Where The Heart Is (15) (John Boorman, US, 1990) Dabney Coleman, Una Thurman, Joanna Cassidy, Christopher Plummer. 107 mins. John Boorman remains one at our most daring iilm-makers, a man always ready to take the creative chance. Alongside the readily accepted canon oi Boorman successes (Point Blank, Deliverance, Excalibur, Hope and Glory) there are those ollerings less easily digested by the critical consensus (the roundly slagged Zardoz and Exorcist II: The Heretic, votedthe Second Worst Film Ever Made). Where The Heart Is, however, is probably an even more elusive proposition because it's something oi a return to the lorm and concerns oi Boorman’s rarely-screened and uncategorisable urban iable oi 1970, Leo The Last, which has Marcello Mastroianni taking over a dilapidated apartment block and altering the lives oi all those around him.

Like the earlier eiiort, Boorman had wanted to shoot Where The Heart Is in London, but the exigencies oi contemporary iilm linance meant that the project has ended up in the American milieu oi New York. Dabney Coleman heads the cast as a Manhattanite demolition expert who's noticed that he's losing touch with his spoilt oiispring, who seem to display no desire to leave the nest and make theirway in the world. At the same time, the local authorities have decided to slap a preservation order on an old downtown house, preventing

him irom hocking it down, so he kills

two birds with one stone by depositing the youngsters in it and leaving them there to iinally lend ior themselves. Yet a iinancial disaster is soon to come his way, and his kids' business initiatives (Una Thurman‘s trompe l’oeil paintings, Crispin Glover’s iashion designs) become succesiul while he’s ploughing the gutter.

Certainly, you'll see some oi Leo The Last in there, but the plotting’s careiree abandonment ol credibility backs up Boorman's admission oi iniluence lrom Shakespeare's late comedies. The themes oi iamin connections and their relationship with possessions in a materialistic society also echo with the Bard’s King Lear, while at the same time they're quintessentially Boorman concerns - he’s always been iascinated by the tribal aspects oi contemporary customs and here he takes the domestic unit apart and puts it backiogether again.

Lots oi material, lots oi ideas then, but it's a shame that the iilm doesn’t quite manage to quite hold them together. He's exploring our society’s deepest-seated anxieties (the loss oi children, house, belongings) and looking at very real problems (homelessness, the vacuity ol today‘s youth), but somehowthis wistiul table ialls apart under just so much weight. Maybe grit and marshmallow don‘t mix. (TrevorJohnston)

Glasgow: Cannon Sauchiehall Street. Edinburgh: Ddeon.


Friday 10—Thursday 16

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I CANNON (‘larkston Road. Muirend . 637 2641. £2.5()((‘hi1d/()AI’£1.Sil).

1. Days DiThunder( 12) 2.2(lpm (not Stilt). 5.2(1pm.8.2()pm.

2. All Dogs Go To Heaven ( t1) I’ri . Sat. Mon—Thurs 1.15pm; Sun 3.55pm. Gremlins 2 i 12) 3.3(lpm (not Sun).(ipm. 8.30pm.

I CANNON The Forge. Parkhead. 556 4282/4343. [1)]. [IE] (screens 1.3 andS). Shows commencing before (ipm £1 .75; after 6pm £3 ((‘hild £1.75).

1.Total Recall ( 18) 1.l()pm.3.-1l)prn. 6.05pm. 8.40pm.

2. Days DiThunder( 12) 1.05pm. 3.40pm. 6.05pm. 8.35pm.

3. Gremlins2 ( 12) l.()5pm.3.4opm.

6. 1(1pm. 8.35pm.

attitudes to sex which follows teacher Bill Patterson and his teenage charges on a hockey-playing trip to Amsterdam; and his adaptation of Evelyn Waugh'sSmop (1987). a satire on journalistic ethics with meek countryside pundit Michael Moloney becoming an unwitting war correspondent. Glasgow: GET.

I Willow (PG) (Ron Howard. US. 1988) Warwick Davis. Val Kilmer. Joanne Whalley. Jean Marsh. 126 mins. A mystery baby turns up in the land ofthe little Nelwyn people. and one oftheir number has to return it to the adult-sized land ofthe Daikini. but the kid turns outto be someone special. Would-be blockbusting fairtytale epicoffers producer George Lucas an opportunity to ' refashion Star Wars in a setting straight from Tolkien. The result is not unentertaining. but we‘ve seen it too many times before. Strathclyde: L'CI East Kilbride.

I The Witches ( PU) (Nicholas Roeg. US. 1990) Anjelica Iluston. Mai Zetterling. Rowan Atkinson. 92 mins. Nine year-old Luke is warned by his Norwegian granny

about the everpresent threat posed by the existence of witches. which isn't much help actually because within the next half hour he stumbles on their annual convention in a small Iinglish hotel and gets himself changed into a mouse for his pains. A pleasing adaption of Roald Dahl‘s children‘s story has director Roeg (in unusually straightforward manner) creating a superior kids movie that has you rooting for the mice all the way. I.otsof fun. Strathclydc: ()deon Ayr.

I Women Do The Verge 0i A Nervous Breakdown ( 15) ( Pedro Almodovar. Spain. 1988) (‘armen Maura. Antonio Banderas. Julieta Serrano. 98 mins. When I’epa's illicit affair with an older man isabruptly terminated. she sets out for revenge. but is distracted by a succession ofoffbcat visitors seeking her calming influence. A splendidly bizarre character comedy from the maker of Law ()flh’sin'. with some off-the-wall acting and a plot that pays ironic but affectionate homage tothe classic Ilollywood comedies of the 195m. Glasgow: (il’l‘.

4. Total Recall ( 18) 1.l()pm.3.4()pm. 6.05pm. 8.40pm.

5. Back To The Future 3 (l’(i) lpm.3.35pnt. 6.05pm. 8.40pm.

6. Dick Tracy(P(}) 12.55pm. 3.25pm. 6.1)5pm.8.35pm.

7. Spaced Invaders (PG) 1.1(lpm.

Cry Baby( 12) 3.45pm. 6. lilpni. XJSpni See also (ilasgow I.ates. I CANNON Sauchieltall Street. 332 1592 [3((‘hild£1.61);()AI’[beloreopntl £1 .6“). Two bars open (i-9_3(lpm (Mon Sat);h.3U—9.3i)pm(Sun). i 1. Gremlins2( l2) 12.3llprn..3 15pm. 50pm. 8.20pm. Days DiThunder( 12) 12.30pm. 3. 15pm.’.21lpm. Back To The Future3ll’(i) 1: 15pm. 50pm.5.511ptti.H.ll)pni. 4. Where The Heart 1st 15 ) 2pni.5 lllpni. H. lilpm. 5. The Brave Little Toastert t ‘i l.15ptti Cry Baby( 12)3.30pm.(iprti.8.3l)pm. I CITY CENTRE OOEON chiield Street . 332 871)]. licensed bar. [1)] screens 2.3 and 4. £3. Ii)(('hild ()AI’ £1 .95 [£2.4olast show ]: Student 1711401241)[available as advertised“. Luxury seats alsoavailable in screen I £3.61). All tickets lt)rslit)\\s commencing belore 1 3llpm L195 Advance booking available trom bus office ( l lam 7.3llpnt)or by Visa Access hotlinei3339551). Total Recall ( 13) l2.3llprn. 3pm. 5 3llprn. 8.40an Spacedlnvaderstl’m 12.45pm. 3 15pm. 5.45pm. Dick Tracyil’m 12. 15pm. 2.45pm. 5.45pm. H.4(lpm. Nuns On The Run( 13) 1.15pm. 3 311p”). 6.15pm. H.5()pni. She‘s Dill DI Control ( l2) 1.15pm. 3 3llpm. , 6.15pm. H.50pm.


I Pre Womantlfii l2.3il)nt_3mt.‘ 1‘ in). l “I‘m 51‘s)! I l I l l . _


I GROSVENOR Ashton I ane. I Iillhead. 3394298/7814 £2 Si)(Student’LYBJOILZ: ('hild"()AI’£l .5”). Seats can now be booked for last evening and late screenings: the box office is open 2—7pm. 1. Days DiThunderl l2) 2.l)5pnt ( not Sun). 5.5(lpm.8.15pm.

2. Gremlins 2 ( 12) 2pm (not Sun). 5.40pm. 8.10pm.

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I SALON \"ittieontbe Street. 3394256. (‘ircle £2.75; Stalls £2.51) ( Student UB-ii) £2; ('hild ()Al’il.5l)).

Total Recall ( 18) 2pm. 5.20pm . Spin.

Rose Street. 332 (i535. ('afe bar open 31) mins prior to evening shows; clc ises9pm. ID]. [Ii] Matinees \lon Hi [2

((‘lnld ();\l’ Student l'Ii-li) t l) I-vening and Saturday sltoyss t.“ ‘llllSttnlent l’lHi) £1.91);(‘hild(),\l’tl 3“)


Driving Miss Daisy 1 l ' ) fiptll

Dark Habiisi l8) .s’. 3ilpttl


Dutch Girls ( t’( i i and Scoop ( l’( 1) Want. Women On The Verge Di A Nervous Breakdown 1 IF ) 3.,‘stipin

Driving Miss Daisy ( t ' ) (iplll.

Dark Habitu 1H) b 3llpnt


Romuald And Juliette ( 12) (rpm. S. 30pm. MONDAY 13

Throne Di Blood ( )5 ) ()pl‘ll.

Romuald And Juliette ( l3 ) .s' 3Ilpttt TUESDAY14

Edinburgh Film Festival Mystery Film. ()pnl. Romuald And Juliette ( lzis 3llpm WEDNESDAY 15

Thrillert 15)and Je, Tu, ll. Elle ( IHHipm. Romuald And Juliettel l2).s' 30pm. THURSDAYtB

Romauld And Juliette ( 12) (rpm. s 3Ilpllt.


Fri 10/Sat11:

I CANNON 'l'he I‘orgc. I’at'kltcatl 1.Total Recall i ls) l l.~l()pttt

2. Days DiThundert l3) l 1.3llpm 3.8181‘RIIRSZHZIll.~tilpm.

4. Total Recall ( ls) l l.~1()pttt

5. Back To The Future 3(l’(i)11.35pm. 6. Dick Tracy ( l’( i) ll 2ilpnt

7. Cry Babytlli l 1.4npm.

I GROSVENOR Ashton 1 ane

1. BettyBluel 1H) 1 1pm.

2. The Accusedt ls) 11pm


I CAMEO IIoItle Sileel. 223 JIJI . ID]. Bat open \lon Sath ll 3||pnt. Snno llprn Performances 0 nnmeneing belore fipnt L25lliLI "5); alter lipm L3 ( no concessions) Intes L31L2 5”)

Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down! 1 mi in lllonly) 2.31 )pm. 4 Jilpnt . I) <11Plll."[)lll

Sat 11 onwards:

Edinburgh International Film Festival

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ICANNONI oilttan Road. 2.2" 31131) liar;

Ham 2 3llpni..< lllptiti\lori I'lll.

llain lilpnitSal). it 3‘) lllpnt (Sun). [I)] cinemas2 is 3. l’iilltnan seatsleinemal only ) L-I; all other seals L3 (‘ItlltlLZ (Pullman). LI (ill ()r\l’ LI (iilllielotc (rpm)

1. Days OiThunderi l2) l.‘ l‘pnt. 3 15pm. " lllptn. \ l‘ptn


l 2. GremlinsZt 12) l.‘ l‘ptn.3 1*pnt. i

IItel is! ill lo.\ugusl 1991177