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Balloon man

In the current vigorous British jazz climate, young pretenders to the sax crown tend to pop up almost every other week, but for many

Le Jazz Hot‘s Festival commentators the name of Ian Schedule arrived lust ‘00 Ballamy is firmly ensconced at the We for the last issue but forefront. At 26 he’s something of a

there are still a couple of chances to catch the trio‘s relaxed, 4()s-stylc Swing in

veteran, a core member of both the energetic Loose Tubes contingent

their .Lc Club» nights at and Bill Bruford‘s exploratory fusion Morrisons. Morrison outfit Earthworks, as well as the Street, (16 Aug. 8.30pm), leader of a quartet with keyboards L'Odeon. George [V prodigy D jango Bates which had Briggs (21 .Au‘g ‘gpiiith beem honing its act for some six 3" cg”c'a" 5' “S 0 years before recordin last ear’s .. Square (29 Aug‘ loj accomplished and acclaimgd debut i « e 9 t v- - wrth London guests Brass . . . . . Incorporated) longplayer Balloon Man. . group cohesron is palpable, but mode of hymnltke composrtton to Exq—hat Swing Thang ‘I’ve always had the feeling that they’re drawn together by Ballamy’s showcase his confident and keemng guitarist and songwriter , unless you play with the same people increasingly impressive writing. tone. It marks him down as a fine Raymond Gillespie also i for a long time you can’t really build ‘The only time I felt I was really ballad player, tapping a reservoir of Points 0111. ‘1 do not share 1 up a rapport,‘ he reflects on the being me was when I wrote the tune deeply-felt emotion to which many Craig MeMUTdO'S View l longstanding line-up with and played the first solo anyone had of the other young turks have yet to (SCCI‘Ll’126).‘hatmy _ sympathetic Steve Watts/Martin ever played on it,’ he adds. ‘Then no gain access. (Trevor Johnston) tunes are ntitjazztuncs.l F h h . ‘l k Id t d “Th am very much a Jazz fan‘ rance r yt. m section.“ t ta es one cou come 0 me an say, at and feel that someone years to get it to the definitive state was really nice, but have you heard I la" Ballamy S Balloon M3“ Queen‘s who has utilised the I where it doesn‘t sound like a pickup the Ben Webster version?".’ From Hall on Sun 19 Aug. 8pm, as part of services ofjazz players to 1 band, and we don‘t play Stella By now on Ballamy should have few the Edinburgh International Jazz the extent that Craig has : Starlight. Much.’ Indeed, on record worries about being his own man, for Festival. Tickets from the venue box should be striving to l and in live performance the sense of he’s developing a Characteristic office 031 668 2019. promote the music we all -~——— love.‘ (KM) , , , , as a potent symbol of freedom not only head Ill embarrassment, but It is a fair mm- in Eastern Europe, but also in Nazi enough assessment of the musical RETURN To THE EAST MEETS WEST Germany— or just personal taste, but it capabilites oi the trio in question. , will be interesting to compare their Pianist Monty Alexander, guitarist JIVE CAFE approach with that of the American Herb Ellis, and bass player half Brew" Decked out in two-tone visitors. (who will be the main draw) pack in a brown suits. Craig The shade of Eddie Condon, lot oi combined experience and McMurdo in That swing arch-traditionalist, will hang over the expertise in mainstream jazz styles. Thfmgserved UP a highly evening, but I suspect there are players Brown. one oi the small eliie 0i Sggggffiéier‘fiig‘ggflgm in both bands, and especially the Nat genuinely great bass players in this jump-j,vc ,0 launch mi, Pierce one (step forward Harry Edison, field, beganhls professional career now wcnmtabnshcd Joe Temperley, Danny Moss, Ken with Dray Gillespie in 1945, during the

Peplowsitl) who will be itching to add a lerment ol bebop (he married the little modernity to proceedings. Check band’s singer, one Ella Fitzgerald, in the Jan Festival programme, for other 1948, although it lasted only four appearances by these groups. (Kenny years). His move into more

Fringe show. Return To The Jive Cafe incorporates the expected TST virtues punchy.

$3555,“ 3”?“ “m”, I Maihieson) mainstream modes, notably with Oscar

sincginugr K East Meets West, Usher Hall, 22 Aug, Peterson, in the 19503 made him one of

swinging rhythm section. an P°"'°""'" 8iii"- the most in demand players Ill jazz, and They dm'v heavily on The Jazz Festival have given over one with good reason.

their new album for :1 thfirltwo joint concerts with the Herb ems came out or me big band

material. intermixed with est va properto a celebration of the scene, where he played with Jimmy

established favourites like new political climate in Europe. The THE TRICKS 0': TREAT Dorsey in the 19403, before replacing

M3“ the Knife and Original Prague syncopated Dishesmi Barney Kessell in Peterson’s trio in

fever“ "can"? at?“ and The BudaPBSi Ragtime Dishesira e , 1953. Often a member of Brown’s own

guinea"? mg fiogl'lauu‘g‘s 2°de3'9 I '3' prelim, he consentrated on sEudio worlt 'w .t e' own 9 0" 0" e e '3 0" a" an e n ateryears, ut re-emerge as a

:pfdaiinngdgfdthtlmrin songs Very aurafllve (ll clumsny filled) "al I w member Of the Great Guitars ll’lO Wllh

like ‘Riding On ATGV‘ Pierce All-Stars Play Basie outfit. - ' ' Kesseu and Charge gym,

or ‘Couch PotatoJive‘. No prizes for guessing that this is Monty Alexander was born in

The comedy which forms going to be a fairly traditional evening. Kingston, Jamaica, and his playing

i‘" "‘hcm“ Pa" 0‘ me a“ The Prague outfit dedicate themselves retains characteristic inflections from

IS never allowed ‘0 to playing authentic American jazz and his naiive calypso i0 augmeni his

undermine the music. but prevents it slipping into po-faced revivalism

dance music of the 19203 on period instruments, while the Hungarians

clean, ilunremaritable, jazz style. I'm not sure they will really generate great

either. (KM) mine mueh "'8 same territory. except excitement these days, but a highly . new". 10 The 4.", cm that they dip even further bacit into the polished evening or smooth

(Fringe) Fringe Club “Wine 900i. - .. , ' mainstream jazz seems guaranteed. (Venue 2) 226 5257.10 I’m not sure whether this can be item ems (Kenny Mathieson)

Aug-i Sop (not 20 Aug). construed as a reaction to repressive WhoeVef came “ii Wlih ihe corny Triple Treat, Queen‘s Hall (Venue 72) 8.45pm. £5 (£4). regimes- historically, jazz has served moniker Triple Treat should bow their 20 Aug, 8pm.

52 The List 17 23 August 1990