Clerk Street. 662 4731. 9.30pm. Free.

Wimbish and Keith Le Blane, plus Adrian I Ron Tate and Texas Breakfast l 3816. 9.30pm. Free. Rockin‘ blue‘S. with a

Sherwood on the mixing desk) minus Preservation Hall. Victoria Street. 226 3 band that includes the very busy Rootsies I Las Filipinas BB's Basement Bar. singer Bernard Fowler. who‘s off singing 381611 after 9pm. Rootsie Tootsie Duo Ron Tate and Jim (‘ondie. , Barony Street (off Broughton Street). 556 backing vocals with The Rolling Stones at Bluesman joins other local enthusiasts for F I Th: Brotherssziekaltfiagiielly:. South 8240. 5—7pm. 8—] 1pm. Free. See Fri 10. the moment. Tension. aranoia and some ii night 0f blucs. (JCT ' SUCCL -— s - ~~ Pm STOC-

electrifying grooves. (‘iieck out the recent I The Chinese Laundry St James ()yster f I Las Filipinas BB‘s Basement Bar. 16

Maffia single ‘l lysteria’ for confirmation. Bar. (‘alton Road. 557 2925. 9pm. Free. ' Barony Street (offBroughton Street). 556 ow

Also in attendance tonight is (iary(‘lail‘s ()ne ofthe ()yster Bar's best resident 8240. 5—7pm. 8—1 lpm. Free. See Fri 10. g

I The Linden Tree King Tut's Wah Wah flut. 272a St Vincent Street. 221 5279. 10pm. £2.50. From East Kilbridefl‘he

()n-U Sound System. worth the price of bands. I _ admission alone. Ask him to play his ; 14 ‘Beer single. which he doubtless will

? Glasgow

anvwav. Linden Tree are livin r roofthat ou can liiargleblud and Mutant Moshpit.Venue. i .smm‘es'ac" Lightning'rmdcm 7 tella major lzibelexefyiiliere tostiiffhis (‘alton Road. 557 3073. 6.30- l0.30pm. I Live Music The Studio. 12 Shuttle Street.i (ilassford Street. 552 5826. 10pm. Free. rcmrd deal and “H. u, w” the talc. Time 'Mutant' is probably a good enough Paisley. 889 6867. 9.45pm. Free. Also to My all-time favourite version of Wm u.” if their wuldn't_gh.c_u_dan,n description of Edinburgh‘s (iargleblud in he announced. ‘SHWKCW‘CR‘ Lighming‘ i5 the ("TC byliihc attitude -- and they are aii attitude band— the first place. but the support fortonight's h Yardblrd‘“ JUS‘ ih‘mghi YOU Sh‘mldkn‘m' : will dothem adisservie‘e‘. but forthe gigactually come from Newcastle. 9 ' ihiit- . moment their hvbrid of folk andjangle Gargl'fibiud‘S dChUi [-Pls‘m‘ incur” lMark Stewart and The Mafiiafalton .wmk'rhc Sheltcr‘ 7 chfrcwu’un‘wz POP will do veryinicely. thank you. October. with the inviting title of Ilvwlin' Studios. (‘alton Road. ssn 7min. 9pm. See 6331 . ‘“-3"Pm- Fm?- Jm'mnk ‘5 1' “’1” I Steve Hooker and Three Rivers Walk Yowlr'n'.S't‘rt’amin' Mess. Yum! Sun 13. JUN” “'("d {mm Efimburght Studio 55. Bruce Hotel. Cornwall Street. I Love Creed Negociants.1.othian Street. . The nooisie rooisie Blues Band I Glasgow Songwriters Blackfriurs. 36 Be“ Iiast Kilbride. 035 522 9771 . 8pm. £2. 225 6313. 9.45pm FM- . Preservation Hall. Victoria Street. 226 5m“ 553 5934- “’Pm- “0°- 3”'”‘~"“ and Steve- Picks up credibility Pmms i dUUSV _ . immediately from his past associations _ I Jam Sesswn The Studio. 12 Shuttle with warm Johnson. Three Rivers Walk , I l I," . : SUFCF1’3'5'CY"88()6867-9-45PmtFWQ meanwhile. follow in the tradition of ,4)!!! l' ‘: | “"5 “mL 301” i105“ “‘1 {ht “ubh hands like Iexas( !) and (rlasgow by (w/ ; (‘rawford Secret Band. so named because nunnnglhcmSCh-CSuftcr‘hcirplacéuf i you the punter can be a part ofit. uhodu , ° I The Penny Dreadfuls and The Hots I Traders. (ilassford Street. 5525826. i I Blues'n’Trouble (‘alton Studios. (‘alton 9.30pm. Free. The Penny Dreadfuls do a A La Carte after ! Road-:3?) 7066. 9pm. ihgccichmrcd ' eoverversion of [Wanna YourDog . i Blues n Irouble. whose gigs andalbums weartheirleathertrouserstight tothe have been hailed by unters who are point of constriction. onsta e have a Steaks (1 la i hardly starved of bluzs bands. are strange fixation with the mega roundtheir ' considered one ofthe foremost exponents feet. have listened exhaustively toThe . i in the countrv. This is the first oftwo Velvet Under ’round in their res ective Ranging from 56-60 ‘0 “3-80 1 nights for the Edinburgh group. in bedsitsand feiiiture twins in theiriiine-up. l surroundings which may seem a bit Sounds suspiciously like (It‘jti m to me.but ‘industrial' for fans used to homelier they are Glasgow University's sexiest settings. band nevertheless. The llots are an Blah Blah! . I The Rootsie Tootsie Blues Band indescribably complex mix of influences— 63 Dalrv Road. Edinburgh ' Preservation Hall. Victoria Street. 226 well. accordingto Tower they are. Plusthe ' 2139 3816. 9:30pm. Free. demo disco. 03] 313 “(mg in Disguise Negociants.Lothian IThe Hemingways Halt Bar. 160 Street, 335 (i313. 9.45pm. Free. Woodlands Road. 332 1210. 9pm. Free. I Los Supremos St James Oyster Bar. To milk an old joke dry.The (‘alton Road. 557 2925. 9pm. Free. A llemingways' earnest rock/blues follows RENEGADE COMMUNICATIONS & o I . sweet Dixie blending Southern in same veinas‘theirpreyious pRE$ENT blues with rock n roll. Dexter Slim and the 1 iekups gurse. I Las Filipinas BB‘s Basement Bar. I Glasgow Songwriters King‘s- Court.

R T Barony Street (off Broughton Street).556 Osborne Street. 9pm. Free. Soloistsand A ' E w R 8240. 5—7pm. 8—1 lpm. Free. See Fri 10. duos.

- O _ _ I The Straight Men ()uthouse. 1 155 g r ‘E l H t— M A E'— ‘- I H ('athcart Road. 6490184. 9pm. Free.

SKIP MCDONALD ° DOUG l-JIME-IEIH ° KEITH LE BLF‘il‘lCfi ° HOP-{MN EIHERLJUCID Glasgow I Big George and The Business The Studio. .. . ,_ h... - r. - ... r. - 12 Shuttle Street. Paisley. 8896867. (JHRV LLHI - -:- Ui’i”U QUUHU .z-V-stti'l I I The Cranes King Tut‘s With Wah l lut. 9.45pm. Free. Residency.

' 272a St Vincent Street. 221 5279. 10pm. I Jam 22 Minstrels. 66 Broomielaw. 204 12TH 8‘ 13TH £3.50.The (‘ranes have graduated with 3698.9.30pm. Free. Just a fancy w’ayof honours from the same school of mUsical saying ‘jam session'. Expect two, rather

thought as My Bloody Valentine wistful than 22. bands. girly vocals drowning in a sea ofraw.


hotly-tipped Rhythm Chillun. Ege Bam Yasi. The Apples and Mother. And even that doesn't exhaust the number ofbands

I Blues‘n'Trouble (‘alton Studios. ('alton Road. 556 7066. See Tues 14. I Big Blue 72. Spiral Dance and Work

aggressive guitars but. like MBV. sound. i to their credit. like noone elsein ' Ed. D h d_ ' particular.Thisisone band whodeserve .1 0' l" “'9 ( illif’" 5‘“ "’5‘ 1‘ i0" 14TH & 15TH every bit ofhype they get. and theystroll Rmid‘ 55" 706991?“- “950mm "fl/01mg , off with this week's ‘must see' accolade. Scotland 1990 style is wave ofdance E FOR in“ i I Root Love Traders. (ilassford Street. bands coming met (if Ear-“burgh d h. i 552 5826. 10pm. Free. Originally from SPCi‘rthCd by The ""9" {m t '5 PEA-"Jame i Skye and based now in Edinburgh. Root Shim PmmiSQ‘ 1" PC PWde “'"h Pullic‘” , ; Love‘s rock comes extremer highlv and A31“ PCT-5‘”ls “‘21” i“ milk“ 1‘ Sigmng SUGAR BULLET ' FINI TRIBE ' RHYTHM CHILLUN i rcwmmcndcd {mmcuminqm}tc}g_ though. ofcourse. Sugar Bullet and Fini EGE 8AM YASI , THE APPLES . MOTHER l . Palo Burn The Shcitcr, 7 chfrcw Tribe already have deals. Sufng Bulletl.d ' (mm. 333 6231. 10pm. [:rcc. who looked at one point asi t eywou 167“ i . pull out. now seem set to play ashort 1 Edinburgh 15—20-minuteset.aswilltheFinis.the

the Liberties

KITH AND KIN THE HUMPFF FAMILY 5Venue.(’altonRoad.5573073. "“hc“WW”"rcpummgs‘lmu'mmg

rhythms. The place to be tonight.

I Bridewell Taxis Venue. (‘alton Road. 557 3073. (‘ab it up with future indie superstars.

I The Fiances Negociants. Lothian Street. 2256313. 9.45pm. Free. Personally. I find I The Rootsies Duo St James Oyster Bar. their song Tm so orgamscd, unbearably (‘alion Road‘ 557 3935 9an firm. Sec Fri twee. butplentyof Demo Disco-goers

1i). voted for it. so I he Fiances must have

I The TCS Prese rvation llall. Victoria mmuhmg gmng for mu




L‘ 1‘ I; 'l‘ (D N S 'l‘ I] l) I (D S mm 33618109me Free ITheSheepdogsLeadbelly‘s.Southe‘ierk . . IO—I-I ~. . e. u n i‘ 1 CALTON ROAD EDINBURGH TEL.031 5567066 .The Rommsnuo sunnmoysmnm‘ Street.66_ 4731. 10pm.Free.

ADVANCE nexus FROM vracm, RIPPING neconos 8. ALL OUTLETS 557 2925. 9pm. Free. See Fri 10. In” 5"?“9" new“ “strum” H‘m‘ MAIN Box OFFICE AND CREDIT CARD aooxmcs 031-557 6969 . Red “0‘ and mu“ Cldhcllv.‘ South Victoria Street. 226 3816. 9.30pm. Free.

Edinburgh's Work and Spiral Dance. from Fife. support the band that’s considered to be the best thing to come out of[)undee for a long time. Their recent live LP showed them in good form. horns a-blaring in some strong arrangements.

80The List 10— 16 August 1990