I All Dogs GO to Heaven (U) (Don Bluth. US. 1989) With the voices of Burt Reynolds. Loni Anderson and Dom DeLuise. 84 mins. In Bluth‘slatest animated feature. likeable Alsatian Charlie Barkin is killed by his partner in small-time crime. but manages to trick his way out ofthe Afterlife to face earthbound adventure with cute orphan Anne-Marie as he seeks revenge on his double-crossing buddy. Occasionally sloppy animation is more than made up for by the inventive story-line and an allusive sense ofhumour that should even have adults suppressing the odd guffaw. Glasgow: Cannon Clarkston Road. Edinburgh: UCI. Strathclyde: Odeon Ayr.

I Back To The Future Part 3 ( PG) ( Robert Zemeckis. US. 1990) MichaelJ. Fox. Christopher Lloyd. Mary Steenburgen. 119 mins. After the elongated trailerof 8TH we‘re back in 1885 for the third and absolutely final instalment of the series. in which Michael has to face up to longstanding enemy Biff and save the Doc from certain death. except that the latteris much more interested in falling for Mary Steenburgen. The end result is not quite a bad film. but. as with almost every other sequel of a sequel there‘s an overall slackness which prevents it from lifting off in the way that it should. In almost every sense. we‘ve been here before. Glasgow: Cannon The Forge. Cannon Sauchiehall Street. Edinburgh: Cannon. UCI. Central: Cannon. Strathclyde: Cannon. UCI Clydebank. UCI East Kilbride.

I Basket Case 2 ( 18) (Frank Henelotter. US. 1990) Kevin Van Iientenryck. Annie Ross. Kathryn Meisle. 90mins. In this follow-up to Iienelotter's cult classic original the introverted protagonist Duane (IIentenryck) and his hideously deformed Siamese twin brother Belial (Basket Case himself) are taken in by a kindly spinster (Scots singer Annie Ross. would you believe'.’). who shelters a whole family of so-called “special individuals'. In the freak community. Duane formsa relationship with the grand-daughter of the house. while Belial finds an equally distorted mate too. but as the twins plan the big separation the interest ofan unscrupulous tabloid journalist causes great consternation amidst the coterie of misshapen creatures. Strathclyde: UCI (lydebank.

I Blue Steel ( 18) (Kathryn Bigelow . US. 1989) Jamie Lee Curtis. Ron Silver. Clancy Brown. 102 mins. Special preview of hard-hitting policier fare from tough cookie director Bigelow of Near Dark fame. Rookie cop Jamie Lee finds herself at the centre of a trail ofmotiveless killings. Also screening at the Film Festival this issue (see separate listings for details). Edinburgh: Odeon.

I Born On The Fourth OfJuIy ( 18) (Oliver Stone. US. 1989) Tom Cruise. Willem Dafoe. Raymond J. Barry. Kyra Sedgwick. 144 mins. Stone's Oscar-winning second trip to ‘Nam features Cruise as disabled veteran Ron

Crimes and Misdemeanours (15) (Woody Allen, US, 1989) Martin Landau, Anjelica Huston, Woody Allen, Alan Alda, Mia Farrow. 104 mins. Hannah and Her Sisters showed that Allen could blend the brooding Big Questions side of his art with the deft one-line wit we've almost taken for granted from him. Crimes and Misdemeanours manages a similar dialectical trick, though here the distance from dark to light is even further.

Inconceivably, there‘s a murder. Real death plays its part in an Allen picture forthe first time. In the first of the film’s twin narrative strands, wealthy and respected opthalmologist Judah Rosenthal (a brilliant Martin Landau), worried that his longtime mistress Dolores (Anjelica Huston) might reveal their relationship to his wife and thus disturb the marriage‘s bourgeois status gun, has her quietly eliminated by a hitman.

interwoven with this dour tale is the second of the film‘s stories, featuring Allen himself as Clifford Stern, a film-maker of worthy, low-budget documentaries, who, against his better judgement but attracted by the money and exposure, agrees to put together a

Kovic. in a biographical depiction of ambition. disillusionment and national betrayal. as the lad grows up. joins up. gets wounded and finds his country doesn‘t want to know him anymore. Kovic‘s plight is rendered symbolic of state-of—the-nation dismay. and Cruise brings an unprecendented degree of integrity to the part. giving easily his best


tribute programme about his smug TV tycoon brother Lester (an incredibly oily, self-satisfied Alan Alda). Leaving aside oneof his own long-cherished projects to knuckle down to the work, things are made slightly better by the presence of the piece's attractive and intelligent producer (Mia Farrow), but despite Allen’s romantic aspirations the relationship proves to be not all he'd hoped.

Allen and Landau are only to meet in the film’s mournful final scene. Affirming life's impenetrable moral complexities, it draws the thematic link between the pair's disparate experiences. The good are not always rewarded, northe had always punished. Things are not that simple, nor is this film. It’s hard to mark out its ethical inquisitivenes without making it sound too out and dried, because the key thing about the effortless polish of the dialogue and performances, the unobtrusive technical rightness, is that it flows and flows. Very, very good. (TrevorJohnston)

From Fri 17. Glasgow: Cannon The Forge, Odeon. Edinburgh: Odeon, UCI. Strathclyde: UCI Clydebank, UCI East Kilbride.

performance to date. Stone's usual lack of subtlety is offset here by Kovic‘sown involvement in making the movie. Central: MacRobert Arts Centre.

I The Brave Little Toaster ( U) (Jerry Rees. US. 1990) 94 mins. Fun animated adventure as a group of plucky electrical appliances go off in search of their master who‘s moved to the big city. Yet for

Toaster. Lampy the lamp. Kirby the vaccuum cleaner and Blankey the electric blanket there are many dangers to be face along the way. Strathclyde: UCI Clydebank.

I Cadillac Man ( 15) (Roger Donaldson. US. 1990) Robin Williams. Tim Robbins. Pamela Reed. 98 mins. Special preview of the latest Robin Williams vehicle (har. bar) has the lad himself as a womanising car salesman whose frenetic amorous activities attract the attention ofthe showroom secretary‘s husband (Tim Robbins). lIe suspects his wife is engaged in an affair with one of the salesmen. sohe holds the whole establishment hostage. To be reviewed. Edinburgh: ()deon.

I Crimes And Misdemeanours ( 15) (Woody Allen. US. 1989) Martin Landau. Woody Allen. Alan Alda. Anjelica Iluston. Mia Farrow. 104 mins. See review. Glasgow: Cannon The Forge. ()deon. Edinburgh: Odeon. UCI. Strathclyde: UCI Clydebank. UCI East Kilbride.

I Cry Baby ( 12) (John Waters. US. 1990) Johnny Depp. Amy Locane. Susan Tyrell. Iggy Pop. 85 mins. Baltimore. 1954. and droolsome Drape Johnny Depp‘s across-the-tracks romance with once-prim Square gal Locane is the catalyst for momentous moral consternation and open warfare between the town's teen factions. but love is to prove itselfstrongerthan prison bars. Boasting the usual theoretical trash casting (Traci Lords. Patty l Iearst. Iggy Pop). lapsed sleaze merchant Waters‘ most mainstream movie to date is an exuberant and knowing satire ofFifties juvenile delinquency movies. (ilasgow: Cannon The Forge. ()deon. Edinburgh: Odeon. UCI. Strathclyde: UCI Clydebank. UCI East Kilbride.

I Dark Angel ( 18) (Craig Baxley. US. 1990) [)olph Lundgren. Brian Benben. Betsy Brantley. 92 mins. [)olph stars as all-action Houston cop Jack Caine on the trail of drug pushers from space who remove their enemies by use of killer compact discs. doutless featuring k-tel‘s tribute to Sydney [)evine. Glasgow: Cannon Sauchiehall Street. Strathclyde: UCI Clydebank. UCI East Kilbride.

I Days of Thunder( 12) (Tony Scott. L's. 1990)Tom Cruise. Robert Duvall. Nicole Kidman. 107 mins. I‘airly routine rerun of the Top (jun formula which once more unites main attraction (‘ruise with superproducers Simpson & Bruckheimer and commercially successful British ex-adman director Tony (wee brother of Ridley) Scott. This time the difference is that esteemed screenwriter Robert Towne’s dialogue strains to add significance to the events. but while everyone tries to convince ihcmsels es that this is something more than an auto-racing flick. that'sjust what it is. A very wellput together stock-car movie. if that's what vou want to see. Glasgow: (‘annon Clarkston Road. Cannon The Forge. Cannon Sauchiehall Street. (irosvenor. Edinburgh: Cannon. Dominion. l'Cl

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