The Film Festival main box office is at Filmhouse. 88 Lothian Road. 228 2688. open daily 9am—9pm. The box office for screenings at the Cameo Cinema. 38 I Iome Street. 228 4141 . opens an hour before each performance.

Morning shows £2 (£1 ). Lunchtime shows (£1 ). Afternoon shows: lectures. seminars £2: Filmhousc I 524(12): Filmhouse 2 £3 (£1 .50): Cameo £4 (£2). Evening shows (afterojllpm): Filmhouse I £4; Filmhouse 2 £3: Cameo £4. Late Nights“.



The Big Man (David Leland. UK. 1990) 7.30pm. World premiere of Leland‘s tough Glasgow-shot William Mcllvanney adaptation starring the extraordinary Liam Neeson as an ex-mincr involved in brutal bare-knuckle fighting. Joanne Whalley-Kilmer. Ian Bannen and Billy Connolly fill out the cast. See also feature.


Young Film-makerolthe Year Programme 1 10.45am. First instalment ofthe Channel 4-sponsored competition includes work from London‘s Royal College of Art and the Uniwersytet Slaski. Katowice.

Lunchtime Animation

12.45pm. Bugs Bunny celebrates his fiftieth birthday.

The Fabulous BakerBoys 2pm. Steve Kloves poignant hard-boiled portrait of showbiz folk with Michelle Pfeiffer and the Bridges Brothers in a version specially subtitled for the deaf.


The Bachelor (Roberto Faenza. Italy. I990) 2.15pm. Decorative period piece has Keith Carradine. Miranda Richardson. and Max Von Sydow in tangled amorous intrigue as the

intelligence‘s dirty deeds in Northern Ireland. which gained the wrath of the tabloid press in Cannes. Frances

Cox star.



begins its slow fade.


lCA Bienniall 2.30pm. In association with the Arts Council and the British Council. actress Tilda Swinton has selected three programmes representing the best of British experimental film and video work. This first instalment features Penny Woolcock's When The Dog Bites plus video pieces from John Maybury and Cerith Wyn Evans.

Monologue oi ATaxi Driver (Gunter Stahnkc. E. Germany. 1989)6pm. East German offering opens the Truth Triumphant season of

unshelved films from

Eastern Europe and

attacksthe moral , bankruptcy of the then

ruling Berlin regime. With English voice-over.


: DecemberBride

(Thaddeus O'Sullivan. Ireland. I990)o.30pm. Donal McCann. Saskia Reeves and Ciaran Ilinds are the menage a trois in former cameraman ()‘Sullivan‘sevocationof

3 turn ofthe centurylifein ' rural.Presbyterian




The Shooting Gallery (Arpad Sopsits. I Iungary. I990) 6.30pm. Judged best Ilungarian film ofthe year. Sospits' film investigates the true story ofa teenager who shot his father then carried on with life as ifnothing had happened.


Inner Stale (Krzysztof Tchorzewski. Poland. I982) 8. 15pm. Banned for seven years. this story of

an apolitical yachtswoman

who falls foul of the

martial law crackdown

features another

remarkable performance

by thisyear's Cannes . award winner Krystyna

l_w_r__ __ _r__ _ _ ____ 64The List 10— lb August I990



Akita ( Katsuhiro Otomo. .lapan. I988)8.45pm. Massive two hour plus animated adaptation of a famed Japanese graphic novel should have the comics cultists beside themselves with excitement.


Hidden Agenda(Ken Loach. UK. I990) 8.45pm. Gala screening for Loach and Jim Allen's excavation of British

! l

I FILMHOUSE1 Young Film-maker ol the Year Prog 210.45am. Three short pieces from students at the DFFB. Berlin. Schloclt (John Landis. US. 1971 ) 2pm. The Landis I retrospective kicks off I with his debut bow to the low-budget monster movie. Plus the director‘s own personal 35mm print of his topnotch Michael Jackson vid Thriller. I CAMEO Korczak (Andrzej Wajda. Poland. I990)2.15pm. Dignified remembrance ofevents in 1990 Warsaw as Jewish doctor and broadcaster Janusz Korczak remains steadfast before the looming threat of the Nazi death camps. I FILMHOUSE 2 ICA Biennial 2 2.30pm. Second compilation of film and video experiment includes Peter Gidal‘s (Jail! and Stakker‘s [furorechnrx Awakening (Juri Sillart. Estonia. I989) 6pm. Powerful recreation ofthe fateful day in 1949 when Stalin's NKVD swooped to forcibly remove thousands of Estonians from their farmsteads. I FILMHOUSET Morphine and Dolly Mixtures (Karl Francis. UK. 1990) 6.30pm. BBC Wales production from the prolific Francis has Patrick Bergin as the widowed alcoholic father being taken care of by his five children. I CAMEO lll Only Have Your Love (Peter Kern. W. Germany. 1988)o.30pm. A shy computer operator is moved to passion by an enigmatic woman who communicates only in song. Director Kern was once a member ofthe Vienna Boys Choir. Makes sense. doesn‘t it? I FILMHOUSE 2 Stars In The Ditch (Pupi Avati. Italy. 1979) 8.15pm. The Avati retrospective commences with this folkloric tale ofa peasant family in tune with the spirits and a mysterious female visitor. Original version. no subtitles. See panel for ticket information. I FILMHOUSEl The Mahabharata (Peter Brook. France. 1988) 8.45pm. Three hour edited-down film version from Brook's original all-night marathon stage

l i | McDormand and Brian l l


performance (only UK showing in Glasgow) based onthe great Sanskrit epic poem of creation and scripted by Jean-Claude Carriere.


The Children (Tony Palmer. UK. I990) 8.45pm. Palmer and Kingsley follow their collaboration on the passionate Shostakovich biopic Testimony with this similarly heated Edith Wharton adaptation. which follows a middle-aged engineer‘s romantic misadventures across inter-war Europe. With Kim Novak.Joe Don Baker. Britt Ekland. and Donald Sinden (l).

[MEM- '

I FILMHOUSEI Young Film-maker ol the YearProg 310.45am. Three student films from the Australian Film. Television and Radio School. Sydney. plus Peter Gahan's Da Capo from the College of Commerce. Dublin. Lunchtime Animation 12.45pm. The Turning Table shown in tribute to its director. noted French animator Paul Grimault. I CAMEO Bye Bye Blues (Anne Wheeler. Canada. 1989) 2.15pm. Entertaining wartime reminiscence. based on the experiences of the director’s mother. as an abandoned mother goes on the road as pianist in a jazz outfit and falls for the dashing trumpeter. I FILMHOUSE1 The Blues Brothers (John Landis. US. I980) 2.30pm. Joliet Jake and Elwood aka Belushi and Aykroyd don familiar penguin suits and shades on their R'n'B-powcred mission from God. A prize is offered for those who correctly guess the number of totalled copmobiles. I FILMHOUSE 2 ICA Biennial 3 2.30pm. Third combined film and video showcase of British innovation includes the Brothers Quay‘s Srille Nae/tr and the Stuart Marshall/Neil Bartlett collaboration Pedagogae. I FILMHOUSE 1 Black Film-maker Seminar 4.15pm. Discussion session to kick offthe

j Black Cinema season. speakers to be announced I EILMHOUSE 2 Motivsuche (Dietmar Ilochmuth. E. Germany. 1989) 6pm. Continuing the Truth Triumphant series of unshelved films from the East isthis tragi-comic portrait of a much put-upon film-maker struggling to ; complete a documentary j about two teenage tearaways. With English I FILMHOUSEI Dark City (Chris Curling. UK/Zimbabwe. 1990) 6.30pm. Loose dramatisation ofevents surrounding the Sharpeville Six. still languishing in a South African jail. and the following recriminations within the black 1 community. I CAMEO Don't Move- Die and Revive (Vitali Kanievski. USSR. I99())6.3()pm. Children in the Soviet Union‘s most easterly region grow up amidst the hardships of political detainees and Japanese POWs. Winner ofthe Camera D‘Or for best first feature at Cannes 1990. I FILMHOUSE 2 Help Me To Dream (Pupi Avati. Italy. 1981) 118 mins. 8.15pm. Avati's joyous tribute to American musicals is set in a small village visited by a marooned American flycr. Original version. no subtitles. I FILMHOUSET Life Is Cheap ButToilet Paper is Expensive (Wayne


Wang. Hong Kong. 1990) 8.45pm. Mcsmerizing collage from Edinburgh regular Wayne Wang about an American-Asian courier mystified by his first trip to IIong Kong.


The Thiel oi Bagdad (Michael Powell. Ludwig Berger. Tim Whelan. UK. 1940) 8.45pm. Showingin

Powell. this stylish Arabian Nights fantasy production from Alexander Korda is

I presented in a restored j print from the National l Film Archive.



Young Film-makerotthe Year Prog 410.45am. Student work from the Danish National Film

tribute to the late Michael

School and the celebrated department at the University of Southern California.

National Lampoon's Animal House (John Landis. US. 1978) 2pm. Kingofthe frat comedies as Belushi and fellow students major in greed. lechery and hypocrisy. Bet you never thought you‘d see this i.) the film festival.


The Top at His Head (Peter Metler. Canada. 1989)

2. 15pm. ATV satellite dish salesman‘s breakdown is the catalyst foran examination ofour very consciousness in Metler‘seye-popping Canadian winner.


The Exiles(Riehard Kaplan. US. 1989)

2 . 30pm. The Iiyes ofthe World documentary strand opens with this chronicle of the exodus from Europe of artists. scientists and intellectuals in the era ofpre-WWII fascism. Fritz Lang and Billy Wilder are among the film-makers examined.


Black FilmmakerSeminar 4.15pm. Second of two discussion sessions.


The Captive Balloon opm. (Binka thlyazkova. Bulgaria. 1967) 6pm. In this metaphorical offering (shelved for over two decades) from Bulgaria‘s best known woman director an unrnoored barrage balloon becomes the source ofconflict between two villages. each seeking to exploit it for their own ends.


Dreaming (Mike Alexander. UK. 1990) 6.30pm. More Mcllvanney from BBC Scotland. this time taken from one of his Walking Wounded short stories as

' Ayrshiretecnager Ewen

Bremner leads the life ofa

Scots adolescent Walter - Mitty. Music by Deacon Blue.


I CAMEO Small Time (Norman Loftis. US. 1990) 6.30pm. Unsparingand unsentimental portrayal ofa black New York mugger. Norman Loftis' monochrome study of urban decay contrasts with the more exuberant offerings in the black