I FINE ART SOCIETY I37 (icorge Street. 22116370. Mott—I'll 9.3llam~ 5.30pm. Sat 10am—1pm.

James McBey:1883—1959 I l Aug—4 Sept. Mchy is one of Britain's most talented printrttakers and watercolourists. This exhibition ofover fifty works covering all aspects of his career. from First World War etchings to late works in Tangier.

I THE FRUITMARKET GALLERY Market Street. 2252383. Mon—Sat 1()am—5.3()pm: Sun 1—5.3()pm.

Max Ernst: The Sculpture it Aug—23 Sept. Best known for his paintings and graphics. Max Ernst ( 1881—1976) is under-estimated as a sculptor. This exhibition concentrates on his metal pieces. bronze sculptures and gold and silver jewellery.

I NATIONAL GALLERY OF SCOTLAND 'I'he Mound. 5568921. Mott—Sat lllam—5pm; Sun 2—5pm.

Cézanne and Poussin: The Classical Vision of Landscape Until 21 ()ct. Standing at either end of the classical tradition Poussin (1594—1665) was the founder of French ('lassicism and (‘ézanne ( 1839—1906) the master of Post-Impressionism both artists shared a passionate desire to create order out of nature. Their relationshipis explored through a selection of paintings. drawings and watercolours front collections all over the world.

Edinburgh: Watercolours Irom the National Gallery at Scotland 9 Aug—210ct.

I STOCKBRIDGE BOOKSHOP 26 North West Circus Place. 225 5355. Mon-Fri 9am—8pm: Sat 9am—6pm: Sun 11am—5pm. Art Book Bonanza 11 Aug—2 Sept. Books covering a wide range of styles and artists.

" eT

I ASSEMBLY ROOMS 54 George Street. All day. every day. Punch at the FrInge 12 Aug—l Sept. Punch has prided itselfon the best cartoons around for nearly 150 years. I THE ARCHITECTURE GALLERY 2() Chambers Street. 552 6821 . Tue-Sat mam-5pm: Sun 2—5pm. Margaret Smith: Landscapes Limit 8 Sept. Smith brings eight years spent studying Japanese sumi-c and llokusai to bear on her work in acrylic landscapes. described as 'closest yet to Turner’. Ilusband Sam Francis is exhibiting down the road at the Talbot Rice (iallery. I THE BACKROOM GALLERY 42 London Street. 5568329. Mon—Sat 1(1ant—5.3l)pitt. Ian Thompson: The Blind and the Naked 1.'ntil 18 Aug. 'Ruthless' paintings and constructions depicting religion as ‘resignation. restraint. conflict attd struggle". I COLLECTIVE GALLERY 166 I ligh Street. 221112611. Mon—Sun 12.3(1—5.3t)pm. Gordon Boyd: Circles L’ntil 19 Aug. I EDINBURGH COLLEGE OF ART Lauriston Place. 229 931 1. Daily llIam-5pm. All exhibitions 12 Aug—2 Sept. Yvonne Hawker: Shadows in Disguise —A Reflechon. llawker's installation reflects on the (‘athars and the philosophy ofdualisnt. which she studied during her stay in Limoux last year. Stephen Collingbourne and Aileen Keith informal works on paper. Alistair Mack: Paintings, Drawings and Prints 12 Aug—l Sept. Mack‘sabstract images are concerned with the interplay between simple sltapes and fornts. I EDINBURGH PRINTMAKERS WORKSHOP GALLERY 23 L'nion Street. 557 2479.



Mon—Sat 1(Iant—5 30pm.

Sam Francis: Recent Graphic Work it Aug-8 Sept.

There will also be demonstrations of etching. stone lithography attd screenprintittg itt art Open Anemoon 15 Aug. 2-5 m.

I EDITH SIMON GALLERY Student (‘etttt'c llouse. Bristo Square. 667 (1214. Mon— Sat 1(I.3(lam—6.3l)pnt.

LOVBIV Odd Fish L'ntil 1Sept.liditlt Simon's pictures. sculpture. graphics. audio-visual artd video works. presumably not all on a fishy theme.

I EDRTY~FOUR 44 London Street. 55'.~ 8211). Mon—Sat Illant—-11pm.

New Workfrom 4411 Aug- 8 Sept. l.eila (‘ialloway's feminine wire-made wall sculptures attd 'I‘ony ( ‘oopcr’s masculine installations make for interesting interplay itt their studio-curtt-gallery.

I GALLERY OF MODERN ART Relford Road. 556892]. Mon- Sat Illam -5pm‘.Sun 2—5pm. [D] Cafe.

The gallery's justly renowned cafe is open Mon—Sat 1(I.3llant t4 3llpm: Sun 2.30—4.2lipm.

Wols Until 2 Sept. The inspiration ofa generation of abstract artists itt liurope. Wols trained in (iermany as a photographer aitd moved to Paris in the 1930s. lnterned as an ‘encttty alieit’ he took tip drawing aitd watercolour and was influenced first by the Surrealists and later by Klee.

Free Abstraction limit 2 Sept. An exhibition of drawings and watercolours by the ntain figures of (ierman free


abstraction. organized by the (ioethe-lnstitut. London.

Works front the gallery‘s stock are also always on display .

I GRAEME MURRAY GALLERY 15 Scotland Street. 556 61121). Tue- Fri llIam--5pm; Sat llIant— lpttt.

Poiesis ll Aug—29 Sept. Mixed Works on the theme of ‘l’oesy‘. defined by Brewer's Dictionary Ufl'ilCI um! Fable as ‘poctry collectively. or in tltc abstract'.

I GREYFRIARS KIRK HOUSE (‘andlemaker Row. Daily llIam-2am'.".".’

Hannah Horsfall and Malcolm Bell: Joint Drawings 12 Aug -1 Sept. Ilorsfall and Bell work together on every drawing. each one takirtg tltrec rttotttlts to complete.

I HANOVER FINE ART 22a Dundas Street. 5562181. Mon—Fri ll)am—5.3l)pm; Sat lilam 4pm.

Summer Festival Exhibition Until 3 Sept. Recent works. including ceramics. sculpture. jewellery. textiles. wood carvings and prints. by artists front around Seotland aitd abroad.

I HILLSIDE GALLERY 1 lillside Street. 556 644tl.'1'ue—Sat I2.3(I—6pm.

Incidents and Odd Imaginings t.'ntil III Aug. Lively and colourful illustrations iit acrylic frottt professional illustrator Ruth Rivers. Prevention oi Innocence 13 Aug—8 Sept. A group of illustrators take a fresh look at Lewis (‘arroll

I HOLYRDOD ART CLUB South (iray's (lose. lliglt Street. Mon—Sat “tam-7.30pm; Sun noon—6pm.

Art Exhibition and Sale of Paintings 1 1-25 Aug. ()il paintings. watercolotirs. pastels

Festival Exhibitions, 369 Gallery. ' The 369 Gallery is following its usual

exhibiting policy of having a number of shows in the gallery at any onetime. On the top floor, the six artists who rent studios and programme the gallery space will be showing work in a series

; of short exhibitions. The first week of the Festival will be taken up with the increasingly recognised Rob Maclaurin

and Callum lnnes. The former's anxious small figures in landscapes and the latter's abstractions oi

j repetitive marks and colour may sit

r uneasily together. Week two will have : Olivia Irvine's more lyrical

abstractions which have developed

from an interest in gardens. Week

three pairs Rose Frain and Kiell

Torriset. Frain has recently sold a work to the Victoria and Albert Museum; Torriset has shown in Oslo and Stckholm. Their shared concern for finding painterly equivalents for bodily experience (though in very different

ways) should be an interesting


(\Q _ WorkbyCarolineMcNairn dialogue. Finally, Claudia Petretti

shows her colourIuI landscapes of

Italy, evocations of the land of her family. She is also showing atthe . Italian Institute during the Festival. The i middle floor will have a group exhibition forthe duration, on the theme of still-life painting, where gesture and colour are to the lore.

Also throughout the Festival, the ground Iloorwill have just one exhibition. Caroline McNairn has become increasingly well known in Scotland recently, particularly following her success in Moscow last year, when the Pushkin Museum bought one of her works; a Soviet critic has written the catalogue essay for the show. As with most of the artists shown regularly bythe 369, herwork is ‘painterly‘, strongly coloured and gestural; it is also (like the catalogue essay) highly romantic. This exhibition will offer a chance to ascertain how her work is maturing. (Hilary Robinson)

and drawings.

I MCKIRDY'S SEAFOOD BAR Assembly Street. l.eitlt. Daily 1 lam-late. Edna Whyte: Paintings and drawings Until 3


I MORAY HOUSE COLLEGE OF EDUCATION lliglt Street. Mon-Sat ltiam--5pm.

Three Friends Show Patrick (iibbs. ( 'arol Scrttple aitd Alisott Scott have set upa manage ti trots irt the college‘s Staff Dining Roortt. Works include figurative paintings to abstract wood compositions.

I OPEN EYE GALLERY 75 (‘umberland Street. 557 11121). Mon—l‘ri llIant-(tpmSat llIam---4pm.

Donald Manson: Recent Paintings l 1 Aug- 6 Sept.

I RICHARD DEMARCO GALLERY Blackfriars ('hurch. Blackfriars Street (off High Street). 557117117. Mon-Sat Illam—6pm.

Strategy-Gets-Arts +7 20: APictlandgarden: New Works by Gunther Uecker t 'ntii 1 Sept. It is 21) years since the RD(‘t presented the stunning 'Strategy-(icts-Arts' at Iidinburgh (‘ollege of Art. Now one ofthe original exhibitors. (itinther L'ccker. returns with an exhibition influenced by the Pictish settlers ofScotland.

I ROYAL BOTANIC GARDEN 552 7171. (iardens Mort—Sat lliam sunset; Stiit Ham-sunset. Plant ltoiises artd exhibitions ( mounted irt Irtverlcith I louse) Mon—Sat llIant -5pm;Sun 11am-5pm. Andy Goldsworthy: Sculpture 1976—1990 1 i Aug—28 ()ct. (ioldswortlty has made sculpture front snow. ice. rock. clay. leaves and flowers. This is his first retrospective exhibition and will tour Europe after Edinburgh.

I ROYAL MUSEUM OF SCOTLAND Chambers Street. 225 7534. Mon»~Sat Iliam—Spm: Sun 2—5pm.

Elizabeth Frltsch: Ceramics - Cross Rhythms 1978-1990 Until9Sept.

Adventures In Wonderland: Reconstructing the DOdO A new permanent exhibition devoted to this most enigmatic ofbirds.

I THE SCHOOL OF PHILOSOPHY 18 Chester Street. Mon—Sat 10ant—5.3(Ipm.

The Turkish and Sauna Baths 1 1 Aug-l Sept. Paintings and sculptures by Tim Pomeroy.

I TALBOT RICE ART GALLERY ()ld (.‘ollege. University of Edinburgh. South Bridge. 66711111.Tue—Sat I()am--5pnt;Sun2—5pm Sam Francis Nowlz Paintings1989—1990 L'ntil 9 Sept.

I THEATRE WORKSHOP 34 I Iamiltott Place. 226 5425. Mon Sat Iliam- 5pm and late during performances.

New Work L'ntil 111 Aug. Interiors by Mal Reid. lidinburgh colourist.

I 359 GALLERY 253 ( 'oys gate. 225 31113. Mon—Sat 111.3(1ani 5.3llpm.

Crossing the Line: New Work by Caroline McNairn l'ittil 22 Sept. Described by a Soviet art critic as ‘Matissc w itlt a strong Scottish accent'.

369 Studio Artists‘ Exhibitions 1 ‘nul 5 Sept. as follows:

Robert Maclaurin and Callum Innes t Hill 11 Aug

Olivialrvine i3 :3 \u;


I THE ASH GALLERY 15ft ( 'aiioiigatc. 556 216i) Mon Sat Illaiit 6pm

From Barga and Picinifco to Edinburgh via Venice. Florence. Lucca. Arezzo. San j Gimignano. Drvieto and all those Scottish ' towns and villages on the road to Meikleseggie. including South Oueensferry llIAug 29Sept. Paintings.diawiitgsatid prints from Richard Dciiiaico. ol course 20th Century Icon Series: In Defence oI Sensuality lllx\tli.1 2‘lSept \li\ctliiietli.i pieces from .laite Mac-\llistct I BARNES a FITZGERALD 4 ‘1‘ t "tent ye i

Ilic‘ ltl loAugiist 1991155