lithographs which have never previously Hannah Roistall and Malcolm BBII' Joint

been ublished. ' v - ~ Royal Museum of Scotland] I FINE ART SOCIETY 137 George Street. RC . pt ' H _ DIaWIOOS Until 1 Sept. Ilorsfall and Bell 220 6370. Mon—Fri 9.30am—5.30pm. Sat , .‘°" “0’ '9‘“ ‘h‘ Edmburgh “Wk togetth on new dr'iWin v ‘h Scottish National 1()am_1pm. I rintmakers Will also be on show. taking three months toeorit | tg‘ Ht (me . r e e. Portrait Gallery i James "as": 18834 959 Um“ 4 Scp‘. I EDITH SIIAON GALLERY Student Centre I HANOVER FINE ART 22a Diindas St 1 Queen Street, Edinbur h MCBCyiS one of Britain.s mosualcmcd House. BristoSquare.667()214. Mon—Sat 556218]. Mon Fri loam-S itlprti' Sitctu‘ g printmakersand watercolourists.'lliis {0'308m—6'30pm' . . , mam—“Pm- Admission free exhibition ofover fifty works covers all 89"" F's" um” I SCpt' Ed'th. summe' Fesma' [minim-"I Until 35c t ELIZABETH aspects of his career. from First World “11.0” 5p'cmrcs‘Swipmrc‘gmpmcs’ RCC°"I“""kS- i"Cludin cer'im' ~~ p i . . . - . . .~ , -, audio-Visual and VIdCO works rs - .. . .‘ . g _ '0‘- War etchings to late worksmTangier ‘pm “mdblv 3sW'Pm“ JLWCIICFV t‘ I“ I T ' ‘. not anon a ' H U h.‘ . h, - CXLI.LS.“'UOd I HE FRUITMARKET GALLERY Market ' “""WMWd Prints ht artists fr i ' C ERAMICS Street. 225 2383_ Momsat Hmmflstmpm; :TgRJ'Y-FOBR 44 London Street.557 Scotland and abroz;d ' . t m around Cross Rhythms - Sun 153‘ m. .. .. on--.‘at1()am-llpm. I musmg - g. . 1 973-1990 M” Ernst: 33w scmpwre Um“ 23 Sept. :I‘eleorklrgm Lintil 8 Sept. Leila M40. Tue [hiriiiilm Street‘s.“ t , , .. ,. . V y , . . ia oway s emiiiine wire-made wall Prevent II = I ' ~ R0 al Muse“ Best known for his painting andgraphics. H , , . iono nnocence Lymigg. . y m of‘ScotIand Max Ernst (188101976) is _ sculptiiresriiid lony (,ooper smasculine groupolillustt-;itors take a l‘reshtlfztmé Chambers Street, Edinburgh under-estimated as a sculptor. This l immunitth mill“. fm interesting Low“ Cam)”- I‘hL‘ exhibition ( d! Ad exhibition conC‘ntrat *s in h'.‘ ‘tzl 'mcr'p a3’I""1‘3"Sillidto/gallery. accom 2 ' 2 '2 r '- ‘. miss‘on free pieces. bronze sLequttire; andsgnold :ind . GM'LERY 0': MODERN ARI Benn“! I "Olgégga 1!." Silver jewellery. :{lozid.256 8?.3].(M(f)n-‘SRI 10am—6pm; Sun ('lose. High Street. Mon—Sat I i I NATIONAL GALLERY or SCOTLAND The .. am“ Pm; . a c‘ “lam-730m: Sun noon-ti m D I S Mound‘ 556 8921- Momsat l()am_6pm; llie gallery s justly renowned cafe isopen Art Exhibition and Sale OI Paiglings L' H as C 0 v Sun I lam_6pm_ Mon—Sat lt).3llam-»4.3tlpm; Sun Aug, 0“ paintings Wu” . ,l _ _' ‘" E R Y cezanne and Poussin: The Classical Vision ot 2'3(H,‘2me; . . . . . and drawings- A I t H (mm pdmls Landscape Until 21 ()ct. Standing at either "P", ‘3'?” 2 5°” “‘C ‘"‘P”‘?"".” “I” I MCK'RDY'S SEAFOOD BAR Asscmhlv R 0 0 RI end of the classical tradition —- Poussin gmu‘mim "l‘mm‘c‘ art's“ m hump“ S‘ICCI‘ Leilh- Dal” “am "late ' (1594-1665) was the founder of French WOIS named m Germany as a Edna Why”: Painmlgs and drawings 1 7nttl ° Royal Museum of Scotland Classicism and (.‘e’zanne ( 1839—1906) the 5’3;)(I)Oglraphcr 3nd moved to Paris in the Sept. ' .- , I. _ ., _ . terne as an‘enemv alien‘h' IMORAY H0 Chambers t masterof Post Impressmnism both 8 n , . ‘- USE COLLEGE OFEDUCAT S reet’ Edinburgh artists shared a passionate desire to create lock Up “3”” and “mcrmkmr and was High Strcct‘ M‘m” 5‘“ 10am‘SPm '0" Admission free order out of nature. Their relationship is Lnflglcncw “N by the surrealms and m” ""99 menus Show Pitirtt‘k (itbb%.("irttl , exploredthroughaselection of aintin y cc‘ St in '- u . .. ‘. u 5 1C drawings and watercolours iron? gs Fr” “summon um“ 2 Sept‘ A" :liguitliltiihesgillt will?! up‘? h in the collectionsan Over the wmld. exhibition (if-drawings and watercolours Rm)”, WU”;S "Mud: fiffi:'!:i-"tétfilli)itriing 1115C“ in Edinburgh: Watercolours trom the National by me "13"" “gum “mum” “CC and abstract wood com that" ~ p‘ n mgs Gallery at Scotland Until 21 ()ct. “E’slmwt’n. tttganizcd by the I OPEN EYE GALLERY 7st"1 “inf... 22 Aug. Nicola Loud with the ISTOCKBRIOGE BOOKSHOP 26 North West (JOCtM'lnStIIUt‘ [‘Ond‘m' Strcc1,557 mgr) \10n_.i:riulT;.:r:r2nd g. Scottish Chamber Orchestra CircusPlace.225 5355. Mon—Fri Yormmm. "‘6 g“”°’-‘"““"‘k “Wk” “tam-4pm I 1‘ pm“ M 98m_8pm; 9am_6p"]; Sun 1 laln "S m. a “iin ()n ' . o . , . Programme InCIudCS Vivaldl's Art Book Bonanza Until 2 Sept. Books p F GRAEME MURRAY GALLERY ‘5 5mm“ Sept d Hanson. Recent Pammgs mm 6 'The Four Seasons' 630pm covering a wide range ol‘styles and artists. 13mm ‘1556 6020' Tue ‘Fri mam‘ SPm15‘" I RIGHARD DEMARCO GALLERY 5”“ Pm- iiit~itt't«‘ -. » .. 1 ' ' . Poiesis Until 29 Sept. Mixed workson the High [Aligtrri-irgldgkfnd: sum (0” 29 Aug. Martin Taylor, guitar mm- therneof‘l’oesy’. defined by Brewers mumhhpm. H A H ( n. d! Neils-Henning Orsted I ASSEMBLY ROOMS 54 (icmgc Sm,“ 3:33:30' its Pitctt)‘ Cttllct‘itt‘cly. Or in iht‘ Strategy-Gets-Arts + 20: APictlandgarden: Allda .everv dav. ' new work“) G Ilt U ' ' " Pedersen ) y 1 4 I n . . y un er eckert,niil Ibepl. 9 bass 1 and! at the Fringe Until 1 Sept. Punt-it has R GFEEB'ARS. m5 HOUSE ( ""d"”“”‘” It '8 3“ WW“ since the R00 rite-Witth the Jazz evening. 6.30pm prided itselfon the best cartoons around 0“. (my “)dmnbam' Stunning'SII‘IICEV'UCIS'ANS‘ 3" for nearly 150years. H I THE ARCHITECTURE GALLERY 2() rickets £5.00 (£3.00) from the Chambersshccr, 552 6821_ruc-5,,, CURIOUSER AND works and come up with their P ringe box office, or from the ultim—5Pg1151m 2-5pm. ImPTBSSiONS. Information D argaret mith: Landscapes Untilxscpt. The r ' ' ' ' ' eSR’ Royal Smith brings 8 years spent studying . , 5 h - esu" Is an mtngumg mature 0' Museum of Scotland, Japanese sumi-e and Ilokusai to bearon os'm't'y and anecnono-lngeborg Chambers Street, her work in acrylic landscapcs‘ descride Smith s Lobster Ouadrilloe collage uses Fdinbur h or at th d as tcimcst yet to“,ng Husband Sam dreamy golds and blues in an 1 g 9 e 00" iraseis is exhibiting down the road at the undfima'er scene Which features some a at Rice cattery, text mm the poem (‘Would you walk a FREE PERFORMANCES THEt Bsitsikgtiggldhfittunv 42 London little laster?’ said the whiting to the rec .. - . tin—Sat “lam-5.30pm. snail' .while Carol n Youn s n' HARSgON HARMONICS '8" Thompson: The Blind and the Naked waterimlour ‘l wishyl hadn'i'cfiedsso ZEEEL BAlND Unti|18 Aug. ‘Ruthless‘ paintings and much' is more surreal With weird , pm 18 Aug constructions depicting religion as ~ ' READING YOUTH ORCHESTRA ‘resignation. restraint. conflict and plants. and sums“ any a flowerpower 230p"! 19 Aug strugglcg Alice in the middle at it all. EDINBURGH UNIVERSITY :2 COLLECTIVE GALLERY 166 High Street. Deni" Th0m35' Rims 3993'!" be CHAMBER ORCHESTRA G (:d12fl8).l\:on—Sun 1:2,3t)_5,3(h~,m_ rather quaint, traditional depictions at 12 30 m 31 Au 0 on oy .Circles Until l9Aug. Wonderland scenes, buta closer look - P 8 I EDINBURGH COLLEGE or ART Lauriston mea's ".‘enacmg e'emems " "ecu'ia' Place. 229 9311. Daily 10am—5pm. nol'so’lr'endly smiling laces and a PLUS gigt'tlttnttthawker: Shadows in Disguise_A P downright nasty Cheshire Cat. Most The Languages of Scotland “8 nttiinz icpr. eggstion oi Innocence, Hillside curious of all are Aird Mckinstrie's . a .‘z a ton re ectsonthe - ill Morals, Motives and Markets . Cathars and the philosophy ofdualism lwonder II LOUIS Car II R us'ranons. He tank a thorough.” ' Ad wh, ‘h _h‘ _ R . . v . . ro new what he adult look at the book, approaching it am Smith 1723_1990 re s cstudied during herstavm W8 I ttI ' Th L" f C “mm W m”. , w 8‘ eA ng himsell in tor when he as II itwere ‘a peculiarwetdream'. e e o a hair Stephen Comngboum m Aileen mm m? :2 lice in Wonderland— one at the Alice drinks trom a phial and gets Mon . Sat loam . 5pm. Urn”? Sept. Informal workson paper. Ians quoted works inthe English bustier ratherthan bigger and the Red Sun 2pm . 5pm Sltslalt Mack: hainiings. Drawings and Sh 9:398. after the Bible and and White Queens are scantily clad in Tel 031 225 7534 ext 219 ' nan Until 1 Sept. Mack‘s abstract images, b a eSlJeare. Branded as a paedophile red and white slips and stockings. L;Lfl§;;neo'Wl(th} the interplay between szsomde and staunchly delended as a Alisdair Foster’s photograph is again, a .- Egmbugtéfian orms. an imaginative man by others, he little more atiectionate. He has ‘Alice', PnirirMAitEns WORKSHOP is now the subiectota la ii ' hi ' NAT 1 ON A L GALLERY 23 Union Street. 5S7 2479 performed “h p y cum 8 Own daughter, (ace down m the MUSEUMSOJ MIPS“! l “amimom. ~ - Acco a e Hillside Gallery. grass in a pool at trinkets, including the SCOTLAN D Sam “anus. Race", mph“ Work Um” 8 womigpanytng the play is a show at White Rabbit's lob watch and, ot Sept. lndudcs many new etchings and y a number at artists who were course, a pack at cards. (Miranda commissioned to re-read Carroll's France)

62 The List 17 23 August 1990