The Jewel In The Crown. ‘What r , happens if these people are not experts


Paul McGann’s performance as Matthew Harris, the young hospital . p: .. a , porter who steals a dead doctor’s

identity, is, according to Morahan, quite pivotal. ‘There’s a kind at light quality at the beginning of the film,‘ he reflects, ‘we rather enjoy this escapade, but that's a quite deliberate attempt on my part to wrongfoot the audience. In time, they find the person

they thought was admirable is

beginning to behave dreadfully. lle actually kills people. That’s quite a The Boys N CXI DOOI‘ :1 difficult path to tread, to go from one

_ I, , , / thingto another.lthink he's Aug 11 Sept 1 (“Qt Tues) :j frighteninleconvincing.'

3.45pm (5.50) ' ' Thefilm also benefitsconsiderably e I - fromarealistic script, adaptedfrom his

£6.00 (£5.00) i a. t I; . . own novel by resting doctorJohn Assembly Rooms, 54 George St. ; ChflStODl‘ef Moran?" 8 Paper MaSk IS Collee, who once worked as a casualty ; about deceit. Nothing unusual about officer himself. Morahan points out i that you might think. After all, most that his scenario draws ‘upon all sorts AND AT THE i films are in one way or another. What ~ oi instinctive tears at hospitals, makes this one horrific, however, is : needles, pain and death’, creating an

that the charlatan in question is the sort environment which makes it easy to

ROYALSCOTSCLUB , . . 0 young doctor who could be stitchlno believe that Paper Mask II will all too

30 ABERCROMBY PLACE you up after a car smash and. quite soon be playing at a hospital nearyou. frankly, he doesn’t know the first thing Not a movie for the squeamish. (Thom about his job. Actually, he’s not even a Dihdin)

wAlTlNG doctor at all . . . Paper Mask screens in Filmhouse 1 on (P FOR THE ‘When we on into a hospital each at Fri 17 Aug, 6.30pm. There’s also a

A US has to put ourselves in the hands 0i repeat showing in a subtitled print for i . . , peogle wedbelieve't‘o be Iexpert's"! sags the deaf at the Cameo cinema on Sun

---__ ._ _ . - __ , pro ucer Irec or are an. w M est 26 Aug, 2.15 m. See Film Festival

livAlrllvc. FOR THE PARADE Funny and emotionally powerful ponrayal 01 live known lorhis wanton theTV Raj epic Diary overlegtimuthe,details,

spirited Canadian women waging their own battles far Survwal during WWll. A hit

at lhr: LvrtL Hammersmith, London

Aug '3. l5. 2?. 25. 27. 31 [00'- 630) [3.05 lt2.!5l MM... 5.... li— A i directorwas happyto admitthat‘lwas wfléh Gd,le L g u p looking to make a film which would .‘ ,A , ‘-‘ '- is, ! perhaps have a more broadly-based


appeal than some of my earlier ones, but without giving up on the kind of things I had been ore-occupied with in those films.‘

Set in Paris during the forging and subsequent destruction of the , revolutionary Commune of 1871 , which i was swept aside by internal dissent f and the subsequent invasion by the conquering Prussian forces, the film breaks ranks with earlier works like Ghost Dance or Zina by adopting the unconventional form of a musical comedy, or perhaps a pastiche opera. His lightest film in mood and tone, it nonetheless carries a powerful sting. l 7‘ ‘l feltthe Second Empire in France : The "nanfla' Wheelel'deating and ' had a lot of resonances with Thatcher‘s i blatant commercialism of Cannes - Britain. It was a very complacent

seemed an lncongrously out-of-context 5 period, and there was a lot of easy

BABY WITH THE BATHWATER by Christopher Durang America's funniest playwright takes an irreverent whack at parents, children and then nannies, Mary Poppins was never like this.

My M, l]. 20, 23. )8. Sop! 1 [00pm lSJOI [3.95 “2.95)

My l5. ll. 21, 2‘, 25. 29 10.00pm llt.30l

EXTREMI‘I’IES Chilling graphic oprOratron of the psychology ot terror A brutal

attempted ra e The table urn n i i n , , w ' . 2:: :5. u. zip". 25. 2: suioogilgoime Iafgtlfgafllo” a M ay "m "6" Place to be meeting Ken McMullen, a l money to be made by unscrupulous ' 3- "' 7" 15- 17- 1' 10-00Ml1130l dlre‘c‘totr known for his experimental | people. They got their come-uppance aes e ics, radical left-wing political ; torthat com lacenc in the DRAGONS & HONEYBEES - views, and a somewhat austere I Franco-Pruspsian Wavy- people always TALES FROM AROUND THE WORLD approaohto tilrwmaking. While ' assume the society they have created Third consecutiv i conceding thathe felt less than will go on forever in some immutable , 6 year - comfortable with much of what he saw way, hut that clearly is not the case.‘ The Shoestring Players soar into strange and go on around him, he did confess that Shot in a wondertul disused theatre in enchanting places of me imagination he was rather enjoying it all, albeit ‘in a Lisbon, 1871 is handled with great Aug 17 _ Se 1 (not Sun 19) perverse klndoot way. comic verve and flair. McMullen’s p The mm Wm" had brollth him to the regret over the failure of the Commune, 12 noon (1'00) “Silva”, 1871i departs in some salient and of the implicit unlearned lessons £3.00 (£2.00) reslJects lr0m What "light be seen - which still haunt the Left, is palpable, although probably not by him —as the but the film neverturns into a dogmatic McMullen norm. The Mancunian tract, (Kenny Mathiason)

58 The List 17 - 23 August 1990