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Conference displays a l begins his tale. Slowly Punters dares to look at public life for women. experiences eohtotcd Stunning degree“ ? [Claxmginmlt “is “my society‘s complicity With Truth and lies. acting and I than”). m hotttoquyt professionalism that f unfolds; a train of t racism‘ while realttyt the t .. t , hcwmt hnght mhmcms 0 deserves to win awards. ' seemingly unrelated , DOSIOCVSRY‘S The Dream (dclconsuucllon 0f Pilbhc - humour are provided by a There is no doubt that thtS 5 biographical events which ofa Ridiculous Man - i and personal identity. t V Net ottt,tt,tt.oh 5mounts company-are destined for . 0"“th "07“ “V0 hours Dillon‘s‘tourde forcef isa these and other complex {toot (tom Spot-tot. great things and this PTOvc lhcmSCchsumc passionate humanitarian ideas are skilfully t httth -. the host tut hot. production should not be . unexpectedly and treatise. Justaposed to create 3 it ho plot-h thC chmhct m missed bv anvone. (Paul sometimes bizarrely A masterly performance shiftinglayers of . response to the Muslim Maverick) ' ' linde- by turns witty. brutal and uncertainty. Stimulating I ed“ to out)”. t“ Ct

I Summit Conference “‘5 a 5‘0}? 0f WS‘WM poetic. (Mark Fisher) and inctswe t Shtttm)

(Fringe) The Actors “CC-thinking from 505 _ I Stunningihe Punter: entertainment. (Sue I !Thtneen “havens and Exchange Theatre beatn'b m 70% “Cl-d (Fringe) Vital Theatre. Wilson) ' t "the “elite thtnttt.) (ttmtt (‘ompanv. Le Vineyard ' Cilsualllcs- t3k'"8 "1 3. Marco's Leisure Centre . I one. And II 8 Not‘Funny I Sonny thou”C project. (ventw 1'09) 669 7393. whole pile of astral cliches (Venue 98) 229 8830. until (Fringe) Oxford College . hut-ht SENS (.tuh t Vcnuc until to Aug. 25 Aug_t : en route. The limittationof t lSept (not l9).6pm. Players. FestivalC‘tlub .l - t 57) N7 hoot .‘ttt tttAug. Sept. 8pm. £4 (£2.50). 0'1"“ 5 PTCSCHWUOW m'd , £4.50 (£3.50). (Venue 36) 22005- 9, unti 2pm“ no) (moth).

in the improvised oral 25 Aug‘ 10pm. 26Augit

tradition.isan uncertainty . Sept.12.30pm.£3.50(£3). about his own perspective f

on events. Are we tolaugh : at the inward-looking

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identifiable logic. Wedekind‘s

soul-searchingofthe t t . H. it hippy community or to flow do you double the Choosing to live in prototExpressionist . accept its attempts as a This. you feel. is drama in value of a Russian cat?‘ poverty. on a diet ofdog cltisze‘ sexual obsession genuine realisation of its essence _ an energetic ipt" it With pcttolt' food. rather than serve the ant .estre does not wear. higher consciousness? f hand of aetots. tautly Battery operated system he despised. Dick well if left to itself. This is Too long. particularly at directed‘ Speakthg‘ samovatst genuine [tahah is a classic rebel with a . (fipparenti‘n Red“ so late an hour. singing. sometimes leathcrjackets made in magical imagination. tSj i t ls. ai'thtlut. seamless. (‘omeuppance Rising is straight at the audtehee‘ the Ukraine _ Gary is Dowic s brave . tit u. timate y‘w caring nonetheless an amusing minimal props; mtntma] looking for a pteee ofthe transition to the serious re ndittiin. The glories of and abSWblng costumes. powerful action with his ground 3 lake-5 1‘ “We gcmng USCd g‘fu'f‘" Eralki‘fiAlbfin d autobiographical history emotion. Then you breaking company East to. In doing so he makes a trill an, d‘x ar ‘t of alternative culture. remember the eehmng Meets west. mockery of the emptiness W Ill tilwdys remain In the (Mark Fisher) Souhd effects of Dan Fast talking‘ double of so much comedy. baekground. I Dram Does Joncs' synthesised music dealing Gary (Perry ! II'OIIICZIIIy concluding IIIZII L‘jmpdn) itch ' ) ' comeuppance and are brought abruptly Fcnwick) oozes IhC (Inc gCI-UUI CIZIUSC. In “this? Ceritdttlm: or} «my (Fringe) Science Fiction hack into the 20th Century. convincing cockncy sleaze t the life that hurts ofthe visua ekeitement Theatre of Liverpool. IIill Richard Steadman- ththis Stick‘ frenetic . perfortmerand author. they mightgdln thereby. StreetTheatre (Venue41) Jones‘ words istjme1e55_ production. With strong. alike: is to see everything Ins‘teatilc. the pefrforn'izli'ncei .t as... 225 7294. until 1 Sept. It begins with the birth of Sharp performances. .tcd. t as ultimately funny. veers .I'Vll/CLn‘t)r;-nd150 Imagine a cross between midnight. £4.50 (£3.50). devilst tens of a medieval hot phone lines and a very I tt .5 that that yottscc stilted dia ogUe in use d Dr Anthony Clare and monk forced to write a intelligent. funny script‘ t this achingly- beautiful With messy emotion. an Gerry Sadowitz and you'll Life of Alexander thc the Show never patroniscs l monologue. (David moments ofhigh be SOmCthrc near Great and ends with the Soviets. The joke is MiiCkCl'lZlC) melodrama that " Trevor Stuart'sincredible dancing hears. morcon Thatchehsgmbst - thalte Them to the Garden eonscqucntly|0§6 tilt” performance as a manic It would he nice poetic the minor .cntrcprcncurs. t (Fringe) John Dome, - impact. The acting is psychologist unsure f lieenee mhe play like Gary with their I’lcasance (Venue 7l ) 556 strong— no doubt about whether to send up his . .. . conceived at last Yeahs jingoistic patter and 6550. 11—25 Aug. 8pm. £5 that. ()CCIt-Smnally' the Odd profession or stitch up his t g Festival“,th to wtna prctcnSkmSI (£4.25y gag hteok5 the'hedey audience. Fringe First at this year‘s. Atsckcy‘ Edward“ _ surface. Dtlitlttl's not I Sexy dirt bodily It would also be well thought he malty was a . enough- Ihc wmpdni funcm’ns' excrc‘i"n~ deserved. Discover it Russtah‘) Hatstcd‘ picks (who performed the vastly 50”“ thoughtsi pm'atc before they do. (Harriet up the rules of thc game overrated Frida And parts. the Queenanda Swain) fasttsctttng up secret Diegohtst yettttdohot most uncomfortable trick

I Wordslrom the Worlds End (Fringe) Overseas House. 100 Princes Street (Venue 19) 225 5105. until 1 Sept. 5pm. £4 (£3)

deals pretendingan secmto be able totakeall interest in Viz comic and the Fight “Came that thc meaningot dCCisions any more. An -. . .- .. . . i .. _ hourandahalfoffalling “Xdus'uwmrf’a has thousand-year harmonic , , . t. - lostmmcthtn Inthc .- betweentwostoo s—it t g cvcle.which may be izood . ,t ., ,h. h- translation.‘Yes there ' . t ' “m‘"m‘m" 5‘" mg ' orbaddependingonthe . .h tth, )thtn arechanges wehave . .. . 5"") u U“‘”“ g - . energy released b} thc to shout about here unemployment.inflation. . .t. . - . - . t ' t t . ste Iareonfiguration at t it (Andt .w Putter) , MacDonalds! (Gillian K. - . t .. .. . .. I L s timeo the eomergenee.

with a skateboard. All this and more in a show that is both sophisticated and crude. unsettlingand hilarious.

If you like your cabaret hard and your science soft this is the show for you. Bring your mother but

In case you missed it.the title refers to the

. . . _ . Ferguson) think Ilere is 'l VIAD I Lu'u (Fringe) Red Shm‘ (gory a)dmit to it. (Mark t,txetot Gootfio Dthoh I Pe'estmtka (Fringe) MAD- WORLL') 0f (Pt/Casanctetfhsegittrsew H is er ringstoget ert ree C t t I - . , cm” ~ - - ‘un ' I Taboo (Fringe) Lumiere short stories with which he , The disappearance and Mdargagiithtt see Rcd_ “3m “ging‘pfotptkl 1 Sept (not 20. 28 Aug). & Son ThCiitrC COmPimF- invests the kind oftight presumed death ofa St. Cotumha's By The Yum“?! 8"“ d _ t 6pm. £6.50 (£5.50)- Marco's Leisure (‘entre r physical energy and vocal well-known woman Castle (Venue 4) 220 tumu'dmt 5“ 0f ICLndgL (Venue 98) 22‘) 8830. until precisionthat makesthem ' academic and playwright 0541.until 26 Aug. 25 Aug. 9pm. £5(£4). seem built forthe stage. I provide the starting point 6.15pm.£4.50(£3.50). Ilis delivery is stylised. for a fast-moving _ but crystal clear. pulling . exploration of the darker you into the lives ofeach l side of success. Tabloid

character using the power ! journalists pigeon-hole 1 ofdescription alone. her as lesbian/ Each monologue draws t madwoman/bitch; former

l a sensitive and involving ' friends distort and falsify John Dowie‘s reputation _ portrait ofacharacter at i the facts of herlife. using asa stand-up comedian NC” OW“ “finders odds with society. Steven her reputation to enhance will constc audiences: '"WSP'CIOPSIYPMO the : Berkoff‘s Master ()fCafe their own. this intense biographical 5mg" '00kmg “kc Old Society avoids the cliched With impressive monologue isn‘t meant to Falhcr Time With 3 “mg send-up of the ‘resting' I performances from be funny. Based around grey beard and “"kcmpt actor and opts forasad Veronica Geary and the writingofthelate halr- “0 “ands 3‘ “‘th ' and touching study ofthe Cathy Rogers. the play great Phillip K. Dick. we 3“'k“'ardly~ Sh‘mldcrs meaninglessncss of employs detective-thriller are taken on ajourney hunCth‘ “Yes “Veiled unemployment. Robert elementsto expose the intothe author‘s pained from the audience. and t '

Stoat‘s Stunning The perils and paradoxes of and wonderfully

24 The List 17 23 August 1990