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llegociant’s is a cafe/bar/restaurant that

has travelled the world and brought the bests,

bits back home. At lunchtime the menu has a Malaysian/Indonesian slant whereas. in the evenings, it’s rather more Indochinese/ European. (Our compliments to the llepalese ex-Ghurhha‘chofi); " three continents. l’hve'co .And the beers are frequently strong and Belgian. Stella being one of many. But a word of advice. lf you have to get up early tomorrow don't drink 151 Shooters. A visit to llegociant's. like travelling, broadens the mind. But sometimes blows it altogether.

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which sells a rather adventurous selection of cheeses. Such class isn’t altogether unexpected, though. D'Arcy’s is just down-

stairs from llamnett and Sassoon. And they do sane Stella.

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who serve the Stella at this basement bar say “the Fixx” is the centre for Scottish rock». music. the gig. in fact, where many a mega famous band cut its teeth. But whoever heard of Wet Wet Wet, lluo and (try. and Deacon Blue? And who a . when

.- V N can't be trusted My say“? used to be a jewellery warehouse, and the scene of a famous robbery. Believe what you like. there’s a real buzz here and a life size rhinoceros’ head sticking through the wall. llo, really!

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the black, industrial“ . I . food's great and so is the music. The whoppers. WE SAID THE

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JOHN SIREEI JAM. 18 JOHN SIREN. cuscow. loday we‘re looking through the arched windows of this veritablm cosmopolitan bar. The neon sign flashes Stella Artois and brings a smile to the face. Indeed. the only occupant of this place not

sporting a smileis the “h fish staring Iongingly “imam. one sympatth all day menu offers some happier piscine specimens. amongst others. It's easy to imagine here that you're the host of a swinging party at your very own Manhattan penthouse flat. Or. just look out of the window and watch John Street jam