The Edinburgh lntemational Film Festival main box otiice is at Filmhouse. 88 Lothian Road. 228 2688. open daily 9am-9pm. Remaining tickets for screenings at the Cameo cinema, Home Street. 228 4141 , go on sale there an hour before each performance.

Morning shows £2 (£1). Lunchtime shows £1. Afternoon shows: lectures. seminars £2; Filmhouset £4 (£2); Filmhouse 2 £3 (£1.50); Cameo £4 (£2). Evening shows (alter 6.30pm): Filmhouse 1 £4; Filmhouse 2 £3; Cameo £4. Late nights £4.



Young Filmmaker ofthe YearProg 6 10.45am. The Channel 4-sponsored student competition continues with work from the Szinhaz Es Filmmuvezti. Budapest: the lnstitut Des Artes De Diffusion. Brussels; and the University of Southern California. Lunchtime Animation 12.45pm. Celebrating 50 years of invention from Britain‘sJohn Halas and Joy Batchelor.

An American Werewolf in London (John Landis. US. 1981 ) 2pm. Amiable lycanthropic capers continue the Landis retrospective.


Doctor M (Claude Chabrol. France. 1990) 2.15pm. Alan Bates and Jennifer Beals head the ‘cast in Chabrol‘s idiosyncratic reworking of themes from Fritz Lang‘s Doctor Mabuse.


H-Z Worker(Stephanie Black. US. 199())2.3()pm. The annual importation of Jamaican labour for the Florida sugar cane harvest shows that near-slavery conditions still exist in the US. Part of the Eyes of The World documentary programme.

Glasgow Film and Video Workshop Special Event 4.45pm. In June ofthis year German experimental filmmaker Christoph Janetsko visited Glasgow to work with a group of 25 people from varying backgrounds. This afternoon‘s programme screens nine short video pieces. the results oftheir collaboration.

The Guard (Alexander Rogoshin. USSR. 1990) 6pm. llarrowing study of male brutality asthe guards on a train transporting prisoners to the labour camps go further and further in the games of humiliation

perpetrated upon their charges and each other. in 'he Truth Triumphant I FILMHOUSET Paper Mask (Christopher Morahan. UK. 1990) b.3(lpm. in the New British ( 'inema slot competing for the Michael Powell Award comes this provocative story ofa porter passing himselfoff as a doctor and creating much havoc in the process. With Paul McGann. Amanda Donohoe. I CAMEO The Flame of Pomegranate in the Cane (Sa‘ied Ebrahimifar. lran. 1989) (1.30pm. A young photographer looking for subject matter snaps an old man who‘s just had a heart attack and sets about establishing his identity in this visually perceptive Iranian debut feature. in a last-minute announcement. all the films in the New Directors slot will compete this year for the second Chaplin Award. I FILMHOUSE 2 We Three (Pupi Avati. ltaly. 1983)8.15pm. The Avati retrospective continues with this intriguing tale of young Mozart tempted to fail an exam and escape from his life of lonely genius. I CAMEO Coming Out(Heiner (‘arow. E. Germany. 1989) 8.45pm. The first East German film to deal openly with homosexual relationships. as a teacher falls in love with a young boy. was premiered on the day the Wall was breached. Symbolic or what. fact fans. I FILMHOUSEi Time ofthe Gypsies(Emir Kusturica. Yugoslavia. l989)8.3(lpm. Life ain‘t easy for modern day gypsies as Kusturica's award-winning offering shows. playing the mystical force ofthe Romany culture against the dreadful conditions they have to endure in upholding their lifestyle. '7." {0, 4

{ my" ‘7’." 'i Catchiire (Alan Smithee. US. 1990) 11.15pm. Interesting one this. Director Dennis Hopper. who also scripted. had his name removed from the

F E S T l V A L _ film/LISTINGS

credits when the production company refused to release his three-hour cut ofthis comic pursuit story. With Jodie Foster.



Pupi Avati Round Table Event 10am. A discussion session with special guests which sets out to examine the sorry state ofa European film distribution network that can allow the delightful Avati oeuvre to be overlooked in this country.


Young Filmmaker ofthe YearProg 710.45am. Three shorts from Tel-Aviv University. Lunchtime Animation 12.45pm. Last year Kellogg's set up a competition challenging animators to come up with a new slant on old fairy tales. and here are some of the results.

Amazon Women On The Moon (Various. US. 1987) 2pm. John Landis wasjust one of the contributors to this variable series ofskits and sketches.


.. i 1 Waiting ForThe Light (Christopher Monger. US. 1990) 2. 15pm. Shirley MacLaine in another vigorous character part heads an unusual American family in this old-fashioned entertainment set in 1962. With Teri Garr.


The Tram of Death (Janos Veszi. Hungary. 1989) 2.30pm. Intriguing look at the murky workings of Hungarian justice as a real-life murdertrial is filmed to reveal conflicting and inconclusive evidence. The Interrogation (Ryszard Bugajski. Poland. 1981) 6pm. A nightclub singeris imprisoned without trial and subjected to brutal physical and psychological treatment. Only recently released in Poland 4 (despite having circulated on video for number of years) Bugajski's disturbingindictment of 50s totalitarianism featuresa Cannes award-winning performance from the much put-upon Krystyna Janda.


l l

1871 (Ken McMullen. UK/Portugal. 1990) 6.30pm. Latest offering from the cerebral and challenging British film-maker is a surprisngly witty account of various actors. political renegades and society figures during the turbulent years ofthe Paris commune.


Metropolitan (Whir Stillman. US. 1990) 6.30pm. Highly-rated. rather ironic treatment of the conversational exploits of a group of upper class Manhattanites. This modestly budgeted American independent is already being spoken of as this year’ssex. lies and videotape.


Mortgage (Bill Bennett. Australia. 1989) 8.15pm. They‘re young. They‘re married. They have a dream. Now watch them pay the price. Painfully accurate tale ofthe property market from the Aussie docu-drama specialist.


Metropolis (Fritz Lang. Germany. 1927)8.45pm. in celebration of the late German master’s centenary. his classic silent vision of the future is screening with the original score rewritten for two pianos and performed live by Frank Strobel and Pierre Oser. I EILMHOUSE1

The Nasty Girl (Michael Vcrhoeven. W. Germany. 1989) 8.45pm. Timely. viciously funny and factually-based story of a prize-winning teenage essayist who begins to ask too many awkward questions about her hometown’s Nazi past. Michael and Paul are unrelated. by the way.

e .. Blue Steel (Kathryn Bigelow. US. 1989) 11pm. Hard-hittingpolicier fare from the director of Near Dark as Jamie Lee Curtis sets out to prove herselfas the toughest cop on the force.



Young Filmmaker ofthe Year Prog 810.45am. Work from the Akadcmija Glandaliscc Radio Film in Televisijo in Ljubiana. Yugoslavia. and the London

lntemational Film School.

Trading Places (John Landis. US, 1983) 2pm. For many the highlight of the Landis retrospective will be this well-handled switcheroo comedy as poverty-stricken Eddie Murphy and financial whizzkid Dan Aykroyd change places. With Jamie Lee Curtis.


Aduelue, The Lords of the Street (Sijiri Bakaba. ivory Coast. 1988) 2.15pm. Bakaba. one of Africa‘s biggest screen stars. moves behind the camera to direct this fast-moving gangster flick about a man returning home to a small republic after years in France and needing a substantial supply of money to maintain his expensive lifestyle.

I FILMHOUSE 2 Atonement (Pal Schiffer. Hungary. 1989) 2.30pm. Three decades after the events. the relatives ofan engineer and a technical writer murdered in 1956 by Communist vigilantes. challenge the authorites for more information on the fate of their loved


Guardian Lecture 4.15pm Bertrand Tavernier interviewed on stage.


The Ear (Karel Kachyna. Czechoslovakia. 1969) 6pm. Shelved for twenty years. Kachyna’s incisive and bitterly funny account of paranoia pits an ambitious bureaucrat against his bickering wife as they suspect themselves to be under government surveillance.

I FILMHOUSE 1 Newshound: (Les Blair. UK. 1990)6.30pm.The staff of the top tabloid The Briton will go to any lengths to get their story. even if they have to manufacture it themselves. Blackly familar fare with Ade Edmondson. Alison Steadman and Edwina Currie MP.


Recollections of the Yellow House 6.30pm. (Joao Cesar Monteiro. Portugal. 1989) Bizarre. energetic series of happenings in which a man with an uncontrollable libido ends up in a mental asylum after a number ofstrange encounters. Hmm.


Nocturne (Mark H. Harris. US. l990)8.15pm.

Coming of age story set in

the New York gay community. as a reserved young pianist becomes gradually disillusioned

about his relationship with a student. whom he suspects is only in it for a quick sexual adventure.


A “V ° Nikita (Luc Besson. France. 1989)8.45pm. After the French megahit The Big Blue. Luc Besson‘s newie stars his wife. Anne Parillaud. in a comedy thriller about an ex-junkie and copkiller who‘s offered a fresh chance as a police intelligence officer.


These Foolish Things (Bertrand Tavernier. France. 1990) 8.45pm. Returning to the screen after an absence oftwelve years. Dirk Bogarde stars as an English retiree recovering from a heart attack and visited by his estranged Parisian daughterJane Birkin. Delicate. brilliantly- performed autumnal study from the ever-reliable Tavernier.



Young Filmmakerolthe Year Prog 910.45am. Student pieces from the Vysoka Skola Muzickych Umeni. Bratislava in Czechoslovakia, and Edinburgh‘s very o\"n Napier Polytechnic. Twilight Zone: The Movie (Various. US. 1983) 2pm. The Landis-directed segment in this tribute compendium became better known for the fatal accident that happened during shooting than it did for the end on-scrcen result.


The Krays (Peter Medak. UK. 199())2.15pm. OK. so maybe you‘ve seen the Kemp brothers in this ambitous Philip Ridley-scripted gangster biopic. but remember the Michael Powell Award jury may not have.


National Film and Television School Programme 2.30pm. Th latest from Beaconsfield.

The List 17— 23 August 199069