontelevision and reached forthe sick bag? The Eleventh Hour Music Theatre Group invite you to ‘Come on Down‘to Hill Street Theatre. Eleventh HourMusic Theatre (Fringe) Hill Street Theatre (Venue 41)225 7294.12-25 Aug,12.10am; and 28—1 Sept. 1.10pm. £3 (£2.50).

I THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA The Phantom lurks at St Bernard's Church. Saxe Coburg Street. The

American version from Bat Productions Inc with the

guarantee thalAndrew Lloyd Webber had nothing to do with it. As you all know by now. it's the sad tale of a man who losesfacefor love.

Bat Productions, Inc (Fringe) St Bernard's Church (Venue 71)332 7244. 13—25 Aug. 7.30pm. £5 (£4); Matinees on15, 18. 22. 25 Aug athm.


would Shakespeare feel if

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famous work of his has been settoiazz and set inthe

1930s clubland?. Mumbles Theatre present that same bittersweet comedy. Just imagine. “Ladies and Gentlemen. on drums... Puckfi

Mumbles Theatre (Fringe) Paradox at the Wee Red Bar (Venue 73) 229 1003, 13-25 I Aug (not Sun), 7pm, £4 , (£3). (

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Burning down the house

The curtain has yet to be raised on this show and already Broadway and the West [ind are sitting up and paying attention. The audience for the opening night includes a host of star names from Don Black. the lyricist for Aspects ()f1.m'e. to David lleneker. the composer of Half/t Sixpence. Along the aisle will be Broadway producer Taylor (iatchel. whose credits include Phantom oft/1e Opera and (his. and Jim McCauley. the Executive Producer on The, Johnny (‘ursun Show. None other than Sarah Brightman is also expected to attend.

‘My partner. Michael Reed and I were writing a new musical. loosely based on the life ofJ.M. Barrie for an American Theatre Company.' explains author. Warner Brown. ‘Juggling dates on the showbiz calender is a hit and miss business. it looked like we'd he ready before they were. It was just then that we heard about ()uinquereme. What a coincidence. We had the makings of a musical about a Scottish playwright

(— Pet sounds

No. It is not Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer. These are the wonderful kids from the Edinburgh Acting School. The festival is supposed to be fun filled and last year, these same youngsters served up a huge feast of mirth with their ‘Orpheus in the Underworld’. l have no reason to doubt that exuberance will be the bottom line in theirversion of The Sound of Music.

The film version of the show grossed 65 million dollars, easily outdistancing cinema greats like ‘Gone with the Wind'. It is now in the hands of a bunch of 7—17 year olds including Eleanor Carter who plays Maria and Eamon Curran as Captain Von Trapp.

Do not expect the tones of Julie Andrews. ‘Our kids go into these shows with so much enthusiasm that anything can happen' warns Ann lzzatt of Edinburgh Acting School. ‘You will inevitably get the odd, off key note and anything else that can happen when young performers are excited and nervous'. For my own part, the EAS gave me the best laugh I had in 1989 so I am sure that they will have no trouble climbing every mountain with gusto.

‘Over the years.‘ continues lzzatt, ‘this school has had a number of full time students. some of whom are now

and here was a Scottish Company. barely hatched and ready to fly in new directions. A world premiere was suddenly very much on and the venue would be Edinburgh and not the USA.‘

()uinquereme Productions consists of five energetic Edinburgh folk. Brian and Fiona Robertson. along with Paul and Janice Johnson and John Howden. obtained generous sponsorship from Angus District (‘ouncil and set about launching ‘The House.‘

This is a musical drama based on Kirriemuir's J.M. Barrie. The story concentrates on his fascination with flying and the power of flight itself.

Barrie‘s meetings with Kirby’s Flying Ballet and his quest fora technological answer to an artistic question leads to divorce. death and the creation of the novel Peter Pan. This is more than a historical record. It is history imagined. With an exciting score by Michael Reed. Musical Direction by the award winning David [.yall and an excellent cast directed by Julianne Jerome. this production looks set to take the

Festival by storm. (Sean Kavanagh) l The House On The Corner (Fringe) Quinquereme Productions. Broughton High School Theatre (Venue (1‘)) 224 8331/0506 883165. 13—25 Aug. 7.30pm. £4 (£3.50).

pursuing successful stage careers. One thing all our students of every age agree is Edinburgh Acting School is a place where serious study goes hand and hand with enjoyment and sheer fun.‘

If you don't already know, the story centres on a young girl. Maria, who is sent to a convent to become a nun. She is not impressed with having to get up at four in the morning so she creates havoc and is sent away to become governess to Von Trapp’s children. As well as her luggage, she brings her chaotic ways with her and drives the

Captain to the brink. Eventually they get married and come into contact with Nazi Austria. Treat yourself by checking out, not what these youngsters do with if. more what they ; do to it. 5 Musical Direction is by Marion Braid Pagan and Gavin Pagan. Choreography by Denise Woodburn and Jill Cunningham. Anna Tinllne directs. 5 (Sean Kavanagh) The Sound of Music (Fringe) Edinburgh Acting School, St Andrew’s Hall (Venue 117) 557 2275,13—18 Aug, 7.30pm, £4.50 (£3.75).

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