The List's very own easy-to-follow guide provides the basic information you need to survive (and hopefully enjoy!) Edinburgh's annual least of international culture.

The first Edinburgh Festival was in 1947. the brainchild of Rudolf Bing and Harvey Wood. who saw it as a way to repairthe divisions of post-war Europe through a celebration of international culture and creativity. The Festival is now in tactseveral festivals International. Fringe. Film. Jazz and Television. along with the Tattoo and the bi-annual Book Festival —together incorporating every aspect of the visual and performing arts. It you can't find something to entertain you in Edinburgh during August. you may as well give up trying.

Each Festival has its own venues and procedures for obtaining tickets—details given below.


10 Aug-1 Sept Now the largest arts festival in the world. the Fringe began as a response to the perceived elitism and exclusivity of the official Festival. The difference between the two is that anyone can perform on the Fringe; there is no selection ofaiiy kind. l‘)‘)(lseesthc biggest-ever Fringe. with 537' companies performing l llltldifferent shows in 150 venues. Almost everything that can he acted. mimed. danced or sung. is —- plusa few things that shouldn't be. With such a bewildering choice. guidance is essential: buy The List. out every Thursday during the Fringe.

I INFORMATION Buy Hie/1st. (ietacopy- of the Fringe Programme. available free from the Fringe Office. 1811 1 liin Street. 2265257 5259(information only). open daily li)am--"pm. (Tompanies and larger venues are listed alphabetically. with an index ofshow titles at the front. The profusion ofdifferent shows makes browsing fairly pointless. especially as the entries are written by the companies themselves. Information in more

easily-managed chunks comes in the Daily

Diary. a free broadshect listing every

I show taking place on a particular day .

1 available from the Fringe Box Office and

- many othervenucsaroundtown Iixtra

guidance is provided by Fringe Find. a

simple computer system w ith terminals located around the city. Many larger venues produce their ow n more detailed programmes.

ITICKETS/OOOKINGSTicketsforall Fringe shows are available from the Box

. Office. w liich will accept postal and credit

card phone bookings. (Access Visa only.

l 22‘) 5138). Allow three daysfor processing. l.orig queues build up at peak

times: ifyou want to as old these. there isa handy Next Day (‘ollection service.

5 simply fill out a request for tickets. lease

; payment.and collect thetollowing

afternoon. Most venues also sell ticketson

the night; some larger ones (eg'l‘raverse.

Assembly Rooms. do advance sales as



12 Aug—2 Sept The Festival has grown so big that this year it has two themes: one is

Czechoslovakia. to celebrate the centenary ofthe birth of BohUslav Martinu. one of

Pacific. with performers from Korea. Japan. New Zealand. Australia and

California. There is the usual range of

opera. dance. orchestral concerts and theatre. It's not all 'high' culture. though:

i this year the Festival includes the ‘sexiest

of circuses'. the anarchic Archaos. and the [dying Karamazov Brothers. who will

I jugglewithtalmost)anythingthe

audience give them.

I INFORMATION A free brochure covering all events can be obtained from the Festival Box Office. 21 Market Street. Edinburgh. 226—1001 (informationonly) There is a Festival Information Centre at the foot of the Mound by the National Gallery. open lilam (rpm daily. giving information on seat availability etc.

I BOOKINGS/TICKETS The Festival Box Office. 21 Market Street. 2255756 (Mon—Sat flank-(rpm; Sun 10am-5pm). takes personal. postal. and credit card telephone bookings. The brochure contains a booking form. The box office opened on 28 May. so some events may be sold out by now. There is a returns desk. which is always worth checking. Queues-~- organised on a numbered ticket basis: collect one when you arriv e - tend toget very long. but refreshments are provided.

There is a Half Price Ticket Centre at the foot ofthe Mound. for sziiiie-day'tickets. maximum 2 seats per person per ev ent. sold on a first-come-first-serv ed basis. Open 1-5pm daily.

Tickets are also as ailablc through [Edwards & lidwards ticket agencies. l.ondon office. Britiin Travel ( 'entre. 12 Regent Street. SW1 . “71 3795822 ,‘slsoat many travel agents' through l’restel 22021 187; First (all credit card bookings. 1171497 W77. and Keith Prowse Tickets. (1817419999. In (ilasgovv tickets can be bought from the Ticket ( 'eiitre.

T (‘andleriggs.11412.2’7 <51 1. Mon -Sat



: 13—27 Aug Ofthe two .Iau. l-estivalson offer.thisistlie moretraditionalinflavour

and by far the bigger. with literally

hundreds ofshows around town. from free

concerts in pubs to more for mal concerts in the I’shcr 1 tall and Queen's 1 tall.

I INFORMATION .-\ souvenir programme (LI 511) is av ailiilile front the Fringe Box Office. the Festival Box Office. the Queens l Iall and selected nevvsagentsand bookshops. .-\lso from the Jail. Festival Information Point. Royal British 1 lotcl. Princes Street. open lilain (rpm. For more information. phone 5571(1-12.

I TICKETS/BOOKINGS For the first time. all

Jaz/ Festival Tickets will be on sale from

the International Festival Box Office. 21 .

Market Street 22.< “Sh (iold Star .la/z Pavilion and Queen llall tickets from the Queens I fall Box Office. ( 'Ierk Street. Nils Zill‘). and from the Fringe BosOlfice. 226 5257. Tickets will be on sale at venues 30 minutes before the start HI performances. A (iold Star Badge costs £45. and giv es access to all ev eiits except ()ueen's I Iall and I'slier Ilall concertsand the Farewell Ball.


27-31 Aug Organised by Assembly Direct. who bring Jazz. to fidinburgh all year round. the Round Midnight festival goes for quality rather than quantity with five

I INFORMATION Enquiries to the Queen‘s IIall. h68 2019. lilam—aftcrevening concert interval. or the Fringe Box Office. 226 5257:5259. 10am—7pm. Concerts listed in Queens 1 Tall and Fringe programmes.

I TICKETS/BOOKING Tickets for all concerts from Queen's I Iall Box Office. Clerk Street. or Fringe Box Office.


There is no Book Festival as such this year but there is a series of ‘Meet The Author‘ talks with writers such as I lanif Kureishi and Germaine Greer discussing their work. See Books section for details.


11-26 Aug The 44th Film Festival is bigger and riiore diverse than ever. with new

aw ards for animation and new British films. Buffs' delights include retrospectives ofJohn Landis and Pupi Avati and a "Truth Triumphant seriesof previouslybanned films from Eastern Europe. There is also a lunchtime animation programme.

I INFORMATION Full details in the Film Festival Programme (£2511) from the Filmhouse. 88 Lothian Road. major bookshops and newsagents. liifo also from Filmhouse. 228 2088.


the box office for all Film Festiv al events.

Tickets can be booked by plume. 22. 2688.

box office open 9am»9pm. later for late films. Access Visa bookings. 3pm--8pm only . 22‘) 935‘). Prices; (‘inema l . (1&4. concessions (before (v.3tlpm) £1 £2. ('ineina2. £3(£1.5(l). (‘arneoH(£2).


Purely an industry event one of the most important talking shops in the television year and closed to the public. This year‘s themes are the Broadcasting Bill and defining ‘Ouality '. For more information phone 1171 3794S If).


13-25 Aug With 2ilfl,li(lil annual visitors. the best-attended event in the Festiv al The 41st Tattoo. entitled "l'akingtlie(‘astle by Storm‘ features the Australian Police Band aml 1)rill '1 cam. and the (iurkhas. I INFORMATION AND BOOKINGS from the Tattoo Office. 22 Market Street. not lobe confused with the Festival I )llice. Ring tor programme details (225 1188) and postal booking forms. In person go to the'l‘attoo 'l icket (cutie. .il 1‘s Waverley Bridge. ll'iam 43‘)me l2._iilSat.closedSun). Access Visa Iiinersbookings225 .ititil


I Trains Waverley Station. Iiast Izndol I’l‘lttc‘es STIL'UI.S<OO‘13I. SIL‘L'DL‘l reservations SShSoN. Seventeen trainslo l.oridon daily . last trains around midnight. resei'vationsoltencsssential plionefit'st. llalt-liourlv trains to (ilasgovv until

1 l Stipm

I Planes Regular shuttles to and from lidiiiburilh airport at ’l’urnhouse. 333- llt‘lll. British Airways Reservations225

I Buses Season tickets and info.l R I

‘l icket( entre. \Vavciley IIr‘itlge. lel-II ll Mon Sat “am 8pm. Suiits‘ani- ti itlpm. Weekly season tit‘kel Uri”. -1->vs eeklv 122. Youneedtlicexacteliangcon1 RT 2 (maroon) buses. Night buses cover most parts of the city until the wee small hours.

I Cycle Hire (‘entral (‘ycle Hire. 13 l.ochrin Place. 'I‘ollcros-s. lidinburgh. 228 6333. from “day.

ITaxis'I‘asi ranks: Waverley Station. Bus Station. ('aledonian Hotel (West End) (‘entral Radio Taxis 22‘) 2468. lots more in phone book . or hail one in the street.


I Tourist Accommodation and Information Desk Way erley Market. will help with all budgets. although lidinburgh gets very busy during the Festival. For accommodation in [Tim ersity I lallsof Residence. contact the Reservations Office. Pollock Ilalls. 18 I lolyrood Park Road. Iidinburgli. tits7 1071.


All hostels contacted stressed that they were already very busy . with heavy booking. Don't lll'st turn upexpectinga bed.

I Scottish Youth Hostels Association Office Warrender Park Road. 22‘) Strollfor information.

I SYHA Hostel l7. F.glinton ('rescent.337 112i). 18h beds. £5.71) night forover 18s. ()pen 7am~2am.

I SYI‘IA Hostel 7 Biuiitst'ield ( 'rescent.447 2994 l7llbeds. £5.71) night for over 18s. Open 7am --2arn.

I High Street Hostel (independent) Blackfriars Street. 5577 3-”84. 12tlbeds. £5.6tliiiglit. Open 24 hours. Always very busy.


I Mortonhall Park Caravan Site t-‘rogsion Road Iiast. tits-l 15' 3'3. turns arts and tents .L8riiight. 25“ spaces. open 8am—9pm. LRTITUS no. II

I Kirkton Farm Campsite Raiho.3334511. £1 per person plus t1 per tent. (‘aravans‘ £2 <l1. Bus 3'7 from St Andrew 's Square to Ratho village


I Abbeymount Filling Station I 1 Montrose Terrace, or»: 5593

I Edinburgh Service Station on Iiast l.ondon Street. “05284.

I Links Service Station Barclay Place. :29 USS").

I Dairy Road Service Station :i w l)alry Road. 33" oS‘V


I Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh (24 hours) 1 lauiiston Place 22‘" 2-17" I Western General Hospital ( ‘ievve Road

South. 332 3.


I Waverley Station was -.-i lev Bridge. Seven days.ti Main 11 .itlpm L1 L1 511 dependingon si/c


I Artlinlt an organisation making the arts more widely available to disabled people. has e produced a leaflet. ‘l-estival Venues; .-\ ( iiiiilc l-oi Disabled People" which contains access details on all Festival (not Iringeivenues t'opiesavailable fromthe I-estival and I'llllgv‘ ( )llices .-\rtliiik also run a free escort seiv ice for aitscvciits.

Iiastern Scottish (green) buses. Bus

Station. St Andrew's Square. 55(i8-ftv4. Scottish ('itylink coaches. Biis Station. 557

l 5717 (enquiries). I

the most prolific and innovative composers of the 2(lth century. The other focuses on the arts and culture ofthe

Artlink. 4. Forth Street. l-dinhurgli. 550 035“. For escort service. 55“ .‘sllltl Mon Fri‘Iam 1pm

prestigious concerts featuring top names on the contemporary scene. Stars this year include Nina Simone and (ieorge Melly.

.__J The List 111— It» August 199071