A selection at shows you won't lind in your Fringe Programme.

I STRATEGY POUR OEUX JAMBONS Raymond Cousse perlorms the original version 01 his Pig Play which is currently enjoying its English language premiere at the Traverse. Moray House Theatre (Fringe Venue 61)225 5366. 29 Aug. 6pm. 25(23). I BRUCE MORTON The lunniest ol the current crop at young Scottish comics gets deep and meaningtul at Marco's. Marco's Leisure Centre (Fringe Venue 98) 228 2141. 16—25 Aug. 10pm. 24 (23).

EL 2.17

I DOUG ANTHONY ALLSTARS The lunniest three people in the entire universe get deep and meaninglul in the Playhouse.

Edinburgh Playhouse (Fringe Venue 59) 557 2590.17 Aug. midnight. 27/26/25.

I ENDANGERED SPECIES A white woman gets involved in the ANC's struggle in South Alrica in a play by Barabara Schreiner. The Progressive Arts Project (Fringe) Paradox at the Wee Red Bar (Venue 73) 2291003. 27 Aug-1 Sept. 10.45am.


Across The Mersey Theatre (Fringe Venue 101)557 1785.12-18Aug.1am.

I WILL GAINES Will steps in tor an absent Scrutt's Company.

Diverse Attractions (Fringe Venue 11) 225 8961. until 11 Aug. 8.45pm. 22 (21).

I IMAGE OF AN ACTOR One night stand lora play by Colin George.

Pleasance Theatre (Fringe Venue 33) 556 6550. 26 Aug. 11.35pm. 23.50 (22.50).

I WHAT PRICE DEMOCRACY? Arts International in a drama looking at the events 01 Tianenmen Square. Pleasance Theatre (Fringe Venue 33) 556 6550. 2640 Aug. 11 .30am. 23.50 (22.50).

The World‘s biggest soap is back in town. This year’s three-week long episode will contain all the old stagers— Berkoff. Fanshawe. Hardee. ‘Dull Truck'. William Shakespeare and Earl cheap horny pun Okin - in the section entitled Traditional Bankers. Ofcourse it may seem churlish to carp about the repetition; after all soaps thrive on such familiarity with leading characters. but there is a grave danger ofcynicism setting in. Where are the new unusual comedians to come from? Why do the fizzless Perriers only reward established acts? Do people really want to see Bouncers again?

So some things never change. In a bid to gain publicity. which ofcourse won’t work as we shan‘t mention them. Archaos sent us a giant Jack in the Box through the post although they spoiled the surprise element somewhat by phoning first to tell us it wasn‘t a bomb. Others have tried the old ‘slip them a miniature ofwhisky routine.‘ Poor fools. they remain unaware ofour theatre editor‘s prodigious appetite for the demon drink. A mere thimbleful ofthe stuff cuts no ice with the rolling inebriate who regularly fires off salvos of empties from behind his mound of Fringe programmes. Meanwhile. the Oxford College Players plan to give away 5000 koala bears at their venue in the Festival Club; their only concern seems to be that the cuddly


Few people could tail to be overwhelmed by the emotional impact at the huge AIDS Memorial Ouilt. Comprising 01 lift x 30 sections (roughly the size at a cottin) representing one person, each usually created by the lovers. triends or relatives at victims, it is arguably the most signiticant work at art to be produced overthe last decade. Having started in San Francisco in 1987, various parts at this testament to the enormity ol the continuing tragedy ot AIDS have travelled around the world. Twenty-two countries have solar contributed to it and in America alone over 13.000 sections have been

completed thus tar. The arrival in Edinburgh oltwenty-tour1211 x121t panels coincides with the lilm lestival screening ot Common Threads— an Oscar-winning documentary about the quilt— and a special seminar. ‘AIDS in the Media‘. Scottish AIDS Monitor. who are organising the exhibition. hope that it will raise much needed money lor their Hardship Fund. which directly supports people with AIDS in Scotland. (David Mackenzie)

The quilt can be seen 21—25 Aug. at Goldberg's in Tollcross, Edinburgh. The ‘AIDS and the Media’ seminar is at the Filmhouse at 4.15pm and Common Threads at 8.45pm both on 22 Aug at the Filmhouse.

creatures are not turned into novelty rucksacks by French schoolchildren. On Fringe Sunday there‘ll be a chance to see hacks transformed into hackers. Festival Times have thrown down the gauntlet and challenged all and sundry. well us and Scotland On Sunday. to a five-a-side football match. Renaissance Theatre Company have promised to send down a team which could lead to some dramatic penalty box antics any other sides willing to compete

should contact Festival Times it may be your only chance to retaliate for bad notices. and if you haven't had any. get your retaliation in first.

Finally some late news ofa few benefit shows: the first night of Duet by Intimate Strangers at Theatre Workshop (Venue 20) 13 Aug. will be in aid of Amnesty International. and the second night of Lady Bracknell's Confinement at The Pleasance (Venue 33) 28 Aug. will be in aid of Cruisaid. (RP)

A desperation tor publicity seems to bring everything down to the lowest common denominator. So tar. the only coherent theme to emerge in this year's Fringe has been an increasingly bizarre series 01 photographs leaturlng women who spend very little money on clothes. These are only a brlel selection 01 the photographs thatthe censor would let us print. But WHY? Why do they have these photos taken? Why dothey send them here? Well In case you're interested the three on the bottom are in Ahh Those Girls at the Playhouse Studios (Venue 59) 19-28 Aug. 5pm. The sleeper on thetar right Is in Angels 01 Freedom by Starving Artists at The Royal Scots Club (Venue 57) 27 Aug-1 Sept. 4pm. The kneeling tigure is one 01 the stars at Home Service atthe Assembly Rooms (Venue 3) 11 Aug—1 Sept. 1.30pm. while the one above is in Sleep With Me at Duster Brown's (Venue 60) 12 Aug-1 Sept, 6pm.



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The List 10— 16 August 1990 59