f I _ i HITLIST l t l . ' i All events will take place in E ' The Royal Museum of Scofland. I ROY HATTERSLEY E d Rumour has it that this chap n s is involved in politics. He would seem to have more energy than his wet-look g: Spitting Image puppet i would imply as he is alsoa , M prolilic writer. This ; g 5 Philip Parr talks to aboutlite in Yorkshire Edinburgh Book Festival :gtggimfl'gglfgf‘“'9"' director. and presenter of i Thurs16Aug. 11.15am. Scottish Books about this " year’s ‘Meet The Author’ programme and looks ahead to next year‘s Book Festival. , Thankfully. the annual chorus of a!" r twcit’c ght “0 money" which authors to be more familiar from the trilogy t5 expected to he emanates from Edinburgh Festival TV/radio than print stretches published in 1992 in order m (Roy . . headquarters each spring has now beyond the children's hours (which would hope) coincide with ,. .x _ .. . dth d0Wh- Jehh)’ BT0th and Shoot! feature Blue Peter presenter. John Hattersley‘s assumption ofthe title I HAmF KUREISHI Looking Mun“) Cm”th excused tor being Leslie. and Flossie Teacake creator. of Home Secretary. At Meet the . like a cross between the two m0” than 1‘ htttc SCWhtUt 0t Sueh Hunter Davies. amongst its Authors. Hattersley Will try to Justify leads in his film My Cttcs 0t Pt’vcrtY- The Edinburgh number). This would seem to the amount of free time which he Beautiful Laundrette. Boott Festival. Whieh neXt appears in suggest a hint of scepticism on the seems to enjoy. in addition to Kureishi should provea 1991. received the quite part of the organisers that authors, discussing the first part ofthe trilogy popu'a'.draw' "is bopkiare t'hdchthmthg handout (“5135.000 pure and simple. have the pulling —The Maker‘s Mark. 9' 3 Sim”“" paceto htsmms from the Scottish Arts Council and power of multi-media personalities. Following Hattersley, Hanif iziiiitiiymgisgrpzlciizitto Edinburgh District (7.0“th in 1989 The Pret‘iehtation (“Well-known Kureishi author ofthe much keep up. and looks set to remain bi-annual for authors has always been a feature of acclaimed The Buddha ()f‘guburbm m 17 Aug. 11.15am. theforeseeable future. A real. The Book Festival.‘ says Jenny (acclaimed. amongst others. by a Mr I MARGARET FORSTER ‘hd'CtttOt "tCCOhhmte hatdSh|P~ its Brown. ‘especially in the children's Rushdie; probably much to the AND cenmme cases Jenny Brown ( Book Festival section. Ofcourse. it‘s indicative of anxiety of Kureishi) will be in Footlighter. feministand I)ifCCi0l'). explains. the industry as we”. discussion with The (I‘uardian‘s [an friend otClive James are all ‘I think that ideally we hope it publishers love it when well known Maycs and producerofBookmark. epithets tagged Ont“ . Will heeome annual but the main names choose to write a book—The Nigel Williams (himselfnoslouch teeatetttaht Gleet- She '5' problem is the funding. Benny Hill Joke Book would be very when it comes to comedic novel). In gzggmtiaéggxgt deal more Sponsorship'g getting increasingly popular. We had take in the middle the worris- (rflertnyv Brown, Kurcishi appearance these days ma difficult as publishers concentrate on line. the popular line. in Meet the is ‘vcry like his film very rude. very developing recluse (come the new ‘tdd'ttt’hs t0 the” catalogues Authors. At the Book Festival. funny and very accessible. ' to think at it. she won’t and forget about the hitek-lists. [fit there’ll be a whole range of things. The rest of the authors read like a relishthat description book is published in the summer We should and will be taking risks perfect Start the Week line up. eithet) that‘s fine because the author Will and bringing authors that people Margaret Forster and Germaine Sat 13 59911-15th- come here its Part Of the promotional haven‘t heard about and we hope Greer will be talking together. a . . i E ' Cimtt- 8‘“ “we “'3”th Shmeohe that our audiences would also take a Bernard MacLaverty and William Who-“C h00k came out in Deeemhef chance to come and see somebody Boyd will each discuss their films and "” WC Simply “mild hOt hitVe the money who they hadn‘t read. I think more novels and Charles Palliser (who. to do it- We heed it lot more money and more people are doing that each like Julian Barnes. may always be and many more staff for the festival time,‘ too good to win The Booker Prize) t" become annual-t Although not catering to the will appear with Dorothy [)unnett to That‘s hOt to say that there aren‘t new-age yuppies who believe that discuss the meticulous research ~ _ my ~ mttSStVC Pros and cons to making it the world‘s ills can be traced to the behind the historical novel. I BARBARA TRAJDO annual“ She Comihhcs; ‘WC‘VC got hi-tech box in the corner of the living The one ‘unknown' is Barbara Could be the surprise him 209 “Uthms aPl’eithhg 'h 1991- HOW room. the Meet the Authors‘ Trapido who. in spite ofbeing one of the Meet the Authors tlUJthY d" We “1" (“It 0t2001mth0t8 itinerary will please those who like Britain‘s best and best-selling events.Sheis one otthe each )‘eatttwe'reon annually? Also‘ their personalitiesintellectual rather authors. has remained immune to tew who is exclusivelya media-wise. we do very well by being than egotistical the lure of Melvyn et al. Her latest “oven.” and that kind 0‘ CVCTY Other Year because People The events commence with a man book. Terri/21m-ofl)elight. will be 3332;333:532?” think ‘th‘tis different ah‘Wt the who may soon have to admit defeat published on 30 August and she will like the wemahwam testh’at this y‘caf? OhgThC 300k and hang up his nib for a few years. be talking (in a similar vein to accessible and humoro'us. Fhstwal 5 "h -1 hat Stttd~ thought Roy Hattersley‘s freedom to pursue Kureishi) about her inspiration. Thurs 23 August,11.15am, ththk that 1‘ thtt’tthc PUth WOUtd - hisliterary career. through Labour‘s I MICHAEL HOLROYD Abig like to see “5 CaCh Yem- self-imposed exile in opposition. has A ll events will he llt’ltl in the Lecture name t’togtaphettamthg WhtISt the that" course Of the 800k led to a string of books mostly based Theatre of The Royal Museum of °"° °”"° °°'°Ss‘ “the '3“ Festival is still twelve months away. in the countv of his beloved Sheffield 5 Scotland. ( 'hamhers Street. Tl(‘l((’l.\‘ 150 Yeah-5. The awesome this year there is the appetiser of 1 Wednesday: Clearly, Hattersley l are available by post/rum the Eggrgteagzgz:zhstSS'fa‘: 16-25 Aug. ‘Meet The AUthot‘- The expects the'l’ories to run their full 5‘ Edinburgh Book Festival. 25a SW too much tor even Houoyd events are “Imhst Cquail." tt'thCd , term because he has just begun a l Thistle Street l.am' liiu'l sat' and to condense into one tome between those hthd at ChtldtCh and trilogy of novels based on the | chequepayable to lztlttihurgh lino/t so ‘The Search For Love' is those geared thwatds Edinburgh‘s experiences of his father‘s and l I't'stii'all.‘ l)_\‘[)ltt)tti’ with VISA. or at thefirstinatrilogy. SOPhtStieitted itdtllt PoPUlaee. mother’s families in the late 19th and the hinge Box Office. [8!) High 33t25A09.11.153m. However. the tendency for the . early 20th centuries. The final part of i Stri’t't.

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