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12.45, 3.25, 6.05, 8.40 & 11.15pm

A film by David Lynch, winner of the Palme D'Or at the Cannes Film Festival.

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From 27 August

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To support the 1990 EDINBURGH INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL we are showing a series of special previews of prerelease films at 11.15pm nightly (except Sundays) Fri 17th : Cadillac Man Robin Williams Sat 18th :

Die Hard II 8.: Die Hard Bruce Willis .Mon 20th : Houseparty Tues let :

Blue Steel Wed 22nd : Night Breed Thurs 23rd : Paper Mask Paul McGann Fri 24th Flatliners Keifer Sutherland Sat 25th Freshman

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Central: Allanpark. Cannon. Strathclyde: Cannon. Kelburne. Odeon Ayr. Odeon Hamilton. UC1 Clydebank. UC1 East Kilbride. WMR Film Centre.

I Dick Tracy (PG) (Warren Beatty. US. 1990) Warren Beatty. Madonna. Al Pacino. Dustn Hoffman. 113 mins. Producer/director/star Beatty resurrects Chester Gould's vintage cop comic strip with original primary colours intact and engagingly misshapen crew ofrubberized villains faithfully preserved. Amidst a sea ofperiod kitsch backdrops screaming irony. the well-worn drama oflaw enforcement is played out by a cast of cardboard cliches who remain just that. Madonna's brash floozy and Pacino's hammy megalomania enliven things from time to time. but the material remains so fossilised it's hard for all concerned to work up much of a head ofsteam. Full marks for all the trappings though. Glasgow: Cannon The Forge. Odeon. Edinburgh: Dominion. Odeon. UC1. Central: Caledonian. Strathclyde: Odeon Ayr. La Seala. UC1 Clydebank. L'CI East Kilbride.

I Die Hard (18) (John McTiernan. US. 1988) Bruce Willis. Alan Rickman. Bonnie Bedelia. 131 mins. Willis playsa cop who attends a tower block party with his estranged spouse. The building is raided by terrorists. so it's left to Willisto bump off the baddies and save the hostages while the police and FBI languish ineptly on the sidelines. Unbearably tense actioner that gets good mileage out of yawning lift-shafts and flying bullets. while Willis is convincing as an ordinary guy trying to cope with it all. Watch outfor Brit Rickman as a villain with a sense of humour. Glasgow: Cannon The Forge. Edinburgh: Odeon. UC1. Strathclyde: UC1 Clydebank. UC1 East Kilbride.

I Die Hard |l ( 18) (Renny Harlin. US. 1990) Bruce Willis. Bonnie Bedelia. William Atherton. 122 mins. Special preview ofthe latest in the summer‘s long line of expensive sequels has Bruce Willis once again tackling frolicsome airport terrorists when the crazies prevent his wife‘s plane from landing at Dallas. Many explosions follow. Reviewed next issue. Glasgow: Cannon The Forge. Edinburgh: Odeon. UC1. Strathclyde: UC1 Clydebank. UC1 East Kilbride.

I A Dry White Season ( 15) (Euzhan Paley. US. 1989) Donald Sutherland. Janet Suzman. Jurgen Prochnow. Marlon Brando. 107 mins. Andre Brink‘s novel about the white South African conscience brought Marlon back to the screen for his first cameo in years. As Ben Du Toit (Sutherland) investigates the death ofhis black gardener‘s son he becomes increasingly aware of the true nature of the system that he is living in. Though criticised for simplifying the novel. notably by balloon-man Brando. the film both engages the viewer and enrages their sympathies. Central: MaeRobert Arts Centre.

I Erik The Viking ( 12) (Terry Jones. U K. 1989) Tim Robbins. Gary Cady.Terry Jones. Eartha Kitt. Mickey Rooney. Antony Sher. John Cleese. Imogen Stubbs. 103 mins. Film adaptation of Jones' nordie adventure tale. with a splendid cast. luscious sets and superb special effects. Alas. the script doesn‘t match up. relying on rather tired silliness. and on violence toned down for the censor. with the result that the messages about war and human nature don‘t really come across. Glasgow: Grosvenor.

I Gandhi (PG) (Richard Attenborough. UK. 1982) Ben Kingsley. Candice Bergen. Edward Fox. Trevor Howard. John Mills. 188 mins. Oscar-laden biopic of the great Indian leader and man of peace chronicles and clarifies the country‘s birth pains. Although the choice attracted some flak. Kingsley gives an outstanding performance in the title role. and packed out by star cameos the film has the feel of an old-fashioned epic. But a

good one. Strathclyde: UC1 East Kilbride. I Gremlins 2: The New Batch (12) (Joe Dante. US. 1990) Zach Galligan. Phoebe Cates. Christopher Lee. 107 mins. For once a sequel that matches the original. This time the scaly mini-monsters rampage through Glover‘s Manhattan media empire headquarters where there are genetic laboratories. hi-tech offices and even a television station at their malevolently frolicsome disposal. A reduced schmaltz factor. lots ofone-liners and an unpredictable smattering ofsly movie references make the experience a fun one. Glasgow: Cannon Clarkston Road. Cannon The Forge. Cannon Sauchiehall Street. Grosvenor. Edinburgh: Cannon. UCI. Central: Allanpark. Caledonian. Cannon. Regal. Strathclyde: Cannon. Kelburne. Odeon Ayr. Odeon Hamilton. La Scala. UC1 Clydebank. UC1 East Kilbride.

I Hard To Kill (15) (Bruce Malmuth. US. 1989) Steven Seagal. Kelly Le Brock. Bill Sadler. 96 mins. Up and coming action type Steven Seagal plays Mason Storm. an LA cop whose apparent invincibility has a plethora of top hit men queuing up to rub him out. But not so fast. our Mason might be heavily underarmed. and at one point he‘s actually in a coma. but even yet he manages to dispatch the baddies. Pointless mayhem. pointless formula plot. pointless violence. Hard To 51'! Through is more like it. Edinburgh: UC1.

I House Party (15) (Reggie Hudlin. US. 1990) Christopher Reid. Christopher Martin. Tisha Campbell. 95 mins. Special preview of bouncy black musical comedy with rappers Kid‘n‘Play. which details one young man‘s sterling efforts to get to the party of the decade and return home unscathed before his dad wakes up. P-Funk godfather George Clinton is in there too. Screening at the Film Festival this issue (see separate listings for details). Edinburgh: Odeon.

I The Hunt For Red October (John McTiernan. US. 1990) Sean Connery. Alec Baldwin. Scott Glen. Tim Curry. Joss Ackland. 136 mins. The latest all-star offering from the director of Die Hard. set aboard a Soviet submarine and the NATO sub sent to hunt it down. In response to the plot-spoiling thaw of East-West relations. McTiernan sneakily sets the film a few years back. which can’t help but render it anachronistic. Edinburgh: UC1.

I Innocent Man (18) (Peter Yates. US. 1990) Tom Selleck. F. Murray Abraham. Laila Robins. 114 mins. This further instalment in a long line ofmisfiring Selleck big screen offerings has our Tom on the wrong end of rough justice as an unwitting innocent sent to prison by a pair of bungling and corrupt narcotics cops. Helping him adjust to the brutalities oflife on the inside is hardened fellow con F. Murray Abraham. and so Selleck emerges from his stretch made ofconsiderably sterner stuff and looking for revenge on the crooked duo who sent him down. Prime-time Don Siegel and Clint Eastwood might have been able to carry this one off. but Selleck is unfortunately lacking in the steely resolve to pull itoff. Strathclyde: UC1 Clydebank.

I Internal Affairs (18) (Mike Figgis. US. 1990) Richard Gere. Andy Garcia. Nancy Travis. 105 mins. In the wake of his stylish homegrown debut Stormy Monday. British director Mike Figgis makes his Hollywood debut with this stylish thriller. Garcia is a quietly efficient cop working for the Internal Affairs Dept. ofthe LA police. who comes across damning evidence that respected street cop Gere is in fact up to his neck in corrupt activities. and before long the two are at loggerheads in a clash that is to get increasingly personal. Predictable but very flashy cop fare with remarkably intense performances from the two central protagonists. Strathclyde: UC1 East Kilbride.

I Look Who’s Talklng (12) (Amy

Heekerling. US. 1989) John Travolta. Kirstie Alley. Olympia Dukakis. 97 mins. In Travolta's much-hyped comeback he plays stand-in papa to Alley‘s first baby. but is quicker to meet approval from the little brat. via the voiced-over musings of one Bruce Willis. than he is from its confused mama. Crass. lowbrow and thus extremely popular comedy whose sole redeeming feature is the natural charm of the trusty Travolta. But any movie whose idea of a comic setpiece means filmimg a foetus inside the womb with the dreary Willis intoning on the soundtrack just doesn‘t come near the ball park. Edinburgh: UC1. Strathclyde: Odeon Ayr.

I Nine-And-A-Hall Weeks ( 18) (Adrian Lyne. US. 1985) Mickey Rourke. Kim Basinger. 113 mins. Divorcee Basinger becomes a slave to love and lust when she succumbs to the stubbly charms of commodities broker Rourke. Empty-headed and disturbing designer bonking. Strathclyde: Odeon Ayr.

I Nuns on the Run (12) (Jonathon Lynn. US. 1989) Eric Idle. Robbie Coltrane. Janet Suzman. 95 mins. There‘s a little more to this slapstick comedy than the title suggests. Idle and Coltrane. both in top form. two small time crooks who bungle their final heist up and soon find themselves taking refuge disguised as nuns in a convent. The unpredictable gags that follow easily surpass the high standards of the above-average Carry-On film. It has proved immensely popular across the Atlantic too. Glasgow: Odeon. Edinburgh: UC1.

I Once Upon A Time There Were Seven Simeon Brothers (Hertz Frank. USSR. 1989) 90 mins. Continuing the Edinburgh International Film Festival On Tour package is this extraordinary offering from revered Latvian documentarist Frank. which follows the true story ofthe family jazz ensemble the Seven Simeons. who hijacked an airliner to leave the country then took their own lives when the attempt failed. Screening with English voice-over. It is hoped Mr Frank will be present at this performance. Glasgow: GET.

I Out Cold ( 15) (Malcolm .‘viowbray. US. 1989) John Lithgow. Teri Garr. Randy Quaid. 89 mins. See review. Glasgow: Cannon Sauchiehall Street. Edinburgh: UC1.

I Paper Mask (15) (Christopher Morahan. UK. 1990) Paul McGann. Amanda Donohoe. Frederick Treves. 105 mins. Special preview of this provocative story of porter McGann stepping into the shoes of a dead medic to pass himself off asa doctor and create much havoc in the process. Screening at the Film Festival this issue (see separate listings and panel for details). Edinburgh: Odeon.

I Pretty Woman (15) (Garry Marshall. US. 1990) Richard Gere. Julia Roberts. Ralph Bellamy. 120mins. In this hugely succesful comedy-romance. Gere stars as an unfeeling financial wheeler-dealer discovering he is human after all when he spends a week in the company of Roberts' downhome goodtime girl. Conversely. she rediscovers her self-esteem by flawlessly carrying off the role of his high society companion. so the audience can feel happy for both of them. The outline might be as hackneyed as they come. but television veteran Marshall has just the right lightness of touch. Glasgow: Odeon. Edinburgh: Dominion. Odeon. L'Cl. Strathclyde: L'CI Clydebank. UC1 East Kilbride.

I Road House (18) (Rowdy Herrington. US. 1989) Patrick Swayze. Ben Gazzara. Kelly Lynch. 114 mins. Swayze moves from Dirty Dancing to dirty dunting when he becomes bouncer-in-chief at the savage Double Deuce nightclub. Utterly execrable macho nonsense. but full of satisfying cheap thrills if you take it in the right spirit. Glasgow: Grosvenor.

I Bomuald and Juliette (Coline Serreau.

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