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Dribble 0r Dare (Fringe)

Catch Theatre Company. How about someone who will mind Diver” luminous (V0009 the kids from 1 lam—4.30pm? Who 11)2253951r""“'1“"0v . will delight in entertaining and

11.308m, £1.50(£1).

i exhausting them, help them create

tlieirown adventures through i playing, singing and movement. and ~ ', introduce them to aworld ofmusic, l ;

masks, costumes, make-up. scenery, and stage lighting/effects? Meet Simon the Storyteller, who probably x. i' ' represents the ultimate in ' ' babysitting. 'AUDD'N Skilled There is no limit to the fun and Esmertzfgigg,cr::tr;ltlio1:sly scope of the workshop. other than I I V "m" Mack backdrop the considerable imaginations ofthe / w‘ 3 L ,9 . . v . - cna'esme magical world young performers. 'l he real skill and f .' 'r- S h ,. -. ' "' ,r l ' - ofAladdin and friends, "lam Chilllcnge for Simon (and his evil pirate Captain and the pantomime best swashbuckling including three cute little ; frieiids) '5 t9 feel” fled Shape 11“ the stiff-upper-lipped (.‘aptain Horatio action. energy. a good story. mm- day 5 Werk ""0 3 hall'heur Benton-Good. But will they survive over-the-top performances and Aladdin (Fringe) Peffl’rmfmee~ ehanneumg the ' the unknown horrors of Dead Man‘s loads and loads ofsilly jokes. Intema‘iona' PM“: Chl'dren §enerSY~ and "anflmmlng Island. where they must face ghosts. Recommended. (Michael Balfour) Puppels' 8mm" chm" the m0“ '"eied'b'e “fel‘iiiiieiefs 0r ' l' t'tlkln rock face and M'td I Simon the Storyteller‘s Do It "a" (venue "mags lots into a coherent fairy-tale d “gt l)" ~ g. . . H - ' 20531. "M" 25 Mom“ I p . . . . - Murdo. I hey are supported by a YourselfTheatre (Fringe) Simon the Suns). 2.15m“. 24 (£2). A “Odd Prem'ere Presented . galley ofcolourful characters. Stoi‘yteller‘s Big Theatre For Little .me amcfis‘r eVel)’ day at 5'30Pm- [he'l’mquem’n including Molly Dodger. Polly/Jim People Company. Calton Centre announcer) IN THE lsuw had most of the original Ideas (a girl dressed up as a boy ). and (Venue 119). 661 9121. Workshops: WORLD Eat your heart out intact and had been developed into a (‘Ook Raffaelli. um“ 23 Aug‘ Hamfligopm‘ £450. a:s::::::':::$" f9“ Tarmmc i‘ld.:'f";9’c‘fc‘:ur”‘g All the actors give fine Performances: until 23 Aug. Enmusiasm pmomances 5583f [tiff U1 1 performancest With lots ofenergy 5.3()pm,£1.5(). b" cast “mum”. in a g “h’pk‘ ' . " QTY CV' and strong caricatures. John _ I Captain Skullbone and the Haunted “untold, cnanmepmle' I 5 ' f" 5 “caring “’g'mm “'PPeTS- MacNeill as Flagpole. the gangling Treasure of Goul Bay (Fringe) Queen ofa 1920s Bronx burger “‘ch are ms)“: {mates and WE" pirate idiot. gives some marvellous Margaret College Drama Dept. lointwith a special Sc“ escapades in (“Mam Skill/b0"? comic moments with his outsize Queen Margaret's College. attraction thatain'tonthe ""‘I’h" "‘“m’ed 7""“-“"’e()f(;()"l physical and facial movements. Clerwood Terrace. (Venue 56) 317 menu! 30- a desperate race between the This is children‘s theatre at its 3546. until 18 Aug. 4pm. £1. TheBiggestHamburgerin . .- . ..-_.--. . .. __. __ __ .____ _______ _______ the World (Fringe) Abracadabra meat", between science and art, parents and beer, the company does well to Workshop for Children, children, and with David Bryan's overcome theishortfallts of Lheir Theatre West End (Venue owerful music bindin itall to ether, nightclub env ronmen , an crea e an 125) 20~25 Aug. 8.30pm. THE GLASS HOUSE :ven all-knowing growgi ups mgy atmosphere and space for the show. 23%;st "LES A. discover something new. The story is clearly illustrated by some ' . “We Don’t let your children see this super performances from the miller s adventure enthusiastically, . - h fame, “Hamming” and unaccompanied -you will be missing daughter and her buffoonis . inventively despafched, as out. (Harriet Swain) Both these performers show a natural '0'" "at" monkevslioht The Glass House (Fringe) Pleasance confidence and an exuberant,larger hack attains! a bulldozer (Venue 33) 556 6550, until 1 Sept, than life style of acting that children and d8“ Professor Dish). 8 2.15pm, £4 (£2.50) readily respond to. Rumpelstiltskin, flood-rinserfor Sebastian \. uncomfortable in a ridiculous costume, :msxzrefmfém ruin-fo‘gm'skeduasI atpri‘s‘m, The Glass _ s'careddiiinly thgypzngesztrgzghgfiren in ouse, o a ' a es ringe e au ence, u a Exfyaffilffivi'flg’gfi, production for children, is thoughtful RUMPLESTILTS KIN one-liners forthe adults. 220 0539,..mii139pi, enough to stop adults lidgeting too. )5 ~~ However. considering "'9 SWY 5 3.45pm, £3.50 (£3). Five children occupy one room in the ; ‘E ' obvious potential for an enchanting and I CHILDREN'SART glass house where they perform set energetic interpretation, the play . WORKSWPS "'0 “lane and ultimately rational tasks r generally lacks the sense of inspiration "'"c‘ °' "‘"°"‘v 3" supervised by an older woman. The and inventiveness that one would :rémflmgglgwfizd chance sighting of an eagle combines expect. For example, "‘9'" 3'9 '9‘” mumm om his 0"," with their own dreams and innate sound or music effects, the set is basic, mum“. The Mm": curiosity to send them looking fora way the costumes are, with exceptions. extracts, presented by the out- a search at first frightening but only adequate, and there is minimum Freefall MonsterCompany, finally rewarding. use of stage lighting. 3" bf" 3 ‘Wnflbom '0' The steel)! 88' 3'10 computerised This production is a good and solid “‘8' fmtllnaiions '0 run bleeping of the first scene rainbows adaption, but only due to some notable "9' l" l“"“- "mm. into a jumble of coloured silks, statues, performances does the play ever zitfem'aiir'rtm' and gold moons and haunting violin music A professioal cniidren's theatre sparkle enough to st)in mile" 3"“ ""0 Chum“ A" Workshops. for the second, which incorporates company present this straightforward gold. (Michael Balfour) (“in”) Gilded Balloon dance, mime and masks to reflect the dramatisaiion oi the iammar Grimm's Rumpelstiltskin (Fringe) Portrait Studio theatre (Venue 36) Childfen's enlightenment. tale. Productions, Playhouse Studio, (Venue 225 2151.0MN1 Sept (not Willi Wile! Gt!er NOWiCki “milling Amidst the debris of a few unswept 59), 557 3807, until 1 Sept,11am,£3 M008). 10.30am, £2. such themes as the relationships tag-ends and the lingering smen at (£2).

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